A great deal precipitates this week, as several lush punctuation marks shape the days ahead. The Sagittarius Full Moon beams down on Tuesday, stimulating adventurous and inquisitive energies. Saturn provides a difficult obstacle within this alignment and can be a bit of a spoiler where the attainment of freedom is sought. Mars also plays a strong role during the Full Moon phase -connecting harmoniously – so there is an energizing boost that helps to bring something into form. In many ways the Full Moon speaks to what was and what will be. More recently, Saturn transited this region of the zodiac, inspiring constriction of efforts and clearing out the superfluous. Jupiter will move into this area upcoming, stimulating growth and prosperity in regard to issues that may have taken a bit of a hit during the Saturn transit, so it’s likely the Full Moon reveals clues as to the changes due.

Conjunct Antares, the Full Moon has the potential to trigger obsessive or obstinate behavior. The star that sits in the Heart of Scorpio is a rather intense and powerful point! Look to events around 2 years ago, as these still seem to require resolution. (Both Saturn and Mars made long transits this degree – 8′ Sagittarius – during that period.)

Mars at this point is conjunct the degree of the Lunar eclipse that occurs at the end of July, spending most of the week hovering over 4’ Aquarius. Something set into motion this week (and particularly around the time of the Full Moon) is likely to play into the stunning developments that occur over the Eclipse Season, so be on the lookout for clues and intuition into what is going to come up down the road. A choice made now could have a direct bearing on how successful you will be in about 2 months time and what kind of opportunities will emerge. Incidentally, Mars will have returned to this degree precisely and conjunct the Lunar Eclipse in July, so events are quite forth telling.

Mercury enters Gemini on Tuesday PM, a brisk transit that lasts for a mere 2 weeks since Mercury is traveling at it’s fastest speed through June. Curiosity is stimulated, and there can be a lot of diversions and interesting people to meet and speak to. There is a busyness indicated, and many matters that require attention. This is a wonderful time for tying up loose ends, especially where a paper trail is involved or contracts need to be signed.

Venus from Cancer at the end of the week taps Jupiter and Neptune in a Grand Water Trine. This is a marvelous ambience for expressing love and affection, enhancing the emotional ties that flow between people. While not an overtly romantic influence, (from water signs this energy takes place below the surface, within a highly subjective realm) these aspects provide a great back drop for understanding the deeper feelings aroused through personal connections. Imagination is also invigorated, making the end of the week ideal for creating art projects or attending an art or musical reception. If there has been uncertainty where sentiments or the future of a relationship lies, these aspects promote intimacy and coming to terms with the hearts desires.

Friday will also see Mercury and Mars in trine, an excellent time for making a presentation or proposal. Get something moving, guided by the awareness all the pieces might not fall into place until late September. The destination will be reached, although not necessarily in the way it’s expected to.

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ARIES March 20 – April 19

Your emotional realm is stimulated this week, and deep understanding of your inner drives and motivations could reveal themselves. Coming to terms with what you really want is the fastest route to getting there and there are likely to be a few moments over the coming days that tune you into those goals. Balancing your personal aspirations with those of your friends or colleagues is required of you, though you are likely better off putting yourself first and foremost as you design an agenda for the coming months ahead. It’s possible certain connections are falling by the wayside. You may get clues this week of who or what has been outgrown.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Socially there is a generous and supportive atmosphere for you and a key partnership continues to turn up unexpected treats and treasures that fill your heart with pleasure. You can communicate quite fruitfully now, which makes this an ideal time to put yourself out there and express your feelings. Finances also seem to be in the frame with Friday the ideal moment to ask for a raise or try for a better position or promotion. The Full Moon can produce an ending of a source of revenue, or you might successfully pay off a debt.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Mercury from your sign is invigorating to you. If you’ve been in the dumps or behind the scenes, you will begin to get excited again for what is in store. It’s possible a key relationship is coming into frame, and the Full Moon will show a light on how far you have come, or how far you still have yet to go. Make your case on Friday. You can express yourself clearly and with conviction. Financial and professional matters benefit, making this a very valuable influence if you are seeking a raise or promotion.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Very harmonious and agreeable energies prevail this week, especially where your most personal desires are highlighted. Next weekend is ideal for a quick getaway, even a day out of town can provide a completely reinvigorating experience. Work and health matters get emphasized over the Full Moon phase, and you may be completing an assignment or ditching a bad habit that has had a debilitating your productivity. The next two weeks are ripe with realizations that point you in the right direction. A property matter, inheritance or settlement agreement is resolved on Friday.

LEO July 23 – August 22

Your children or creative output is enhanced this week over the Full Moon, and you can come to a decision that has meaningful implications regarding these. Relational matters are also highlighted, and you might notice intuition is peaking regarding the direction a partnership is taking. It’s likely the person in question is going through their own changes and you need to be supportive of these. This story unfolds through out the Summer, but you get an indication now of what may be in store. Socially this is an exciting period, your calendar is likely full of meetings and events.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

This is a compelling period for your relationships, and even where disappointment may have prevailed in the past, something about the current ambience stimulates excitement about prospects on the horizon. The end of the week is one of the most romantic periods of the year, and you can easily step up a love connection if you are ready to show your cards. The Full Moon speaks to a professional or residential matter. It’s possible you are moving house to take up a promotion. On some level, an aspect of the past is fading away. Release is signaled in this period.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23

Professionally this week provides a brilliant atmosphere in which you can find success and prosperity. It’s possible an opportunity emerges (look towards the end of the week) through which you can showcase your talents or ambition somehow. A conversation on Friday gets the wheels turning. Mercury through Gemini and the Full Moon stimulates a project connected to media, especially where people at some distance are connected or helpful to you in some way. Expect a busy couple weeks where you lock down some of the vital ingredients to a proposal that will bring you notoriety.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

You should genuinely enjoy this week, Scorpio, so even if disappointments have shaken your confidence, the current ambience will genuinely enhance feelings of satisfaction and personal worth. Financial matters will culminate this week, and a few integral conversations about money which may be overdue will clarify what is coming in and that which is going out. An inheritance or property sale may also be in the mix, and there is a lot to be attended to in these regards. Friday is ideal for setting the seal on a contract or negotiation.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21

A Full Moon in your sign this week carries very positive overtones. Friendships are highlighted and you can really combine your efforts with others for great results. A partnership or agreement is emphasized over the next two weeks with a lot of back and fourth between you and a rival, spouse or business partner. You may determine to start a new enterprise with this person and will likely make an agreement about the arrangement next Friday. You personal and private life are enhanced, making this a productive time for reflection and regeneration. Intuition is strong right now and you likely feel very in tune with all that is around you.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19

Love is in the air and a meaningful commitment could come to the forefront this week. A Grand Water Trine emphasizes your connections, and with Venus traveling the area of meaningful partnerships, someone is going to show you exactly how much they care. Where your innate instinct might be to clam up your feelings this is really a more appropriate time to show them, as doing so will take your connection to the next level. The Full Moon likely demonstrates how much you have let go of since the beginning of the year. Work life bustles with action and activity. Take on as much as you can realistically, this has positive financial implications down the road…

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

Mars in your sign taps the Full Moon vibes on Tuesday and there can be a significant development with your social circle or network. you likely feel a strong sense of camaraderie as you and your crew reach a substantial milestone together. You are meanwhile getting a sense that changes are coming and your intuition is strong regarding the shape and direction your future life is taking. Very positive professional seeds are planted in this phase, with great results this Fall if you attend to these matters and nurture your dream carefully. Mercury from Gemini sees you exploring fun and novel ideas.

PISCES February 19 – March 20

This is a thrilling period for your development and attainment of a very personal goal or aspiration. True love and pleasure are also indicated, so you might just be bubbling with excitement over a romantic prospect that is being fulfilled. Next weekend is ideal for an excursion or adventure with your sweetie. A professional matter culminates over the Full Moon earlier in the week, revealing the current climate you are dealing with is a million times removed from the tough ambience you experienced in the years leading up to 2018. A sense of vindication could be stimulated, or you may realize it’s time to move away from a plan or trajectory that you no longer care to pursue. Domestic matters keep you busy over the coming weeks. Expect visitors.

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