Weekly Scopes 3/25-31

A breakthrough is imminent, though the way through, and eventually up, could prove somewhat challenging over the coming weeks as turbulent forces culminate. On the positive side, these aspects generate the kind of friction that compels taking action. Where situations have become static and an attitude towards stasis complacent, this can be a positive thing in that these energies bring about progress of some measure. With the unyielding energies of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto dominating the forecast, this progress likely comes at some kind of cost. The disparate elements that comprise the totality of your existence are likely incongruous at best right now, and in trying to force a proverbial circle into a square, something gets lost in the outcome. Choose your battles carefully and/or allow the Mercury retrograde cycle to run it’s course before determining a course of action.

Attempting to make a crucial choice right now would likely be premature. By mid April, not only will some of friction have lifted from the atmosphere, but information will likely have come to light that shifts the perspective on things considerably. It’s not until the first week of May that Mercury catches up and enables the articulation of the events that are occurring now. It is likely it will take until that period to make sense of or find an orientation for activities that put into process the realignment taking place over the next two weeks. For now maintaining an open perspective while remaining aligned with your truth is crucial.

The Full Moon at 10’ Libra next weekend is a strong punctuation mark in the rather complex storylines developing. With Aries Sun/Libra Moon challenged by Mars and Saturn in Capricorn there is a sense of dramatic urgency at odds with the currently pervasive themes of discipline and conscientiousness. (Pluto is fortuitously left out of the equation.) These aspects arouse a strange hybrid of energies, perhaps stimulating a compelling desire to make a significant move towards a long range goal or change trajectory if something isn’t working out as planned.

Again, try to proceed with a degree of caution, especially with retrograde Mercury in tight alignment (conjunct Sun), suggesting that the highly confrontational nature of this Lunation amplifyies an even stronger likelihood of making regrettable comments or choices. Mercury returns to this position on April 27th, when more cogent signals prevail, empowering more competent decision making.


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