Despite the next Mercury retrograde cycle looming largely in the forecast this week, there are some positive indications in the mix with progress on some fronts due. By then end of the week, Mars moves into Pisces, after a prolonged period spent in Aquarius due to the recent retrograde. The following day, Venus will go direct from 25’ Libra, with both events stimulating positive changes for the protagonists of a love story that has very much been a work in progress since October of last year. More harmonious conditions prevail under these auspices, and where the heart has been uncertain, between now and January, accord can be reached in key commitments, particularly from mid December, when a string of helpful aspects between Venus – Scorpio and Mars – Pisces strengthens the emotional bond between partners immeasurably.

Mars from Pisces is not it’s strongest placement, as the forceful nature of Mars is muted and rather difficult to express. This makes the rest of the year more ideal for reflection and release, and meditation and other practices that enhance a connection to the metaphysical world will enhance the spiritual realm and enable emotions to flourish. From New Year it’s all systems forward, with a huge thrust of energy when Mars moves into Aries, connecting with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus (back in Aries) in January – February 2019. For the time being, space clearing is essential to preparing for what awaits next year. This is a season of resolution, precipitating a season of revolution.

Sun sextile Pluto (Sunday) and Mars sextile Uranus (Thursday) both hold the potential for progress. These aspects denote the final phases of storylines (to continue on that theme of closure,) to prepare for the new cycles – Sun/Pluto renews on January 10th (20’ Capricorn), Mars/Uranus on February 12th (29’ Aries) of next year. These are game changing aspects, although the effects can be somewhat subtle. Sun and Pluto invigorate a desire to transform ones self, in order to influence circumstances or a particular outcome. This ties back to something initiated in early in January, when the current cycle began. There is passion and conviction at your disposal to release yourself from a troubling issue, and something you have dedicated to yourself this year finally reveals it’s promise. A person or habit that has held you back in some way can be relinquished easily at this time.

Mars and Uranus collaborating points to an innovative breakthrough, or finding a new way to do something that offers a solution to a problem that has been persistent since mid May. Where you have sought independence (Uranus in Aries,) you may discover the escape hatch. People are more willing to comply (or even assist) with your efforts this week. This aspect occurs about 12 hours before Mars leaves Aquarius on Thursday, a sort of a last hurrah after a long period of tinkering behind the scenes on a project or within an association meant to offer you greater independence to do things the way you choose to. This could accelerate suddenly and unexpectedly after months of vexing uncertainty. The current Mars/Uranus cycle began in March of 2017, so anticipate the resolution of what emerged in that period and prepare for the exciting new cycle that begins in February.

The troubling bit over the next few weeks is of course the Mercury retrograde cycle, which commences on Friday. This is exacerbated by a long square aspect made to Neptune between the 14th and 20th of this month. It’s a very tricky few days during which the boundaries of fact and fiction are blurred. On one hand, there is creative potential here, as perception is skewed just enough to see things in a way that transcends reality, the imaginative realm is highly stimulated and great art can come out of this. Not so much for communication, relationships and most certainly business matters, however, as the thought process is muddled and confusion reigns supreme. What emerges during this transit has the potential to reveal where a delusion has occurred, and this can point to a disappointment, though the positive response would be recognition where work has to take place to bring a dream or vision into reality. Over the next 3 weeks this will be attended to, with a final culminating event occurring on December 24th that sets a matter to rest.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

You gain traction professionally in the early part of the week, stay focused on the prize and be willing to make changes as necessary. Relational matters begin to be settled from the end of the week, and a reconciliation is possible where reversals may have occurred over the last few months. Meanwhile, you turn inward and take a more reflective stance through the end of the year as attention turns away from social dynamics that have predominated for most of the year and you start to consider where you really want to go next. From December onward you will have much more clarity about this, for the time being examining all your options is advised.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Your ruling planet begins to return to form, signaling a period that may have been debilitating for your self image or esteem is on the road to reconciliation. Much of this comes from the inner reflection that has occurred over the last several weeks, and returning to your values where they may have been abandoned in the interest of keeping the peace. The timing is good, as you enter a more socially motivated phase and can join forces with like minded people to achieve your aspirations. Knowing what you can offer or bring to the equation enhances your prospects to connect with individuals or an organization that benefits you.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

There is the potential to reconcile a romantic relationship that had derailed or sidetracked recently, though it’s likely you will still second guess yourself (or perhaps the other person is still questioning,) curtailing a commitment to be made for a few more weeks. For the time being, you may find it more appealing to seek pleasure within, and pursue personal hobbies or creative activities that provide an outlet for self expression. Your life direction may also be in question, and it could be that your inability to chart a certain course is hindering an association to take root. From December this becomes more clear, and you start to get indications beginning towards the end of the week of the shape your future is taking, likely taking on some more responsibilities to arrive there.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

There could be a significant development in a personal relationship early in the week. You arrive at a decision to make a substantive change within your commitments and see immediate transformation. Mars from Pisces encourages you to embrace the future, charging your sense of excitement to broaden your scope of activities and reach out further that you have previously gone. Work commitments or health issues could hinder the progress you seek at the same time, and something requires drastic reorganization between now and the first week of December. Renew your perspective on how you handle your daily affairs and from there, you can take flight.

LEO July 23 – August 22

The Sun continues to activate your root base with developments early in the week set to transform conditions in some way. A personal relationship is also highlighted and there could be unanticipated, but welcome, changes to your status on Thursday. Mixed signals arrive from Friday, and a situation with someone you care about mutates in strange ways over the coming weeks. You may even resurrect a prior love connection to see if there is still any juicy romantic sparks left in there. Maybe, maybe not, and it’s likely the jury is out on this one until at least mid December, so take it slow! Mars moves into the area of your chart that influences intimacy and deep, soul contract relationships. A period of inner transformation lasts through New Year.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

Things are about to get intense in your closest alliances for better or worse from the end of the week. Mars has the capability to bring incredible passion to your alliance, but equally conflict if you or the person sitting on the other side of the scales does not feel they are getting their fair due in a one on one relationship. If single, this period could bring urgency to finding a mate. Domestic matters will preoccupy you over the coming weeks, and likely some degree of upheaval is due on the home front while circumstances go through reconsideration and metamorphosis. You seem to have to resolve an outstanding issue to open the door to the commitment you desire. A sense of frustration at the end of the week regarding this should point you to where a solution is required.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Feelings of uncertainty or insecurity begin to dissipate over the coming weeks, following a period of crucial reappraisal of your identity and life direction. Personal matters, and what is required of you to resolve an endemic issue on the home front becomes crystal clear in the early part of the week. Make a plan to move this forward during the first month of the new year. Your productivity spikes through December, providing you with a fortuitous period in which to pursue professional goals. The hard work you commit to now pays off next Summer in a major promotion. A breakthrough in a relationship or through a new acquaintance can be exciting Thursday.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

You get a second chance to reorganize your financials over the next few weeks, and a big opportunity en route can inspire a major success story if you give it time. Getting this sorted enables you to achieve a long range goal associated with a creative project or to begin a new, or new chapter in a love relationship that has been difficult to get off the ground. Pay attention to feelings or tension around this subject at the end of the week for clues. Where you sense a limitation is exactly where you need to go to find resolution. By December you are golden.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

An elongated transit of Mercury in your sign (through January 5, woah!) makes life brisk and exciting. Many events and meetings with people fill your days through the end of the year. The retrograde period can pull people from your past back into your orbit, and through these contacts you may come to realize personal traits you have outgrown, or otherwise rediscover aspects of yourself you would like to reactivate. Meanwhile, Mars moves into your root base, activating a desire to attend to personal or domestic matters, perhaps as a matter of necessity as this transit can stimulate strife or conflict at your residence. If nothing else, expect a lot of activity to be taking place at home, perhaps hosting guests or renovating your space.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Sun from Scorpio continues to generate a productive ambience to achieve your aspirations, and especially where you collaborate with others, you are likely to meet with success. Venus direct at the end of the week extends a second chance or new opportunity to enhance your reputation and make positive strides in your professional life. Advancement is likely now, following a period of reappraisal of the where, how, and what of your life direction over the past six weeks. Mercury meanwhile could lead you on a trip down memory road and matters pertaining to the past require resolution over the coming weeks. If people from the past show up now, settle the unfinished business between you once and for all.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

Mars finally leaves your sign towards the final days of the week, taking some of the heat and intensity off you directly and placing more emphasis on the financial aspects that require attention. This could get a little tangled in the later days of the week, where the bubble bursts on a much desired outcome involving your earnings or savings. An oversight or unanticipated expense could prove concerning. Thursday is particularly exciting and a conversation or meeting will be stimulating. You see how far you have come this year and are ready to embark on a new chapter. Reconnecting with people from your past seems to feature meanwhile, and there could be a reunion on the cards for you between now and December.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

After a long year of indescribable complexity if not confusion, Pisces is ready to enter the building. Having shed a lot of skin since May, you feel a sense of rebirth precipitating. From Thursday, when Mars enters your sign, you are emboldened and impassioned to make big moves, and over the next year stand to make incredible strides in your profession. First it seems you need to untangle a matter associated with your self image, and this will be incredibly pointed at the end of the week when Mercury retrogrades against Neptune in your sign. Your potency is hindered by a lack of clarity regarding how you represent yourself and between now and Yule you will be charged to figure this one out to make the most of the positive professional auspices available to you.

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