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There are several differences between 2018 and 2019, most notably last year was about modification and closure as demonstrated by the processes expressed by Venus and Mars retrograde. New beginnings are featured more prominently this year, as circumstances that were merely tentative in 2018 are now beginning to take root. Uranus tested out Taurus, but went back to Aries, needing one more jolt of energy in preparation to carry out the mission that lie ahead. Uranus will find the tasks of Taurus slow going, which is not really it’s style, but is willing to take on if these are predicated on a personal initiative. From March 6th, the deal is sealed with Uranus remaining in Taurus through April 2026. Chiron tried out Aries on the other hand, but probably found the ambience a bit to scalding, and not yet ready to embrace it’s healing propensity in such an intensified and dynamic environment, retreated to the cooling waters of Pisces. Chiron will take up residence in Aries from February 18th through 2027.

All retrogrades represent unfinished business in the areas in which they occur, especially when they straddle two separate signs. The lesson of the previous sign hasn’t fully been integrated yet and through this lens Venus had more to learn about equanimity before it could embrace the passion and depth of Scorpio, while Mars required a better strategy before it could innovate an agenda and move it forward, and went back to the drawing board in Capricorn in order to come up with one. This year, having assimilated the lessons of the past, progress is made and gaining traction comes far more easily. 

Another set of influences will be of extreme significance this year: the aspects of Jupiter square Neptune and of Saturn sextile Neptune. It’s an interesting change of guard, as last year saw the trine of Jupiter to Neptune and two years ago prior (2016) the square between Saturn to Neptune. Now there is a convergence, with slow moving, inspirational Neptune continuing to be the pivot upon which the current storylines intersect. Jupiter square Neptune has a way of potentially bringing out the worst characteristics of both planets, with Jupiter exacerbating Neptune’s fantasy (or delusion) to ever greater proportion, while Neptune convinces Jupiter it’s way out of reach ideas are actually tenable. Put that way, maybe it’s not the worst thing ever? Nonetheless, there is the potential to utterly over estimate a situation, project, individual or group and meet with utter disappointment when inflated expectations fall flat. 

Saturn meanwhile is combining productively with Neptune, and enables the possibility of bringing a visionary matter into reality. This can’t undo the above testimony completely, but does amplify the probability of something very special coming into being this year, as these three collaborate. It’s also notable that all three planets are in the signs of their natural rulership, and thus most effective in their expression. In order to make this work, Saturn will shrewdly cut off some of the excesses Jupiter will likely throw into the mix. 

What is most fascinating about the process at work now is the timing, as these aspects occur simultaneously. The first set occurs in January when Jupiter squares Neptune during the second week of the month. Over the last 10 days of January, Saturn makes the first sextile to Neptune, likely to organize and consolidate whatever was initiated a few weeks earlier. The second set occurs in tandem precisely from June 15th, though the duration is slightly different, the Jupiter transit is shorter, with Neptune going retrograde on June 22nd. 

This kind of synchronicity is rarely seen, and points to something really astonishing taking place in 2019. During the June transit, Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde, and a result has been achieved, but reassessing the situation is crucial at this point. Maybe something didn’t completely work out the first time but it’s worth another go or a change of plan? The final word comes down in the Fall, with Jupiter square Neptune in late September and Saturn putting in the final girders in the second week of November. It’s a process that lasts all year, but yields an extraordinary outcome. Food for thought, anyway….


The Mercury retrograde cycles in 2019 impact the Water signs, so expect your Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces friends (or if you are one of these signs) to be a bit more squirrly this year. If not a water sign yourself, look at the Water trinity in your chart and be aware that these areas (which tend to feed into one another) could be the cause for delays and vexations. Also keep in mind that these are your learning houses for the year. You simply have some lessons and tools to hone associated with the themes of the trine where it lands in your chart. If houses 1 – 5 – 9 are involved, you will be more personally impacted. Self expression will undergo substantial experimentation and reorganization. Houses 2 – 6 – 10 impact money, work and profession. Your career and status undergoes change but attention paid to these lessons will yield success in the end. Houses 3 – 7 – 11 affect community life and you will likely lose and gain new social contacts. People from the past reappear this year. With houses 4 – 8 – 12 hosting the retrograde, psychological and personal issues are center stage. Expect to be withdrawn for periods over the year while you attend to private matters. 

Mercury retrograde dates occur in March (Pisces), July – August (Cancer), and November (Scorpio).



Mars meets up with Uranus just one more time before Uranus bids adieu, the last of such conjunctions that occur from Aries for 80 years. You get one more shot at something you have tried to begin, innovate or liberate yourself from since April 2011 (the first Mars – Uranus conjunction in Aries), or even May 2010 (the initial ingress of Uranus into Aries), so take your chance, roll your dice and make the thing happen. Look to to position of 29’ Aries in your chart – this is where you are positioned to see an explosive or unexpected development. 


As this cycle renews, love contracts can either be established, or a fresh period for those seeking contact opens the door to the possibility for a new connection. Having shed the detritus of the previous cycle (which began October 5th, 2017) the learnings, particularly those during the prior retrograde cycles of both planets in 2018, are revealed opening the heart to thrilling new experiences. The house placement reveals where you will most likely find someone who can bring such a relationship into your life, or if coupled, the tone and themes of the partnership for the next two years. 4’ Virgo is featured and is the area of your chart effected. 

JUPITER TRINE URANUS December 13 (3’ Cap/Taurus)

On the surface, this would be an explosive and expansive aspect, but formed between Earth signs has a far more muted quality. The material world and financial markets are influenced in particular, with several people making positive strides in their earnings and savings over this period. This aspect only occurs once, so make the most of it. Innovative methods of generating revenue are featured and technological advances are the most likely route by which this will occur. 


The Nodal Axis rests on Cancer (North Node) and Capricorn (South Node). The evolutionary directive to be developed between now and July 2020 involves nurturing creativity, attending to the more personal aspects of life, usually represented by the home and development of ones’ soul. South Node in Capricorn indicates debilitation to attempting to over-structure one’s existence. Cancer is free flowing, and lives in the moment, whereas Capricorn seeks to strategize and build something up slowly and deliberately. 

Currently, success will more likely be found through acting through intuition and emotion rather than trying to plan everything out and stick to a rigid agenda. Major transits in Capricorn include Pluto to South Node in the first week of April, Saturn to South Node over the first two weeks of July, and Jupiter to South Node in the early part of January 2020. As the South Node works on these planets, it strips them of elements of their nature that are no longer effective or relevant, not the most comfortable process, but essential to growth.     

The Eclipses act as the trigger for these developments, and pushes towards rapid, if unexpected, evolutionary advancement. During eclipse periods life changes swiftly, sometimes as thought thee carpet is being pulled out from under you, leaving you adrift momentarily while the course is adjusted to the appropriate direction you are meant to be traveling. These can represent periods of crisis, but in hindsight were necessary, as you find yourself in the right place at the right time a ways down the road. 

Four eclipses punctuate 2019, the first falling on January 6th, a Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in Capricorn. This particular eclipse features conjunctions to Saturn and Pluto, making it quite stark – a moment of reckoning and catharsis. Neptune is in favorable alinement, hopefully softening the ambience through compassionate awareness. The second is a Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in Leo on January 22nd. This closes the book on the prominent themes that have been in development since May 2017. A culmination occurs within the major undertakings that have been worked towards since that time.

The second set of eclipses occurs 6 months later – a Total Solar Eclipse occurs in Cancer on July 2nd, which has no major aspects. On July 16th, a Partial Lunar Eclipse occurs in Capricorn in very tight conjunction to Pluto, stimulating another powerhouse moment for transformation. A final Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 26th conjuncts Jupiter, generating a highly beneficial ambience within matters that have otherwise been concerning. There is likely some kind of good fortune that emerges for hard work undertaken over the prior two years.

During these rather dynamic periods, there can be a tendency to over respond, or try to take control of a situation and put things back in order. Really these are “Let go and let God” moments, and you are best advised to absolve yourself from feelings of responsibility you may experience to guide the outcome of the events that are occurring around you. 

In moments of stress or disorientation, go into yourself and find your center, releasing any sense of urgency you might be feeling. The only thing you ultimately have control over is yourself. Let it go.  



ARIES March 20 – April 19

You begin the year in a powerhouse fashion – Mars in your sign arouses your pioneer spirit and you feel prepared to take on the world again. Strong alinements in January to Jupiter from Venus and Mars in your sign set you up for success over the coming year. There are potent career developments in 2019, but success will only come if you can relinquish outmoded ideas about your profession. A meaningful reconsideration transpires between May and September. One path comes to an end, but a new one will open up soon enough. Events in late December reveal a brilliant new opportunity for you. Late April into May is another significant time for Aries when your creativity guides an exciting outcome. 

Uranus departs your sign in March, taking the edge off. You feel more focused. June provides challenges as your domestic circumstances undergo drastic reorganization. Enjoy creativity, a love affair or a leisurely trip in late July as Mars and Jupiter combine effortlessly to create pure pleasure. Partnership is highlighted in the second half of September, though there will be some obstacles present if you seek to make a long term commitment. Mercury retrogrades impact your personal life. You will find a periodic need to withdraw in order to deal with family or private matters. This is a positive year in which to seek therapy if you have considered it in the past. Meditation will also provide a productive outlet for your imagination and help you define things too esoteric to put into words.   

Make the most of this year and opportunities it brings your way. There are a few skirmishes, but in the end you will prevail. Next year features a 6 month transit of Mars through your sign (due to the next retrograde phase approaching in September 2020,) as well as the highly beneficial transit of Jupiter in your 10th house of career and profession. Use 2019 to sort out your domestic situation so you can operate from a place of comfort and stability. Disorder in this area will reduce your effectiveness, and you stand to make extraordinary gains in the near future.  

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

With Uranus in your sign from March, you feel more willing to experiment though this will not likely feel pleasurable initially. By the end of the year you are more likely to have settled into the new order, between now and then the learning curve is a bit steep. Eclipses emphasize the axis of here versus there, and currently the best things are found close to home, the people in your neighborhood and the conversations you have in passing as you go through your day to day routines. Mars in your sign from mid February gets your motor going on a personal project, a trend that lasts through the end of March. 

Investments and shared resources, particularly agreements you enter into with friends need to be regarded with the utmost scrutiny. If someone shows up with some pie in the sky scheme, walk away. These are highly unlikely to deliver as presented and the prospect of failure highly outweighs that of potential success. Venus in your sign from mid May highlights pleasure, and you’ll be quite content in your own skin or sharing your time with a lover. Late July into August features a charged home environment, a lot is going on in your residence, perhaps you are renovating or redecorating. September is highly satisfying, a creative project or love relationship is thoroughly enjoyable. From mid month a work assignment commands your attention, but features an artistic dimension that appeals to you.   

Autumn months bring your key committed relationships into focus, though a Mercury retrograde phase in November could find you reconsidering these, or connecting with people from the past in order to tie up loose ends. The second half and into December the atmosphere is both contentious and passionate between you and your better half, or if seeking a partnership, you likely become quite adamant. December 4th holds an enticing development, and travel with your spouse or lover will provide you with memories to cherish. 

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

There are strong financial influences this year, and while you are guided to do your best to earn your own keep it looks as though you also benefit from or are relying upon the resources of someone else. You will find the support of another, particularly an intimate partner, goes far in enabling you to reach your professional objectives. Generous Jupiter resides in your house of partnership, and if you have not yet connected with your heart mate, you will likely discover someone who will open your life to compelling new experiences and expand your horizons, while those attached can expect the same within their current relationship. 

Things get off to a great start in January, when enticing angles from Venus and Mars in Aries connect with Jupiter, indicating a you share your dreams and hopes with this person, or finding someone with partnership potential through a group of friends, perhaps at a social event or even online. Mars in your sign through April into May invigorates you to pursue personal goals while also adding some spicy passion to the mix. Someone is highly attracted to your wit and intellect, and this person fits like a glove. You seek to share affection with someone who reflects your ideals. 

The issue here is one of perception, as the Jupiter – Neptune squares can equally indicate you are being swept off your feet by an idealized vision of someone rather than the reality of a situation. Any relationship you have now likely requires there be a fantasy element to it, just be certain this is a fantasy you are sharing with your partner and not to yourself. If you can manage this, a love relationship can really take off from mid September through October, when Venus and Mars activate your sector of True Romance. November 23rd is perfect for a wedding or commitment ceremony. 

CANCER June 21 – July 22

You are in one the most dynamic phases you are likely to experience in nearly a 20 year period right now, with the North Node activating incredible growth for you – even if it’s not incredibly comfortable in the present moment, you will likely look back on yourself in a year or two and barely recognize the person you currently are today. The eclipse cycles that occur in January and July will be the most potent for transformation, offering developments, particularly in your closest relationships, that change the trajectory of your life completely.

Pluto is deeply entwined in the narrative of the eclipses associated with your partner (Capricorn) on January 6th and July 16th. (The energy of the eclipses resonates far beyond those dates.) This indicates that big changes are taking place in your relationships, that there could be a power struggle, or you could be getting much, much closer, practically merging souls. (Pluto rules the area of pleasure and romance in your chart, so it’s likely the intensity you are experiencing is actually quite appealing.) Another way through is the Saturn – Neptune sextile, which harmonizes you and your spouse through travel, a shared academic or broadcasting endeavor. Something you have dreamed of and yearned for can be actualized through a formal commitment, though it might not even be a romantic relationship, but someone who you simply partner with to achieve something of significance. 

You are at your most powerful over the Summer, when dual transits of Venus and Mars affect your sign. Mars in Cancer May 16 – July 1 will not be the most comfortable period for you, but will give you the courage and conviction to pursue your aims with determination and passion. The Mercury retrograde period during July occurs in your sign. You may have to stand down momentarily and reconsider your approach. A fortuitously timed transit of Venus, also in Cancer, could just see you relaxing after a hard working period, taking a Summer siesta. Decembers’ Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (partnership house) conjuncts Jupiter, ushering in a wonderful period of growth and expansion for both of you.       

LEO July 23 – August 22

You likely feel the edge has come off since the end of last year and feel more in charge of your destiny with the Nodes out of your sign. It’s great timing with Jupiter from Sagittarius inspiring incredible growth for you this year, perhaps through creative activities, sports and recreation or even a new child. The year begins on a high note with the exciting passage of Mars through Aries, which could see you on the road having a grand adventure. Exciting aspects made mid January indicate that love lies on a distant horizon and it’s likely you are traveling with your spouse or lover or have an enticing experience while abroad. 

From mid February, professional matters are emphasized while Mars transits the area of your chart connected to reputation and your public persona. This is further highlighted long term when Uranus moves into this part of your chart in early March. Over the coming years, you will seek a more independent or innovate approach in your profession, perhaps going into business for yourself. Events in December will likely enable this to happen, between now and then you will be experimenting and exploring your options. 

The transit of Mars through your sign from July into August will give you the passion and conviction to pursue your goals. Your powers of persuasion are enhanced when Venus joins in through August. Use caution July 11th, when you could come into conflict with an authority figure, even the law. July 25th, on the other hand, spells out a great opportunity. November 23rd also desires a big fat star, when Venus combines with Jupiter in your love and pleasure sector, a once in 12 years event. Events in December – Jupiter trine Uranus and the Capricorn Eclipse on the 26th – can grant you the autonomy you seek in your career. The choices and work you take on from March onwards will grant you incredible success at this time.  

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

Fresh winds are blowing Virgo, although it could take you a moment to adjust to them, and a great deal of excitement, as well as a very significant love relationship, are in store for you during 2019. Saturn and Neptune collaborate between your areas of romance and serious relationships throughout the year, enabling you to make a commitment now that taps into the romantic vision you have held for years regarding true love. The harsh disappointments you have likely experienced, and particularly the events that occurred in 2016, are long behind you. It’s time to move forward, and the eclipses on January 6th, July 16th and December 26th could all produce fated occurrences. 

Someone you rely upon for money could be giving you trouble at the onset of the year, but this is a feature that by March will no longer present an issue. Uranus in Taurus will give you an upbeat vibration and make you less rigid in the way in which you deal with the world. Early Virgo experiences this first, but by 2026 all of you will be *tapped* by this electrifying and liberating force. You likely feel like trying things differently, and express yourself new ways. From late August all the way through September you are extraordinarily powerful, and can go after your goals with extraordinary conviction. The dates of September 9th and 11th are especially potent for reaching out to your dreams and making them come true. 

As a Virgo you are particularly susceptible to the retrograde phases of Mercury and in 2019 these strongly affect your social life and connections. The retrograde period in March will have a specific affect on your close relationship and could bring someone from the past back into your orbit. March 17th and 20th in particular may find you reconsidering a prior choice. Stationing on Neptune, Mercury is conjunct this delicate point for close to two weeks. Let intuition guide you. A dream or de ja vous experience may inspire you to seek out a lost love to see if you can rekindle the spark. The eclipse on December 26th seals the deal on love. With Jupiter now in your house of pleasure, love can really take off now! 

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

The first few months of the year bring heat and intensity to a new or existing relationship. Particularly around February 13th, an unanticipated and electrifying connection could be made that completely astonishes you. To the extent you have been seeking freedom over the past several years, you may unexpectedly break off a commitment in order to pursue your objectives independently. From March, this up/down and back and fourth climate dissipates and you experience a more settled quality in your love life. Late April into May is the best period in which to establish a love relationship, with special punctuation marks occurring on the 5th of April and October 15th. Mid September through early October is also very favorable. 

Professional matters are likely to consume the majority of your time and attention in 2019. If over the past few years you have felt you sacrificed yourself in order to maintain domestic peace and personal relationships, you’ll likely decide this is the year you want to dedicate yourself to getting ahead in some way, either reaching towards a career milestone or a personal goal. The eclipses on January 22nd and July 2nd hold the potential to flip the script for you, a huge development could send you on a whole new trajectory in a flash. Your family or those closest to you may not be thrilled about these developments and attempt to block you, but you have to make up your mind for yourself here and chose to take the opportunities extended while they are there, and swiftly.  

Your profile is rising from mid May through July, though there is a competitive atmosphere in your profession, you rise to the occasion by remaining upbeat and maintaining a sense of humor. Mercury retrograde between July 20 – August 1 could feature a detour. In August you celebrate a victory with friends. The Autumn belongs to you anyway, but this year especially with Mars transiting your sign from October 4 – November 19th. Be wary of vanity, regardless how successful you have been this year, as it won’t come off favorably. Media in particular can be a really positive and profitable enterprise for you. Your ideas are met with favor with January and July being stand out months for incredible growth. Working with others offers the most beneficial outcome.  

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

It’s not the most harmonious year overall, as a very rambunctious and fiery atmosphere will test you, though you will find these challenges can be overcome and will help you to develop into a more well rounded person. What this leads you to are very positive financial and professional indications, and success is assured if you stay the course. Personal relationships are enhanced meanwhile, and a love relationship that has been elusive (perhaps for several years,) may finally stabilize. You’ll have to navigate a circuitous path, but will eventually reach an important milestone in your love life. Pay close attention to dreams in late March and early April as they will reveal your hearts’ true desire. 

Uranus in Taurus will have it’s own say in this, and someone you meet, (or perhaps already know,)  sends electrifying currents through you that keep you up all night, intoxicated with excitement. This can also have a highly destabilizing quality and relationships can spark up and smoke out quickly. You got a taste of this last year, but from March, this will be an ongoing feature of your chart for many years. For a relationship to last, it needs to remain vital and offer a degree of freedom. This will come down to trust, and for Scorpio, this kind of loose connection could make it difficult to muster. Neptune also plays a role, as the romantic vision you have sought after gets anchored by Saturn. It’s possible by the end of the year to have something very special, though unusual, (by normal standards,) occur in your love life.

The year begins in a hard working phase. You are likely compensated for your efforts, which sweetens the deal, but don’t lose sight of the bigger picture and get seduced by dollars and cents. Choose assignments that will elevate your status and bring you closer to your true aspirations. It pays off later. If you manage, July and August see you in high demand as your profile rises. You have to guard your reputation well over the first couple weeks of July as Mercury retrogrades. There could be a detour or bad press, so keep your ambitious activities under wraps for the time being. August returns you to favor and by November 23rd, you’ll see your ships come in. 

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21

This could easily go down as one of your best years on record, or at least in a long while, with not only Jupiter in your sign, but several positive Mars fire sign transits amplifying your potential for growth and success. One caveat, however, (of course) with Jupiter square Neptune there is the potential to undo what could be a lot of good for you. This would come in the shape of allowing your life to devolve into one of the 1960’s drug party scenes from Absolutely Fabulous, if you get the picture. Funny to watch, not so much the reality of out-patient treatment. Don’t get blindsided by temptations. You got this Sag, I believe in you! 

The year gets off to a great start, as a tense and introspective period quickly gives way to a bold and rambunctious transit of Mars in Aries. Venus arrives in your sign on the 7th, making January a highly satisfying and pleasurable period for you. Perhaps someone special has caught your eye and you are in the midst of a highly enticing love affair. Creativity is also stimulated and mid month features a chain of aspects between Venus – Mars – Jupiter that can only be described as SPECTACULAR!!! If you are still looking to come out of your shell and find someone to play with, Mars and Uranus have a really special surprise for you on February 13th.  

July and August are also incredible, though Jupiter will be retrograde through August 11th, from there it’s smooth sailing, especially if you are traveling or involved in academia or publishing. July 25th is stunning, as is August 9th. You can make a great impression on people at a distance. November 23rd is one of the best days of the whole year, as Venus and Jupiter link up in your sign, make a wish, because it will come true. You deserve it! 2020 features a significant financial influence, so use this one to enjoy yourself as much as possible and live your hearts desire. Your personal life also will require some attention this year during the Mercury retrograde phases.  

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 

The way you think and the words you use are highlighted this year, as will be your spouse or a committed relationship. The hands of destiny are guiding you, and what might seem at times as raw bad luck is truly meant to bring you to your higher purpose and quite possibly the love of your life. Saturn as your ruler is making a significant aspect to Neptune throughout the year, and a book, podcast, music or video project you’ve been angling to get off the ground can finally see the light of day. Forget the past and what may have felt like failure. Everything you know now is a result of that process. It’s time to get inspired again and move forward.

Saturn is also chasing Pluto in your sign, but will retrograde on April 30th, just 3 degrees shy of reaching the conjunction, which will have to wait until January 5th, 2020. When these two obstinate forces meet, there will be a palpable shift in global consciousness which you have the unique potential to have a very personal effect upon. This depends on you, your involvement in your community (or ability to reach a broad audience) where you see the future of humanity headed, and only of course if you choose to. Capricorn holds a lot of power now, the power to steer the ship, and that is a lot of responsibility to bear. Guess what though? You are the only one capable of doing so, and the world needs you right now. South Node will force you to shed some baggage, and eliminate what is unessential (assuming Pluto left anything,) but for this too, you have plenty of strength to handle.

This doesn’t mean you don’t get to have a personal life, and you’ll find your relationship, or interest in relationships, is growing. Fate is playing a role in the matter and particularly in January and July (though it can happen anytime) a connection that radiates with an aura of destiny could emerge and shake up your life completely. Coupled with the electrifying transit of Uranus in the area of True Romance starting in March, your romantic life is full of exciting surprises. Finally, if you have been seeking to move or change a residential situation in order to have more independence, an incredible development on February 13th could be your ticket out of Dodge. 

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

Following the quagmire you lived through in 2018, this one is easy breezy, featuring some really great moments with friends and in relationships, your social life is buzzy and exciting. You’ll notice a palpable difference from day one, as the pace of day to day life becomes more brisk. If you have been more withdrawn over the prior weeks, you will get a huge boost of energy to get out there again, perhaps take a course or start a writing project. Curiosity will be aroused. A string of aspects mid month is very stimulating. Take invitations and attend events. You’ll meet some interesting people and maybe even spark a fun flirtation. A chance meeting around February 13th could provide you with a short lived but highly provocative experience. 

From March your ruling planet will enter Taurus, which is a slow going sign and not really a comfortable placement for you. It’s likely you’ll seek to transform your living situation in some way and to eradicate yourself from a circumstance that has become stagnant, possibly leaving your home, city or even country. Towards the end of the year you will get a strong intuition about this and will likely be ready to make a big move. April into May is your creative peak, and the spoken or written word holds particular appeal. A theater presentation (even if you are only attending) can be very pleasurable and open you up to new perspectives you may have not considered. Think twice about romantic relationships you might enter into during the last week of April. All that glitters…

A strong relationship emphasis comes in during July and August, with really sparkling moments between you and a potential or existing partner on July 25th and August 9th. This person shares your ideals and this connection will be a signifiant feature of the attraction. The July 31st New Moon is a major punctuation mark. Professionally things take off in October, though a Mercury retrograde period one the first 3 weeks of November could curtail your agenda temporarily. Mars gives you the passion and confidence to pursue your goals wholeheartedly through New Years. 

PISCES February 19 – March 20

The eclipses influence your social life, though you are just as likely to see certain relationships you have outgrown come to an end at this time. It’s more likely a new love relationship develops, perhaps quite suddenly and unexpectedly, with fated connotations that stimulate a sense of destiny. Other Pisces will become pregnant and others will “birth” incredible creative projects this year. From mid May through the end of July, you reach your highest potential for such endeavors, with the July 2nd eclipse providing a major punctuation mark. June 13th and July 18th are also exceptional for art, romance and pleasure.

Jupiter is amplifying your desire to succeed, at least on your own terms, and it’s also possible to turn a few dreams into reality in 2019. The outcome of this will come down to remaining realistic about your own abilities and to avoid at all cost getting conned out of money to pay advisors, coaches and other “gurus” who promise the world by inflating your expectations, but ultimately can’t make you feel confident if you can’t find confidence within yourself. You don’t need to spend thousands to go on a spiritual retreat to be spiritual, either. Simply find a quiet place and pray or meditate. Saturn is highly instrumental here, as you’ll be feeling more down to earth (if not a little pinned down) and taking things methodically, one step at a time. 

From May an intriguing transit begins, one that will stimulate you to seek freedom, on your own terms, while also arousing an unbridled desire for sexual liberation. This endures beyond the end of the year into early next Spring, but peaks in the second half of June. Daily life is also set to become more interesting, and curiosity will have you asking questions and perhaps taking a course or starting a new project. A comic book, podcast, video project or writing could be satisfying and reveal dimensions of your creativity you did not expect. 



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