This week sees the direct motion of Pluto in Capricorn, but meanwhile the retrograde motion of Venus from the 5th – November 16th. So while in some regards there is progress, there is also an inversion within the romantic/sensual and financial realms, and a reconsideration of where affections lie for some is in store. While Venus retrogrades, she frees herself from social norms and the constraints of being seen as the good woman, the ideal spouse or partner. All retrograde planets have a renegade streak to them. With the Venus – Uranus oppositions bookending this transit, a tenuous balance between freedom and commitment is still being maneuvered through. Finding a way to be connected to someone while maintaining a degree of independence and autonomy is a major theme throughout this transit.

As always, it’s my recommendation to examine the house ruled by any retrograde planet as a key to understanding the work in progress area of your chart being affected. The placement of the current retrograde cycle is the key to finding the solution for the issue at stake. For instance, if Venus rules your second house, but retrograding in the first, the attainment of a key financial goal is likely to occur through a reassessment of your personal representation and style. The key to getting that promotion is distinguishing yourself among your peers and finding a more tactful, diplomatic way in which to express yourself.

Pluto, meanwhile, deepens the intentions and generates a climate of purposeful expression of passion while it transits through Capricorn. Since the end of April the planet (It’s a planet again, did you hear?!) has appeared dormant, though really not – the work it was doing had been internalized. It was a period of inner transformation and figuring out what was worth turning the attention towards, what was worth changing for. Pluto is the underworld, the dark topics of sex, intimacy, linked incomes and soul level connections fall under its dominion. Pluto is also trauma – not only the events themselves, but the internal strength to overcome the upheaval that is produced by it. It is the strength of the Phoenix to arise after having completely burnt its former form to ash. In this area of your life, you will experience a rebirth now if you have done the inner work and determined what is worth changing for.

Venus will have her Phoenix moment a little later. Retreating from the scalding intensity of Scorpio, she has unfinished business to take care of in order to rebalance the scales in the relational realm. This applies both to committed partnerships, or those relating to business or the profession. From early December, Venus reenters and transits direct through Scorpio. Coupled with the transit of Mars through Pisces, a very sensitized emotional ambience will make it possible for deeply passionate and loving connections to flourish. For now, take a step back and see where your heart and the fates guide you. If you have not made your case clear within a partnership, or established your personal boundaries effectively, this is the appropriate time to review, with an eye six weeks down the road to make the changes required.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

Professional matters begin to shift forward again, although relational ones begin to undergo a process of transition and reappraisal. While your personal momentum grows, you may find a loved one pulls back or is less available to you for the next six weeks. The best thing to do is let this person work on what they need to and avoid putting additional pressure on them unnecessarily. It’s possible your own feelings about a partnership are changing, and very new relationships especially may require a rethink.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

You are getting a clearer sense of where you want to head in the not so distant future, and a key partnership seems to play a big role in the direction you seek to take. A circumstance at work or promotion you may have been expecting could prove more vexing as the next six weeks produce obstacles to the progress you had hoped you would make. It’s possible a female mentor from your past reemerges, and if so she has very sage wisdom to share with you. Make the most of a second chance.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Passion in an intimate relationship is stimulated and you may find yourself getting closer to someone than you had ever imagined possible. Commitment will be a big feature of this partnership and merging assets could be one way in which you demonstrate your conviction to do so with this person. It’s imperative you tap into a sense of joy and pleasure where these have been lacking. Venus retro offers a second chance to rediscover latent creativity that will lead to a better work prospect in November.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

You’ll see signs of life in your key committed partnerships from this week, though domestic issues may resurface at the same time. Particularly if you live with someone, there may be disagreement regarding your space and how you organize the household. Tuesday Quarter Moon in your sign intensifies your feelings and triggers tensions between yourself and family members with whom you do not see eye to eye. Try to maintain perspective and hear the other person out. This is merely a passage.

LEO July 23 – August 22

A more prestigious role or title is available now, or over the coming weeks, and to the extent you have been demonstrating your capacity and dedication on the job you will see advancement. Your living situation may require reappraisal in the meantime, and if you have been considering a move, renovation or redecoration project, these will likely be postponed until later in the year. Partnerships continue to gain momentum as the delays of the prior months dissipate. There could be strange behavior that is either a real turn on or unsettles the atmosphere, depending on your perspective.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

You are required to come to terms with an unsettled financial matter over the coming weeks, though prior efforts may also begin to bear fruit where you have been diligent by mid November. At the same time, a love relationship that may have seen delays is stimulated and you will sense you are getting closer to what you desire between now and next April. Delving into passion is possible now, and this could equally apply to a creative pursuit you have been considering. Time to give it your all. Watch words Tuesday as tension abounds. This is a transition that must be confronted, how you respond is up to you.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

A missed opportunity comes back your way, this is very personal but equally describes your love life. While you may not be certain precisely where your affections lie, in taking care of yourself first you will find the appropriate match reveals itself over the coming weeks. Finances require appraisal as well, but here you are seeing forward momentum after some months of recalibration. By the end of the month and especially by December there will be more to go around. A merger you make has the potential to present you with a windfall by the end of the year. One step at a time.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

There are dual influences at work and you could be feeling pulled in numerous directions simultaneously. Venus retrograde in your sign may cause you to retreat into yourself as this transit indicates a withdrawal. Much is already going on behind the scenes suggesting you are delving deep into your subconscious and that intuition is incredible strong over the coming weeks. A sensitized ambience on Tuesday could illuminate a secret desire. Domestic matters continue to see resolve and tapping a primordial source of energy could bring a long sought resolution.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

While this is a very active period for you socially, it’s also a good time to reevaluate your financials and make some determinations in regard to your earnings as Pluto direct indicates a more productive atmosphere for progress now. Pluto, of course, destroys in order to create, so it’s just as likely you see certain sources of income fizzle out in order to be replaced by new ones between now and next April. Such an appraisal can take place on Tuesday where something comes to a definitive end and you need to make adjustments. Most likely these were overdue any way, so accept it and move forward.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Passion is reinvigorated as the personal revolution you have been experiencing is reactivated enabling you to advance the goals and agenda you’ve been strategizing since last April. Release and rebirth are themes in this period and in fully embracing them you find a source of hidden reserves of power within yourself. This is highly advantageous, as Venus retrograde (between now and the end of November) offer you a second chance to progress professional objectives, now with the full force of Pluto behind you. Tuesday could be a bit contentious if you come on too strong. Watch your words.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

You continue to come into your own and a sense of relief precipitates around the developments of the coming weeks. Your destination is likely unknown, but there is nonetheless a feeling of internal satisfaction that provides you with assurance all will work out in time. From mid week you revisit relational themes, many of which were stimulated over the Summer. Someone at a distance may feature and if a relationship had been abandoned you may find you have a second chance between now and the end of November to reconcile.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

Your most private life and intimate relationships are highlighted, and will continue to be over the coming weeks and months. Some variety of negotiation or reappraisal may be required here, and if you were working towards a loan, settlement or the division of assets and financial responsibility you share with a spouse or business partner, the next several weeks will be critical for this conversation. In many regards this is a period of closure for you. Mars behind the scenes calls for seclusion and secrecy while you extinguish the story lines of the last two years and prepare for the new world order that emerges for you in November.

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