The week begins on a sensitive vibration – Sun combines with Neptune, revealing an illusion or matter that may have been obscured by a desire to see things as one wanted to and not really for what they are. If shortcuts have been taken in the hope things would just work out on their own, a problem may appear. It’s time to let go of what isn’t working and find a fresh source of inspiration. This is the beginning of a new cycle related to connected to spiritual, romantic and creative idealism. Clarify your best case scenario through your imagination or meditation and move forward and away from unfulfilling relationships or circumstances. Better prospects are on the horizon.

Mercury and Venus link up in a conjunction to Chiron offering the potential for healing and boost self esteem. Chiron’ placement tends to reveal something we may feel undeserving of. A conversation and some self care and treating yourself with more tenderness and less judgement can go a long way towards turning perception about personal shortcomings around. You deserve it (what ever it is) and are good enough to get it. Chiron is preparing to ingress into Aries next month, but will retrograde and transit over these late degrees of Pisces over the last months of the year. This is a positive time to make peace with what might seem like a deficiency and turn it into a personal asset. Examine where you can transform disappointment into wisdom. Making a mistake in judgment and learning from it liberates you from having to go through that again if you choose to respond differently moving forward.

Mid week will see the Scorpio moon link up with Jupiter, shortly before Jupiter retrogrades on Thursday. Through July, it’s possible to reconsider the choices and cultivate the seeds sown since December (when Jupiter entered it’s retrograde shadow). Some of the intensity and urgency towards growth slows now, and it’s worth while to see where and what has been made of the opportunity Jupiter in Scorpio represents, i.e have you engaged the potential for deep transformation? How much have you absorbed from the experience and how can the choices you might make in the future allow you to absorb more of what you actually want by being more discriminate in what you take on? Both truth and emotional sensitivity are required. Between now and July it’s possible to actually develop one or two really important objectives – by limiting and cutting back on so many options, you can more readily focus energy into cultivating something significant. Events and intuition stimulated early Wednesday can signal what is most important to your soul evolution.

There is a hugely palpable shift in energy on Tuesday as Mercury and Venus move into Aries, enlivening and breathing new life into the atmosphere. Much like the forest regenerates itself through fire (those naturally occurring, anyhow) to clear the detritus and stimulate new growth, there is the potential now clear the way for exciting new developments and prospects ahead. The 4th Quarter Moon in Sagittarius on Friday is close to Mars and fresh initiative is experienced through engagement of a positive mindset and clarification of goals for the future.


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april2-copy ARIES March 20 – April 19
You get zapped this week and are coming back to life after a long winters nap. The pace of daily life gets exciting now, and many discussions and ideas will stimulate you through May. Jupiter retrograde can slow your roll with an intimate partner, financials can also diminish where you relay on the assets of others. It’s time to get real with where you really want to head in your closest alliances. Nonetheless an exciting prospect for the future is revealed at the end of the week.


may2-copy TAURUS April 20 – May 20
The sensations stimulated by your partnership flow back into you now, like a wave of emotion coming back onto the shore. Your intuition and most inner realms are stimulated, suggesting you seek some privacy and respite from the noise of a demanding outside world. Tune into yourself and give yourself some space to deal with what ever you are going through emotionally. A crucial choice regarding work or health may come up at the end of the week.


june2-copy GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Work pressure begins to ease off (though there is still something pretty big on tap for you at the end of next week during the New Moon) and you’ll find really pleasurable avenues opening up in your social life. It’s likely you will reconnect with old friends over the next few months. A partnership commands your attention towards the end of the week. If a situation has proved demanding for you it might be time to make a critical decision about an alliance.


july2-copy CANCER June 21 – July 22
You might reconsider a creative project or romantic alliance over the coming months, as Jupiter recedes backwards through Scorpio there may be less impetus to pursue these prospects until further notice. Professional prospects heat up in the meanwhile, though a promotion or other long awaited development might curtail through May. A turning point at the end of the week provides details. Someone at a distance could provide you with an insight that puts you at ease. Listen carefully.


aug2-copy LEO July 23 – August 22
You feel rejuvenated in this period, and step away from the deeply personal and subjective considerations that have predominated over the last several weeks if not months. You begin to feel like spreading your wings again, and a powerful creative urgency reinvigorates you. A residential matter also takes less precedence through July, leaving you more space and time to enjoy the kind of activities you prefer.


sep2-copy VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Partnership matters may be vexing, or incredibly satisfying or some combination of both. Early this week you can make peace with something either past or present and this acceptance of what is or what was will enable a more positive and productive ambience in which to develop a more meaningful connection moving forward. Challenges you have been dealing with in regard to home and family can get sorted for the better at the end of the week.


oct2-copy LIBRA September 23 – October 23
A shift in consciousness towards relationships is forthcoming and if you have been recently become acquainted with a new potential mate or business partner there should be some enticing developments forthcoming. With Mercury transiting to and fro in this area, there could be an unresolved matter that requires attention. By the New Moon in mid April, the road is wide open to you and yours. Health and productivity are emphasized.


nov2-copy SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
Jupiter goes about face in your sign, and you may find yourself reconsidering the avenues you have chosen since December and evaluating what is and what is not providing you with the depth you seek in your experiences and personal connections. You are motivated in work and health matters and may find it’s easier to cultivate a wellness program that enables productivity. Choices impact a big career opportunity this Summer.


dec2-copy SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
You emerge from the depths this week, after much time spent in reflection and connecting back to your base. This new energy orientation is incredibly stimulating and provides opportunities for pleasure and engaging with both creative and romantic prospects. A personal turning point at the end of the week gives you the initiative to get something big going. Prospects are brightening, it’s time to get excited about life again.


jan2-copy CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
A tender flow of communication has opened your consciousness to potentials you may not have previously considered, especially where other people and possibly even with a new love interest are featured. Currently the emphasis turns to cultivating your base and preparing your life for the monumental opportunities that lie in store for you professionally later this year. Release the past on Friday.


feb2-copy AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Daily life is set to get exciting – you may even cross paths and see sparks fly with someone who holds romantic potential. Professionally you might see things slow down a bit over the next few months while you determine whether your objectives are taking you in the direction you really desire. Some kinks need to get worked out here, but a resonant moment on Wednesday morning could signal a significant decision.


march2-copy PISCES February 19 – March 20
The very subjective orientation of the prior weeks begins to fade this week, though you still have to make some big choices between now and your New Moon next Saturday. Energy is currently directed towards security issues and defining your values. A professional turning point on Friday could signal a new direction for you. Jupiter asks you revisit your choices regarding your orientation to the future and regenerate intensity towards those aims.


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