While not the biggest week on record for aspects, an incredibly volatile Full Moon in Gemini at the end of the week more than makes up for it. A t-square involving Gemini – Moon opposite Sagittarius -Sun/Jupiter squares Mars in Pisces stimulating a lot of mutable (adaptive) energy and likely creating a sense of disorientation or even crisis. Underscored by Mercury retrograde, the ruler of the Full Moon, an extra layer of complexity emerges during critical culminations in this phase. Those with chart factors in early degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) will feel this most intensely, as they will be aspected at this time. Since adjustments to the recent change of guard – Mars/Pisces and Jupiter/Sagittarius are still being made, this can all come on quite suddenly.

Mercury had angled Neptune as it stationed retrograde, making an almost perfect, but not quite exact square, which will finally culminate on December 24th. This could come out as a desire to understand or reveal something illusory, but something inside isn’t quite ready to confront it just yet. Neptune resumes direct motion next Saturday, having been retrograde since mid June. Here you will begin to see progress in the area Neptune rules in your chart by house as well as the area being transited (13’ Pisces). For what it is worth, the apparent backwards trajectory of Mercury will put it touch with Jupiter two more times – again next week and then on December 24th. Large scale endeavors seek escalation, and by the end of the year there is the potential to put something in motion connected to media, higher education or exploration.

Mars square Jupiter on Monday provides a jump start for this endeavor, though from Pisces, energy is muted, and the undercurrent is a bit unusual. Still, you can use this to check into a source of inspiration. Likely there is a development in a story line that began in early January, and events around this time are likely to remind you that while the trajectory on this one may have been a bit convoluted (Mars retrograde), that you were on a path towards something, even if the objective or destination has been altered substantially. Mars/Aries and Jupiter/Sagittarius will combine more effortlessly towards the end of January next year, and depending on how well you navigate a sudden and potentially bewildering turn of events this week, your efforts are likely to pay off well in about two months time.


Sun moves into Sagittarius on Thursday, bringing more emphasis to the fire element, stimulating inspiration and enthusiasm. With Mercury and Venus both respectively moving back towards Scorpio in December, this won’t last for too long, so enjoy the sense of regeneration and confidence that precipitates over the coming weeks. The Sun will meet Jupiter next week, beginning a new cycle of optimism, enthusiasm and expansion at 4’ Sagittarius, opening the door to adventure and new horizons. If things get a bit dicey this week, hang in there! Take it a day at a time. Much more is in store on the other side.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

Friendships or a key relationship will be highlighted, though you seek some privacy at this time and prefer to operate behind the scenes. By Friday evening you may feel more inclined to accept (or extend) an invitation. A financial matter requires some tweaking mid week. From Thursday, your more outgoing personality emerges and you’ll be seeking out your next adventure.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Important financial indications emerge this week and a drastic reconfiguration of your budget could be required. An intimate relationship may intensify now and over the coming weeks or even year. A breakthrough early in the week sets the tone. Friends or associates who have been hard to reach may also come back around.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

A Full Moon in your sign escalates your time frame on storylines that were put into motion in the late spring. A professional opportunity or committed relationship could be a major factor in a decision you make now. These are highlighted for several months, so what culminates now has a strong affect on your course for a substantial period of time. A breakthrough is possible early in the week.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

A new job or assignment preoccupies you over the coming month, or you may decide on a fitness regiment that enhances your well being and promotes higher productivity. The Full Moon highlights your privacy sector, and there could be a desire towards solitude or reflection. Acknowledging that something is really over can provide a welcome release.

LEO July 23 – August 22

Friendships or a love relationship are emphasized, making for a busy and social holiday season. At the same time, mush is transpiring in your private life, indication a desire for some privacy or spending time with those closest to you. Financial interests are highlighted, and where a situation had been hard to pin down you may see developments from next weekend onward.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

Professionally this could be a vital period, though a lot seems to hit you all at once. Use your deftness to sort things out a day at a time. A close relationship can transform in this period as well, and where affection may have been harder to come by, you see signs of life stirring from the weekend onward. Changes in your domestic realm have a pronounced affect on where this is heading next.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Socially this can be an exciting time, and time spend with friends can be particularly satisfying and exhilarating. A project that has sat by the wayside or been harder to develop starts to show signals of movement. Stay optimistic about this one, as it could take you quite far into 2019 and offer lucrative returns in time. A relationship stages up unexpectedly. Finances play a role in this.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

A romance could be rekindled this week, or at least you begin to feel inner movement that makes you desire a connection. For the time being, finances remain emphasized and you can do well now to bolster your earnings and savings. You might over extend yourself on Monday, so take it easy. A perplexing situation at work midweek requires some form of modification to your daily routine.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

The Sun in your sign from Thursday followed by a Full Moon the following day places emphasis on your closest relationship and where it is taking you. You likely feel optimistic about your prospects, but Mercury retrograde could slow a decision or commitment for a few more weeks. Domestic matters can be consuming, though you see signals over next weekend that an ideal can be attained.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Self care is a major preoccupation, and rest is required right now to enhance your vitality. Socially this can be an exciting time, and finding a way to carve out your schedule to make room for everything that is going on is going to keep you busy! A domestic matter is culminating through the Winter days. You get a message mid week that stimulates your desire for independence.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

A love relationship can culminate this week, but the Full Moon also points to several adjustments required to get this one off the ground. There is the potential here for a real breakthrough, but also for a situation to implode unexpectedly. A change of heart is possible when Mercury goes direct. A financial matter resurfaces from next weekend onward. A source of income comes back into play.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

Career maters become emphasized and people who can help you succeed tend to see you in a very positive light. A personal or residential matter is highlighted over the Full Moon phase, and your living situation could require drastic reorganization. Neptune direct from next Saturday puts you back in the zone, you feel more comfortable expressing your innate talents. Enjoy!

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