Dynamic forces are at work this week, and with Uranus presiding over most of the developments unfolding through the end of the month, unexpected and unusual events are front and center. The Taurus Full Moon rests in perfect conjunction to Uranus, while the Sun will be opposition over the first few days of the week. The Nodal Axis forms a Fixed Cross from 1’ Leo/Aquarius, so there are very fated connotations to what occurs in this phase. Some volatility should be anticipated, but what does happen is more likely to be a culmination of what has been developing since late May, when Uranus first moved into Taurus, transiting the degree it currently resides at now in retrograde, preparing to ingress back into Aries for a few more months. In other words, it’s not exactly “New News” but rather the manifestation of what was new in the late Springtime.

Mercury and Venus from Scorpio provide a more grounding influence, harmonizing to Pluto (Mercury) and Saturn (Venus). An important conversation early in the week has a cut to the chase quality about it, and you can reach an agreement or decision now that has long lasting ramifications. Venus is connecting to Saturn for the second of three sextiles it forms due to retrograde motion. The first occurred September 12th and the last on December 16th. Just as Venus makes three opposition aspects to Uranus, there is also a desire towards stability through these contacts with Saturn, indicating a need to find a balance between commitment and freedom.

On Friday Venus conjuncts the Sun at 3’ Scorpio, signaling the midpoint of the retrograde period which will last a few more weeks through November 16th. From here a sort of truce can be made. Similarly to a New Moon, this is a period of new beginnings in Venus matters. Resolution of all decisions made since January 9th (Sun – Venus conjunct at 18’ Capricorn) occurs, and the reset button gets pushed. An evaluation of how well things have, or alternately have not, worked out since then might be a part of this and provides a turning point towards how you wish for things to work out in the future. While it’s easy to make the blanket description of Venus as the love and money planet, look at the house Venus rules in your chart for more info on what it symbolizes to you personally. House cusps in your chart governed by Taurus and Libra will provide insight.

Sun sextiles Saturn the following day (Saturday) providing some much needed clarity. This is a good day to address important issues and make progress on a long range goal. Despite it being the weekend this is a good time for planning and getting some work done. The Sun moves into Scorpio early Tuesday morning, delving into the depths of the soul and psyche is possible now. Gerd Ziegler attributes the 6 of Cups Tarot Card to this placement and offers the indications: “Enjoy your own emotional wealth and share it with a partner…. rich exchange of sexual and heart energy, emotional renewal…” along with the affirmation: “I am now open to a partner with whom I can share the joys of love on all levels.” Sounds pretty saucy! With Venus retrograde in the sign, it might take a little longer to get everything and everyone on the same page (circle that 3rd Venus – Saturn sextile in December to make a lasting commitment) but there are definitely some productive developments this week that lead to that outcome. Listen to your heart and trust your instincts as always.

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This is as far as I got this week, I have been working everyday preparing for my trip to Europe for a technology conference in Poland. Pictures soon! xoxoxoxo ~ Stargazer ❤️

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