This first full week of June is a bit tricky – there may be a sense of discontent and skewed perspectives with Neptune looming largely, as the Quarter Moon, Sun and Mercury all form dynamic aspects. A shift in viewpoint may reveal a blind spot or unravel an illusion. Hope for an outcome that is called into question now likely ties back to narratives set into motion during the late February – early March period. The atmosphere is vexing as you may wish to get to the bottom of a confusing issue.

At the same time, unreliable instincts make it difficult to see through the fog and mire where circumstances may seem cloaked in vagueness and uncertainty. Neptune has two sides – one is inspired and visionary, where on is able to see what no one else can, the other is hopelessly delusional. Events this week have a way of bringing these tendencies to the surface. Sun – Mercury in Gemini at odds to Neptune says it’s time to cut the shit and eliminate anything vague or fuzzy surrounding objectives and alliances.

This combination affects the initiation of the new Sun – Mercury cycle, which begins on Tuesday, and indicates there are beguiling undertones. This conjunction occurs at 15’ Gemini and establishes the objectives and daily agenda for essentially the next four months. Forming a square to Neptune (at 16’ Pisces and retrograding June 18,) that agenda is going to be either genuinely inspired, incredibly misguided or some combination of the two. Add in the upcoming Mars retrograde period, and you have all the ingredients for a pretty unusual Summer session. This does not indicate that nothing of value can develop in this period, but that to reach your pot of gold, a slow and tenacious approach is going to be required, as are constant reality checks, several of which are issued this week. This will be a better period in which to bring things to conclusion, less so for starting anything new.

Mars conjuncts South Node on Thursday at 7’ Aquarius, the first of 3 connections to occur over the coming Mars retrograde phase. The prolonged and protracted nature of this transit describes a situation that really, really, really requires complete eradication. Clues emerge later this week about what that is – examine where you feel most stuck, or what specifically seems to be holding you back from making a significant movement forward. This aspect punctuates the whole of next weekend, since Mars is transiting so slowly. This topic is revisited in July then late September. What occurs from the end of the week should kick start a process of self discovery and examination of the attitudes, and who/what/where are ready to be added to the endangered species list, then purged and eliminated.

Rather than stew or fester in frustration with what isn’t working out, the way through is to embrace and embody those North Node directives. First decan Leo is stimulated, so this is the area of your chart in which you can find success. Take a proactive rather than corrective approach by attending to this area and placing your energy into the experiences that are promoting growth. In doing so, the more debilitated aspects reconcile themselves and fall away graciously. Let Leo keywords: passion, bravery, conviction, strength and creativity, guide your choices.

Venus triggers the degree of the upcoming Cancer Solar Eclipse (occurring on July 13th) on Tuesday and points to the direction of the future and where more constructive action can be taken. Signals or events on this day have the potential to stimulate awareness of what is set to occur, as relationships and resources that arrive now are positively paving the way for what will soon manifest.

A hard connection to Pluto underscores what needs to be transformed and reveals truths that must be confronted. A culminating event connected to January occurs and it’s possible there is a big rethink on an objective established at the beginning of the year, or that a surrender of some sort is required to move forward. Intense feelings are aroused. Regeneration is a huge theme here, so perhaps a period of gestation is required while the soul and psychic realm attend to the metamorphosis occurring within.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

You may realize certain affiliations are coming to a conclusion. Relationships that are no longer contributing to your growth will likely end over the Summer months. Use your words carefully this week as beguiling influences may cause you to misspeak or represent yourself inappropriately. Career matters are culminating now and a project or assignment you began earlier this year demonstrates whether it has the stuff to help you ascend to the next level.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Financials are in frame, and promoting your talents can be effective for the most part over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, you may start to realize that an enterprise may not be working out as you would have wanted and it’s time to switch gears or try another tack. All this gets clearer from September, and using the next few months to clear the decks for something better is advised. Friendships and alliances may not live up to your expectations, let go of disappointment.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Big changes to your income or earnings is on queue over the next 6 months – you get a signal this week of what may be heading your way. Follow your instincts in the early part of the week, and though professional matters could have unsettling outcomes right now, there is something to be said for seeing a situation for what it really is. Protect your self interests in your dealings, there is a mysterious atmosphere present and lots of misinformation floating around.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Venus present in your sign likely helps to protect you through some of the more bewildering currents that occur this week. Clues arrive that herald very significant changes on the horizon. Meanwhile, intuition is skewed and mixed messages arise producing a rather beguiling atmosphere. A partnership may culminate this week and intensifying passions will either bring you closer together or push you apart. For the time being the best you can do is wait and watch in some matters, though following your heart is always the way to go.

LEO July 23 – August 22

You desire to move forward with a cherished objective, but there is a challenge to overcome first related to a very private or intimate matter. A significant conversation occurs that sets you in the right direction, but there is also an obscure matter that requires navigation to bring this to the right conclusion. Relational matters can have troubling overtones, you may be coming to the realization that someone isn’t right for you, or otherwise your partner may be going through changes that you have to adjust to. Dynamics in the work place can be unsettling. There is change here too you have to accommodate.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

A partnership may come into question this week, especially where you have glossed over certain aspects of a person or affiliation that are actually really inappropriate for you. To the extent you have remained above board and been honest with yourself as well as this person at the other end of the see saw, there can be substantive support for professional growth, although in the case something surfaces this week that has unsettling consequences, there may be delays in the realization of your objectives.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Professional attainments are in view and you may get an indication this week of a big development that swiftly escalates your position between now and next January, with a really substantial shift coming into play mid July (eclipse time). Tense dynamics at home suggest someone isn’t really on board with where you are headed, but here you have to choose for yourself the best course of action. Your upward trajectory is enhanced by your stellar reputation. A bad habit could be holding you back, meanwhile, so release those that are having a negative impact on your productivity.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Idealism in a love relationship can prove to be less than so this week, as a revealing episode uncovers not all the cards were out on the table, and you are required to see things for what they are, not as you would like them to be. As you are in an intensive period of metamorphosis, this will likely to play to how and what you need to change. As trust is the most essential ingredient to any intimate relationship, at this time you have to get real with how honest you have been not only with a close partner but with yourself. Certain domestic matters and issues rooted in your upbringing are coming to conclusion as you will begin to become aware of next weekend. It’s time to clean house – literally + figuratively.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

Relational dynamics can throw you this week as someone asserts themselves in a rather provocative way. This has a way of triggering other insecurities you may being experiencing especially where your family history is concerned, though you should also consider the source of the message and whether the person delivering it is actually qualified to do so. Aspects of daily life may reveal where you have been confined in your thinking, it might be time to drop a limiting belief or idea and adopt a more progressive attitude.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Intensification in a relationship is possible, and events that unfold between this week and mid July could alter your status swiftly and rather unexpectedly. You wield a lot of power, but someone who has gotten to you is going through their own changes and you either need to be on board with these or abandon ship. Significant matters regarding work and money are also apparent in this zodiac, with a transformation occurring in how you earn your living and the potential for mergers and partnerships to offer vast opportunities for growth and abundance. Clues at the end of the week can signal where this is all heading.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

You continue to outgrow elements of your life and this week will provide a huge stimulation to shed a skin or two to make room for a new and improved self image. A tactic or agenda you have been pushing could be coming up to nil, indicating where you need to rethink your position and find a new way to do things. In a climate of rapid evolution such as this one, remain amenable to whatever arises, taking things a day at a time. A glaring financial issue that emerges, meanwhile, requires immediate attention.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

It’s not you Pisces, it’s a weird week for everyone out there, though the strangeness present in the current climate seems to affect you most personally. Midweek is a turning point, and you are looking deep within for answers. Some of the confusing issues present might turn back on you, and you will have to evaluate where you may have contributed to a misunderstanding, even if unwittingly. You get a sense of what you need to release, this clears the way for an unexpectedly meaningful development for you on a creative level or through romantic love that can offer genuine pleasure.

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