Powerful developments occur this week, with some really great news coming in over the first few days that can propel life forward in unforeseen ways. Despite the vexations of Mercury retrograde, it’s backwards trajectory provides a highly fortuitous circumstance to develop. The triple conjunction of Sun – Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius from Monday into Tuesday offers a glimpse of what the future has to offer, and ensures that confidence, optimism and imagination are steering the ship over the coming year. A conversation around these dates sets the stage fortuitously, and though some details need to get ironed out first, a very positive outcome precipitates on December 17th, when Mercury retransmits this degree. (Coupled with other really constructive aspects around the same date, there is the potential for far reaching success on the horizon!) Look to the placement of 3-4’ Sagittarius in your chart to examine where this beneficial energy will personally touch your life.

Mars will sextile Saturn on Tuesday as well, generating a more stable undercurrent and advancing an agenda that was set into motion on or around April 26th, during the conjunction phase at 21’ Capricorn. Where progress on this endeavor has likely stagnated (due to the Mars retro phase over the Summer,) there are signals that something is moving forward and this is a fruitful date to make an effort on behalf of this enterprise.

Venus opposes Uranus while both square the Nodal Axis on Friday. Where Venus has been expressing uncertainty regarding an alliance, there could be a sudden change of heart or a swift decision that transforms circumstances unexpectedly. Someone from the past may reemerge out of the blue, and if so it’s likely this circumstance still requires karmic release before you can reorient yourself to the future. It might even just be something or someone is on your mind, and if so, this is a signal that it’s time to accept a chapter has ended, particularly if a sense of nostalgia is present.

Mercury re-enters Scorpio at the end of the week, and thought becomes submerged in the realms of emotions and psyche. Through December 12th, an inner dialogue occurs through which you will likely seek to understand your motivations and the hidden or taboo elements of a situation. Meditation and the mystical arts are positive conduits for self awareness and healing (Mercury trine Chiron in Pisces). Intuition and empathy are also stimulated, and if you are particularly sensitized, this is an appropriate time to withdraw and regroup until you feel prepared to act with greater conviction.


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