Mars and Venus come to occupy opposite corners of the sky scape – Venus will enter demonstrative Leo on the 13th while Mars slows in aloof Aquarius, retrograding on the 26th. This indicates that something requires a deeper concentration of focus that will take until early October to resolve. Mars retrograde points to having to work through something carefully and deliberately. If a project has been shelved because you have been too busy to attend to it, the Summer months are ideal for completing unfinished business. The cycle initiated at the end of July 2017 (Sun/Mars conjunct in Leo) reaches a culminating peak next month, and a new strategy or directive may be required before a matter can be finalized.

Look to the house Mars rules in your chart, as this area is also susceptible to delays or requires reconfiguration. You can have your chart calculated for free at to find out more. 

Venus and Mars not only oppose on the 21st, but both make contact with the nodes – Venus to the North Node (June 19th) and Mars to the South Node (June 8th), signaling discord as well as the implications of past and future choices. Venus seems to be on the right side of the law here, aligning with the future orientation of the North Node. Mars less so, as it combines with South Node (for the first of three times this Summer) indicating energy that is stuck or stagnated, and possibly caught up in a drama connected to prior energy patterns that needs to be released. If you notice yourself reverting to old tactics to solve new problems, this is where the work needs to get done.

The message of the Universe right now is somewhat paradoxical – Venus in Leo seeks to ardently pursue what captures ones’ heart and offers pleasure with conviction. What is required of the present moment is courageousness, though simultaneously there is diminishment of momentum because Mars is slowing. This could (and should) manifest in the expression of creative or romantic energy, though Venus is a receptive planet and this could just as equally indicate heightened responsiveness to these energies.

Remaining resonant to the message of the heart chakra and cultivating relations through a spiritual, rather than intellectual, connection is highlighted. The detached, logical approach of Aquarius is debilitated by the South Node, and does not serve the current opportunity for evolutionary growth. The opposition of Venus and Mars will intensify love contacts and stimulate passion in a vitalizing culmination of the cycle that began October 5th last year. New chapters begin, though some will conclude at this point if they prove untenable. Permutations and adjustments occur in July that lead to clearer circumstances by August.

The 5th signals the beginning of the next Sun – Mercury cycle, and the most active weeks  occurring between now and July 8. Activities or projects that are initiated now will have a major significance for daily life and communication through September 20th. Business enterprises are highlighted, but look to 15’ Gemini in your chart for the details of where this occurs for you. This cycle will unfold through the Leo Mercury retrograde cycle this Summer – a 10 week transit in Leo is upcoming, further upping the ante on all those themes of self expression previously mentioned.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

A professional culmination at the end of the month could see you switching gears in your career. One door closes, another one opens. Praise for your hard work is also due. You find your energy level is a bit low and may need to take some time out over the coming months (Mars is retrograde from the 27th) to recuperate from a highly active professional phase. A passionate love alliance could be forming this month with an event or an introduction on the 19th sprinkled with fairy dust. Kismet meetings are likely, keep your eyes open. Someone from the past can make an appearance around the 8th, you’ll feel an immediate sense of comfort and kinship. Some vexing indications in a romantic relationship can feature on the 21st, as Venus and Mars oppose, stirring up passionate sexual chemistry, but equally disharmony, watch out!

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

You could embark on a new money making prospect on the 5th, and this activity or enterprise will be a large part of your daily routine for the next four months. The New Moon on the 13th signals the beginning of a new earnings phase. You may stall professionally or connect with an old ally on the 8th, a fated quality seems to prevail in your professional associations, especially with men, and you could receive a reward for prior work or achievement. Promotion is unlikely in this phase, and if you do make a move it is likely to be lateral. Domestic bliss and harmony reign supreme on the 19th, you can beautify or entertain at home to incredible success. Feisty energy affects love and financials on the 21st. This can signify a really passionate tryst or downright combat. Where you sit on the mine – yours’ – ours spectrum suggests how this plays out.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

A New Moon in your sign on the 13th gives you a bit of a new lease on life. You are still in a positive mind set with Mercury transiting your sign and the first weeks of the month will pass by briskly, as many activities, conversations and excursions fill your days. You may make a really brilliant connection creatively or intellectually on the 19th. Expect a delightful surprise encounter in your day to day routine. A conversation could lead to a romantic encounter, and if there is something about this connection that feels fated, go with it. Social activities will hold appeal, especially those with an artistic flair to them. This is a great time to enjoy or produce poetry, theater or any other creative endeavor that gets your juices flowing. Cappy Full Moon on the 28th can serve up a cold hard truth about a financial reality, this is going to be more likely if you have serious debt. You are just as likely to see an intimate relationship gets really serious. Commitments made now will certainly stand the test of time.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Very strong financial indicators are at play as your value system and the balance of mine vs ours is going through a significant transformation. You start to come more into your own and are reminded why self reliance is the direction you should be heading in. A shortfall at the beginning of the month, either due to a banking oversight or a partner not being able to do their share, will set the tone. The 19th brings a revealing moment or toss a shred of luck your way and you’ll definitely want to pay attention to cues, even if they are subtle. Venus and Mars oppose on the 21st, highlighting tension between themes of ownership, resources and trust. This can be mildly explosive, but there is absolutely no reason it has to be – the lines simply need to be redrawn, and while it may take a few more months to hammer down the right agreement, what happens now at least gets the conversation started. The Capricorn Full Moon on the 28th is right next to Saturn, another chance to make a binding in commitment in business or love if you are ready…

LEO July 23 – August 22

Attention is divided between an exciting social life and a desire for privacy and reflection. Try to divide your time at your discretion. Don’t feel bad if you have to turn down an invitation or two while you navigate your interior space and clear the way for new beginnings. Partnerships are in the mainframe of your attention, and you may not be able to see eye to eye with this person right now. Where you want to move forward, you sense they want to move backwards. It’s also possible someone from the past reemerges and snatches you back into the past tense. Uh oh! Be wary of such things around the 8th, but also advised if someone shows up, fate played a role and there is unfinished karmic business to attend to. Mars retrograde from the 27th sets the stage for a long drawn out affair… Venus in Leo from the 14th will make you a responsive recipient of advances, affection and all forms of flattery, and the 21st could truly turn up a kismet romantic opportunity.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

A new professional undertaking begins on the 5th and you’ll likely see this endeavor unfold over the next 4 months. The New Moon on the 13th can also open doors, but be careful with this one as there are hidden strings attached or more that meets the eye. Sounds too good to be true? Probably is. There is sort of a push – pull dynamic at work where you aren’t really sure how much time and effort you want to put into work life right now, or you might be cooling off on your current position. Mars is slowing in it’s orbit and there is a palpable lag in energy and motivation. Meanwhile, exciting developments behind the scenes make you want to steal away and enjoy solitude or privacy. This dynamic is made most clear by events on the 8th and 19th.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

You may feel as though you are moving forward and backwards at the same time, as both past and future tenses are activated this month. It’s possible you reconnect with a former lover at this time, around the 8th is peak of intensity, or you might otherwise feel limited by someone or your circumstances. You will experience growth working with others, as friends and group activities have a positive evolutionary spin on them, and a creative, collaborative project could really be exciting on the 19th. A sense of personal completion is possible during the Full Moon phase on the 28th. This relates to a home or personal matter and a decision or agreement you make now has very long term ramifications. A sense of austerity might prevail, and you may be delaying more personal gratification to make a serious commitment to a domestic issue – moving house or settling down. Mars goes roundabout from the 27th, directly impacting your partnership and love relations. There could be a separation related to work or an educational opportunity, and the divide you feel with someone could have less to do with a lack of feelings between you, but merely be a necessity at this time. Creativity slows, it’s time to think and reconsider your trajectory of the prior year.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Events on the 8th can bring up feelings of limitation or issues from the past requiring resolution in a domestic matter. It’s time to leave a circumstance behind, though of course this is easier said then done and could take a few more months to resolve in it’s entirety. Strong stimulation to achievement and your goals, perhaps even resources to realize them are present on the 19th and remind you where you need to go and why. Kismet meetings are likely all month, some steering you into the future and some reminding you of the past. An important financial agreement or partnership begins on the 5th, a negotiation you strike now bears on the activities and events of the upcoming four months. This is amplified on the 13th, during the New Moon. Your star is on the rise and you can make a great impression on the public and those in a position to help you move up the ladder of success. Don’t get haughty about your successes, as embarrassments on the 21st and 25th are possible if you do.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

Relational dynamics remain a high priority, and a New Moon on the 13th begins a new chapter in your committed partnership. Things can really heat up if you are traveling and a fated meeting on the 19th can lead to a liaison rather unexpectedly. Sultry vibrations on the 21st could be too good to resist, and diving in could be just what you need right now. Financial matters involving banks, institutions, an inheritance or your parters’ income factor largely from the middle of the month. If you are joining forces with a business partner or a spouse you can spell out all the details on the 13th or 19th. There are more problematic or contentious issues to deal with on the 15th, 23rd and 27th, so these are better left aside where you are seeking success in negotiations. A conclusion to a money matter, perhaps phasing out a source of income, or cashing in on a job well done occurs on the 28th. An event or insight you experience on the 8th stirs nostalgia for the past, or equally can serve to remind you of something you need to let go of. This process endures through September.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

There could be a financial reckoning of sorts this month as the Nodes play an interesting role with Venus and Mars, activating the axis of personal versus shared resources. It’s the shared equity or pooling of resources that gets you further, and you may even see a source of income dwindling or coming to an end around the 8th. Venus, Mercury and later the Sun all enhance your potentials to make positive gains within your relationship, with the 1st, 2nd, and 23rd all highlighted to bring about significant new developments. From mid month, the shift is on intimacy and there will be new erotic currents flowing that will be spicing things up for you nicely. Very enticing vibrations on the 21st could be a touch stormy, and there could be a palpable urgency to connect with someone. The 26th provides a turning point, and a relationship could get serious now. The Full Moon in your sign on the 28th will also enable you to define and refine your commitment. Saturn in close contact could indicate a big professional move, and taking on more responsibility and authority. Mars retrogrades at the end of the month, signaling a review of finances will be in order though the Summer months.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

The emphasis is on self expression and pleasure. Significant developments in your relationships from mid month can restore harmony and bring people with exciting potential into your orbit. A new creative venture or even a love affair could begin on the 5th. This project or relationship will be the mainstay of your activities for the next four months. You’ll experience a transformation next month when Mercury retrogrades, especially within a relationship that begins now. Romance is highlighted and especially potent on the 19th and 21st, as well as the New Moon phase on the 13th. There could be sudden and impulsive decisions, especially if you feel a soul mate connection with someone you meet during this period. Passion runs strong, though Mars is slowing and will retrograde in your sign on the 27th. This will require some rethinking on your behalf, and suggests you take things slowly, especially in regard to matters of the heart. These are more likely to stabilize from September, even though very powerful contacts throughout the Summer will generate a lot of energy between you and your partner. Release yourself from the grip of the past on the 8th.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

You want to be invisible, but this is really a great time to showcase your talents, so get out there! You can take time out to recharge as required, (though it might be worthwhile to examine yourself on the 8th, strange habits which seem to be draining your effectiveness are revealing themselves now). A shift in your domestic zone that you initiate on the 5th will likely become a major endeavor over the next four months, making this an ideal time for renovation or redecorating projects, or considering relocation. Check developments on the 13th for an important status report. You are tuning into what you want, unfortunately there seem to be some mixed signals. Necessity and clarity will aid you from the 15th – 19th. You can more easily tune into your heart’s desires. The first few weeks are quite romantic and you can develop a mutual bond of attraction and affection over the early days of the month. The 5th signals a turning point, are you all in, or all out? Your mind will be on love, but there could be some demands on your time at work. You won’t mind, since you like what you are doing so much. Energy slows at the end of the month, drawing you further inward.

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