Weekly Forecast 10/28-11/3



It’s a week loaded with developments, and likely big changes – all of which have highly fateful connotations. Mercury enters it’s retrograde shadow phase on Monday on a conjunction to Jupiter. Both are trine to Chiron in Pisces and what occurs now establishes a major plot line that culminates in early December, specifically between the 7th and 9th. A conversation or idea triggered in these early days of the week is significant and likely quite emotionally fulfilling. Chiron is ultimately about self acceptance – to be able to say: “yeah I’m wounded, but that doesn’t make me flawed because I accept myself the way I am, even where I hurt”. Jupiter in Scorpio has offered an opportunity to look deep inside and explore fear and power dynamics, specifically where manipulation may have been employed to stay in control of a situation involving someone else, but above all the ability to transcend these by embracing passion and your innate ability to evolve.

As Mercury enters the configuration on Monday, the potential for articulating and understanding this becomes possible. Examine events that occurred in the late February – early March period, since 27’ Pisces is emphasized both now and during the compelling resolution that awaits in December. (This is the degree Pisces was transiting in the February – March timeframe, which is why there could be clues that emerged then.) Over the first two weeks of December this storyline comes back into frame – again the dates from Dec. 7 – 9 should be starred. Mercury will make a long trine to Chiron/Pisces and both will go direct over those dates from 27’ Scorpio/Pisces. This indicates what you put into motion this week has added significance, see how it unfolds for you!


Also at play is the second of three Venus – Uranus oppositions early Wednesday. The atmosphere is additionally intensified as this aspect is flanked by the Nodal Axis, generating a geometrical Fixed Cross. Yikes! Thus, Venus and Uranus are both squaring the Nodes at the same time. Very fated events are transpiring, but are they forward or backward moving? On it’s own, Venus – Uranus indicates volatile but potentially exciting circumstances, and whether these experiences are favorable or not, they will be disruptive! It appears the past and future both play an important role, and some manifestation of prior circumstances or people that emerge now, especially out of the blue, are likely being called up in order to resolve unfinished business in order to move on to the next level. This is more likely to manifest when Venus is direct, and specifically in the first few days of December when Venus transits 0’ degree Scorpio again.

Between now and then, Venus moves through Libra for the whole of November, also beginning on Wednesday. A final opposition of Venus and Uranus (between Libra and Aries) on November 30th also precipitates a decision to stay or go in a relationship. The balance between togetherness and independence, what is shared and what is personal can be explored now. Conditions are more favorable to set boundaries and for partners to come to a mutually satisfying agreement. Alternately, circumstances could conspire to bring about a whole new contact or stage in an ongoing relationship, and it’s the stuff that gets put away (or out of it’s misery?) now that creates the space for such a development to arise. Enjoy the Roller Coaster of Love! And wherever it takes you, whatever you go through this week or over the next month – remind yourself that it all turns out in the end, even if the destination is NOTHING like where you thought it would be.



So, speaking of destinations… Mercury moves into Sagittarius on Wednesday as well, where it spends the most of it’s time through January 4, 2019. (Minus that little excursion back into Scorpio in the early part of December since we have some more self acceptance to work out.) This signals the beginning of a convoluted, but incredibly fascinating, last few months of the year. Mercury will reconnect with Jupiter two more times – November 27th (on a conjunction to Sun – Jupiter at 4’ Sagittarius!!!) and again December 21st at 9’ Sagittarius. Here, too, there is a propitious beginning that takes a little longer to manifest, and by the end of the year, seeds planted this week really begin to sprout. Think big and live louder! Gerd Ziegler, in the handbook for Aleister Crowley Tarot, gives the indications: “…clear, direct, swift communications; overcoming misunderstanding… The moment has come for you to define where you stand. If you are open and remain centered, misunderstandings will be cleared.” Affirmation: “My openness and self-confidence opens the hearts of those I Iove.” The path may be convoluted, but maybe it just extends the adventure, so enjoy the twists and turns the best you can!


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