This week I would like to dedicate the Stargazer blog to my dad, John Marquis, who would have turned 66 on Friday. We lost him 10 years ago to Cancer. He was a painter and I chose 12 of his works to reflect on each of the 12 signs this week. Growing up in San Francisco, it was my dad who introduced me to astrology. We would sit in his painting studio and he’d be looking at the ephemeris, which was so mysterious and fascinating to me. As a teenager my interest grew, dad made me a card with all the astrology symbols on it for reference, and I started to pick up books by Robert Hand and other astrologers and would walk the city streets with my dad and talk about transits, aspects and other topics. He was really the coolest, RIP, miss you much. If you are interested in the artwork, check out this book my brother and I put together. ❤️


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ARIESARIES March 20 – April 19

The New Moon mid week opens the channels of communication for you, though there seem to be more obstinate forces to contend with at work. Financial matters also need a little tweak this week, as you realize your assets are only able to take you so far at this time. Love relationships and creativity are highlighted and you may feel compelled to take things to the next level with someone who has caught your attention.

taurusTAURUS April 20 – May 20

The New Moon Wednesday emphasizes new ways to think about earnings, and you can promote yourself effectively if you are looking for extra assignments or a new position. A pessimistic streak at the end of the week could require appraisal, though this will more likely just be a passing mood. There can be some urgency to tackle a domestic project as well, or you might just suddenly feel you want to make a move. Easy does it.

geminiGEMINI May 21 – June 20

Wednesday sees the only New Moon in your sign for the year, it’s time to shake off any of the doldrums of the past and open up to new ways of life. Financial news, meanwhile, may not be so great, and if there is a setback at the end of the week, use it as an opportunity to get your house in order. A vibrant social season is unfolding and you can make the most of it by taking invitations or even asking out someone who recently caught your eye.

moon copy 2CANCER June 21 – July 22

The New Moon highlights the area of secrets and spirituality. There could be an intense message from the dream realm and it’s intuition will be incredibly strong. Venus leaves your sign this week, motivating some bold financial efforts, though a tricky ambience on Thursday could see an unexpected expense crop up. Relationship dynamics could continue to be dicey as you and someone else sort agreements and determine the future of your association.

LEOLEO July 23 – August 22

Venus from your sign promises some enticing moments ahead. You might come on a bit strong towards the end of the week, though, so watch your actions closely as they will have a bearing on your reputation. Social life is vibrant and exciting in this phase, though you’ll also likely seek some quiet moments behind the scenes for reflection and release. Important developments are brewing at work, a significant conversation occurs Friday that signals these.

VIRGOVIRGO August 23 – September 22

The New Moon on Wednesday falls on your area of life direction and where you are heading. If you have a new direction you would like to take your career this is an ideal time to have the conversations that will get you where you want to go. Relationships can be a little more tricky at this time, especially if you and your significant other can’t quite see eye to eye on something. Commitments are highlighted if you can go the next mile.

LIBRALIBRA September 23 – October 23

Distant horizons beacon with the New Moon illuminating a new direction or destination mid week. A media project could also be commanding attention giving you a professional boost. Domestic matters could require a more delicate touch, meanwhile, as a growing emphasis on career matters could create prickly dynamics on the home front. This is an ideal period for social activities and even a love relationship could be coming into the picture.

scorpioSCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Intimacy and shared resources are the topic of this weeks New Moon, you may be clarifying commitments at this time. While you will seek to settle these matters quickly, there are some strange influences at play as well and you might just not have the whole story. Venus in Leo stimulates fantastic developments on the career front and new assignments or a promotion really speak to what you love to do. Mercury will provide a tricky ambience here through the Summer so expect this story to take a little longer to sort out.

SagSAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

A New Moon opposite you opens doors in relationships or level up a commitment for business or pleasure. Venus from Leo beginning mid week amps up your desirability, making you visible and more likely to form a pleasurable contact with someone on your wavelength. There seems to be some paperwork to attend to likely regarding a contract over shared resources. This could be a concerning matter towards the end of the week, though once you overcome an obstacle, there will be a brighter outcome.

capricornCAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Communication, and conducting business negotiations especially, are highlighted this week, and by the end of the week you could be making a major commitment or escalating a key partnership. It’s also possible something/someone disappoints, and that there is a conclusion of some description instead. The New Moon is the perfect time to turn a new leaf in wellness or productivity. Rather than focus on what you want to get rid of focus on what you want to bring in. A good habit could easily replace a bad one at this time.

aquariusAQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

The New Moon enhances your desire to live more comfortably in your own skin, and to be more expressive and outgoing. Venus from Leo amplifies your love connections, making the next month ideal for connecting with your spouse or finding a new relationship that fits the bill. This all makes for a very enticing week! Try not to get too trigger happy on Thursday, as there are surprises in store that can work out surprisingly well or prove disappointing.

piscesPISCES February 19 – March 20

Your roots and personal life are highlighted by the New Moon on Wednesday, though you are more interested in where you are headed than where you came from. This is a useful period to refresh your living space, get rid of junk, or get that new coat of paint on the wall. Upgrades you make in your home bleeds into your psyche and has significant metaphorical implications. You might even get motivated to start a new exercise routine or new diet and all this, too, help you to feel good from the inside out.

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