There is some discontent in the atmosphere this week, as stressful aspects from Mercury in Aries to Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn force solidification of objectives while reorienting the methods being used to attain them. Provocation is likely, particularly from Wednesday to Thursday. April 1st features the mid – retrograde conjunction of Sun and Mercury, suggesting a turning point in matters that have weathered turbulence over the prior weeks. Something comes to the surface that shifts the perspective, and a significant conversation or realization enables individuals to start to get their house in order, especially where you may have experienced a lack of continuity since earlier in March.

Mercury and Saturn face off again on Thursday, and a serious matter demands to be contended with. There’s a need to buckle down to create the outcome in a long range scenario that has been endemically challenging. Necessity presides largely over both thought process and activities this month, though at it’s best a solution can be found by acknowledging the current limitations you may be experiencing and making the required concessions. In this matter, the solution emerges where you are able to let a sense of restriction guide you patiently towards a resolution that allows you to overcome it. Do the work required now, and in about 3 weeks you will reach a milestone that enables a significant move forward and into a period of greater abundance and flexibility.

Mars and Saturn make a once in 29 years conjunction from Capricorn on Monday, (the last one occurred in March of 1990,) making this an optimal time to define goals and begin an enterprise or endeavor that will structure your long range activities for the coming 2 years. There is a frustration initially as Saturn blocks Mars’s energy, a reminder that a task is at hand that requires attention. From Capricorn, there is a gritty sense of determination present, endurance and tenacity will preside over action in this cycle. Austerity measures may also be required, but what you manage to overcome now creates security that lasts forever.

Venus combines harmoniously to Saturn next Saturday, and commitments can be considered, though waiting until Mercury is direct on the 15th to sign the dotted line is still advised. Financial matters will likely stabilize as an equilibrium is achieved through balancing sensual and material desires with practical considerations. Initiations made at the end of last year come to fruition, indicating where dedication and perseverance to an outcome is paying off and beginning to demonstrate the long range potential.


ARIES March 20 – April 19
You can choose to Battle Royale with your supervisors or instead take the highroad and wait for better auspices mid month. You do get some positive activations professionally this week, and can set course for a positive outcome over the coming months (think from now – September). A promotion could await you where you put in the work required, and an indication next Saturday will stimulate a positive financial trajectory attached to this. Defining the goal and outcome of what you seek is critical right now to assure success in the future.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20
The past still seems to be playing a larger than life role for you, with resolutions and release possible this week if you confront inconvenient truths. A life path is being revealed to you simultaneously and you might start to get a bit more serious about turning an ideal into something real. It may take till September to root down, but pay real attention to the clues and cues that precipitate this week. Saturday is especially revealing.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Could be a dicey week for Gemini, as your ruling planet makes contentious alignments and you are forced to live up to obligations. Shared financial responsibilities may be at the center of this, though any serious commitment you have to another person likely makes you feel incredibly restricted in the attainment of your personal interests right now. A secret rendezvous could assist you in tapping more pleasurable vibrations, look to next weekend for a sweet surprise.

CANCER June 21 – July 22
Professional quagmires continue to demand your attention, meanwhile you may be having problems getting the spouse or business partner on board. While you can’t necessarily avoid confrontations, you can choose how you react to them and since more has yet to come to light between now and mid month, agreeing to disagree, for now at least, can bring equilibrium to an otherwise testing situation. Sharing a pleasurable social interlude next weekend brings peace.

LEO July 23 – August 22
You begin to feel a professional upswing, though work pressure and mounting responsibilities will be required to make the most of favorable opportunities available over the coming weeks. Taking care of your body in order to elevate your productivity are required as you climb the ladder of success. Friends provide a distraction, especially if someone you haven’t heard from in a while arrives on the scene unexpectedly. Try to balance business and pleasure.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Prickly financial issues continue to mount, especially where you might rely on someone else for funds and they aren’t delivering. This has a dampening effect on your creative and romantic expression, and you may feel undermined or confused. Under the auspices of Venus in Taurus, pleasurable vibes are stimulated, suggesting you do have favorable outcomes to look forward to, though they may not come to fruition immediately. Make plans next weekend and give yourself something to look forward to.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23
Issues with family members and household continue to have a challenging influence in regard to a relationship you would like to get off the ground. A few more important discussions and decisions will enable you to make some progress this week, so hold out for what you want and don’t back down. A momentous shift is occurring in your personal life and resolve is required to make it. These changes enhance intimacy in the very near future. Hang in there.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
Problematic circumstances or individuals in your work life continue to be a source of potential discord this week. If you feel the need to air your grievances, embrace a productive tone as opposed to a confrontational one. Your words have incredible influence over others right now, so choose and use them conscientiously. The same advice bears significance on your partnership now, a meaningful conversation can set the stage for a connection to flourish next weekend.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
It’s time to get serious about a financial matter this week, as several turning points up ahead will show the why, though not necessarily the how. If you have been contending with austerity, and feel defeated, realign with your values and remember that conditions are of a temporal nature and will inevitably shift. A decision or strategic endeavor requires patience and grit, and a day at a time attitude should be adapted. A bonus or promotion at work could turn up next week.

CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Making peace with the past, as well as though you are closest to in the present, is a prominent feature this week, though you are having a very personal breakthrough at the same time. Mars linking up to Saturn in your sign brings out your fighting spirit, and anyone caught unawares of your intentions or the immeasurable drive you possess to achieve them could be in for a bit of shock. Super enticing romantic vibrations are also taking hold, making this an ideal period for nurturing a promising love connection.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
While timelines feel a bit de-accelerated right now, a big and progressive push to release negative conditioning is stimulated this week, and you need to listen long and hard to the voice deep within by taking time out to hear yourself think. If you find an undermining internal voice, look beneath it and you’ll likely find a wounded inner child. Cultivate a relationship with this and take your healing seriously. Your personal life is enhanced next weekend. Find peace within.

PISCES February 19 – March 20
The financial picture may be clearing, though you might not adore what’s being revealed. Coming to terms with what is, as opposed to what is not or what could be, will give you momentum forward and out of the quagmire. Venus is providing pleasurable social vibrations all month and you might turn up a promising love connection in the most casual routines of your day to day. Also a favorable time to take a class, or enjoy art and music recreationally or through a creative project.

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