March is a month full of moxie and mojo. Mercury and Venus sashay into Aries side by side followed by Spring Equinox (Sun in Aries, the astrological New Year) two weeks later. Coupled with Mars, currently completing it’s transit of Sagittarius, the atmosphere is fiery and impulsive, energetic and reinvigorating. The upcoming Mercury retrograde slows the pace a bit from March 22 – April 15, while Mars from Capricorn beginning on the 17th, will add steadiness and persistence to the atmosphere. Jupiter, meanwhile will retrograde from the 8th, and there is a need to go within to review the potent emotional dimensions this transit has revealed. Second chances are possible from July, as the next few months provide an opportunity to determine how you can best utilize depth and power to manifest a positive outcome through regeneration and merger of your energies with another.

On it’s own, Venus in aggro Aries is not the most comfortable placement for one of the most delicate of planetary energies. It does serve to purge out any remaining unresolved issues from the past. From there new beginnings can occur, a Spring awakening of sorts as Venus is rebirthed anew. Venus will have tensions this month with both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, so some growing pains may arise in regard to romantic or financial matters. Here the lesson is not to take on the burdens of others too heavily while finding a way to live up to the commitments that have been made previously. Venus/Aries requires independence and has no desire to be yoked to restriction or stultifying commitment. These cycles tie back to the conjunctions (read beginnings) made in late December (Venus/Saturn) and early January (Venus/Pluto) and provide the first hurdle of the current cycle to overcome in relation to anything set into motion around those times.

By the end of the month, Venus has had it and finds herself in the liberating embrace of Uranus, conjuncting one last time for the next 80+ years at the end of Aries. Sun, Mercury and Mars (next February) all still have one last trigger point with Uranus, even next months Aries New Moon is in very close conjunction. There is something notable about all of these, but with Venus it’s an extra special thing – Venus is about harmony and the coupling or pairing of opposites or complimentary types. Uranus seeks the most potential freedom possible in this union and generates a unique climate for establishing a connection that while volatile and even abrasive at times is nonetheless completely authentic, if not unstable and disruptive! Wherever your chart is contacted, expect a bit of insatiability or even a personal revolution!


Mercury spends a sort of extraordinary amount of time in Aries, nine weeks in total, and framed by a rather tense square pattern to Saturn throughout. This is triggered on March 11th, with the 2nd aspect occurring on April 5th and the final one on the 25th. (The 1st as well as final weeks in April reveal the most tension.) This makes for an atmosphere of having to overcome some sort of obstacle through skills or communication. It’s a possibility reaching some kind of agreement here is an issue and there is likely a great deal of tension around this matter.

Looking back to April of last year, Venus made a similar (longer range) aspect between retrograde Venus (Pisces) and Saturn in Sagittarius. Consider your chart house degrees on this one, because it’s not unlikely that the same house might be affected. Although the themes around the issue have managed to evolve via sign, only about 10 degrees of sky space differentiate these transits and it’s not completely unlikely that themes from last Spring are resonating now. There is still a big issue that needs working out, and Aries is a little more adept at getting to the bottom of a problem than Pisces, who will just kind of absorb all that energy and emotion and let negativity sort of fester till it decides to dissipate on it’s own.

Aries and Capricorn are both Cardinal signs, and while they will butt heads (Ram VS Goat mashup style) they are both action oriented and will take initiative to find a solution. Here, oddly enough, the tension created by the square is precisely what will urge on the disentangling of a persistent and obstinate issue. Take this one to the mat, enough is enough already! Pessimism is also likely throughout this phase, and getting disheartened with conditions is an emotion best used to instigate another outcome by taking action.

As Mercury stations and slows down to retrograde on the 22nd at 16’ Aries, it spends the last two weeks of the month harmonized to the Nodal Axis, so that the integration of the past and future is possible. It may take until the end of April to see why, who and how, when the final link up occurs, there is a willingness and understanding that enables forward motion towards the objectives of the North Node (future orientation) that manifests in July, during the conjunction and eclipses that occur that month.

3 Pentacles


Mars enters Capricorn on the 17th, where it will join Saturn and Pluto, intensifying goals and increasing the capacity to take on a large scale or long range undertaking. For three months this year, (due to the upcoming Mars retrograde) Mars resides here, and while that which begins now will take until September to really manifest, there is perseverance to make something happen, regardless of how much work is required. Plan for the long haul for whatever you choose to embark on.

Next month and into May, Mars makes hard aspects to Saturn, Pluto and Uranus, all of which stimulate incredible tenacity and drive. Jupiter and Neptune will also harmonize, making this a very special Mars – Capricorn transit. It’s time to dig in and really get to work on something, there is the potential to achieve something really incredible this year and Mars is getting a lot of assistance right now to make tangible a long range effort. Mars – Saturn, not an easy aspect by far, only occurs once during this 29 year period, and holds a solution if you are willing to make the effort. Grit and determination make this possible.

Here’s the main stuff for March, you may become a member on Patreon or visit the weekly blog at for the weekly horoscopes which feature a more extended reading for aspects and Lunations as they occur! Have a GREAT month Stargazers!


april2-copy ARIES March 20 – April 19
A work project comes complete, making room for more subjective and personal concerns. Mid month can see you a bit emo, you may still be getting over old associations and feeling reflective. You enter a very busy phase this month with Mercury moving through your sign for an extended period (retrograde from the 23rd – April 15th). Venus also comes to play, softening your gruff demeanor and letting your love light shine. Especially with a Mercury retro here there is a fast and almost out of control quality and you will likely quickly rethink any relationship you start now, maybe better to wait till the second half of next month to commit? Mars enters the career sector mid month and you are all fired up, getting ready to ascend the heights of a huge ambition. Remember the tale of the tortoise and hare: slow and steady wins the race. This could take until September to manifest, but you will get there with perseverance.

may2-copy TAURUS April 20 – May 20
A love relationship can really get its’ wings this month and a lot will be spelled out clearly during the Full Moon on the 2nd. Jupiter retrograde in your partnerships house could see a decline of some of the recent intensity between you and you know who. Take some time to process how far you have come and where you want to go next. Brilliant opportunities unfold in the second half of the year. A great deal is going on behind the scenes, amplified by a Mercury Moon Walk that will place the messenger planet in your house of secrets and sorrows for close to 10 weeks beginning on the 7th. You seem to have a lot of issues from the past to work out, something or someone just hasn’t let go, although in all fairness, that person might be you. Mars in Capricorn from the 18th can see you saying Bon Voyage, maybe a journey to a distant land is in order. Definitely use any excursion made to make peace with the past, the 24th is particularly vexing though, maybe skip it if you can.

june2-copy GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Career developments continue to unfold, as the New Moon on the 17 triggers opportunities and exciting insights into were to go and what you would like to de next. It might take until mid November to reach these goals, but if you begin working towards a life path you establish now you will see these materialize eventually. A passion phase with your partner continues through mid month, then intensifies even further from the 18th. A period of deep transformation begins that will last through mid September. You have much to learn about commitment and trust in this phase. It could be a very erotic period if you can let someone in. Friends and companions bring joy and reverie, making this a very fun and social season for you. You can catch up with people from the past after the 23rd, or you might reminisce about old times. The 28th is amazing for a party or special occasion and the Full Moon on the 31st can see you getting closer to someone you have special feelings for.

july2-copy CANCER June 21 – July 22
Professional vibes continue to prevail with some very exciting news in your career sector over the next two months. A venture or promotion will be subjected to the backwards – forward of the Mercury retrograde coming up on the 23rd, but this could prove to be a blessing in disguise as you get to fine tune a project in conjunction with the Sun. You’ll probably get your best work done in the first half of the month, as you have vigor to work and get it done. From the 18th Mars comes into opposition and this can be a testing period for your relationships, though equally you will find passion is stimulated as well. If someone new comes on the scene now, they will probably play a significant role in life for some time to come, though this won’t be clear why until after the Mars retrograde cycle comes to an end. Home is where the heart is during the Full Moon on the 31st. Nurture yourself by spending time with the ones you love.

aug2-copy LEO July 23 – August 22
This is a great month to get on the road, especially with your partner or spouse. Getting out to lecture, teach or study are also highlighted and offer pleasurable encounters. The 28th is especially exciting, something unexpected takes you away from your routine. From the 18th a more work and productivity oriented energy takes over. A new assignment or promotion could be in the pipeline, and what you are doing now is going to pay off in a huge career shift at the end of the year. Put your best foot forward. The financial axis is lit up by the Full Moon (on the 2nd) and New Moon (on the 17th). The 2nd is tricky, there are deceptive and elusive forces at play and it will be hard to nail down the distinction of what’s yours and what’s their’s or where the money is coming in or going from. Better to wait for the mist to clear before you come to a major decision or agreement. The 17th is better and you could be seeing revenue from a home sale or rental income. You might even inherit a property, wait and see!

sep2-copy VIRGO August 23 – September 22
A relationship could get serious this month and you might be ready to make a commitment to someone. The 1st, 2nd, 4th and especially the New Moon on the 17th are ideal for such declarations, and even the most lovelorn among you are likely to stumble upon really intriguing opportunities to connect and grow something beautiful. From the 18th Capricorn – Mars intensifies your passion and libido energy, so you’ll do well to have found a playmate by this point. If not, your likely to be on the prowl, though events or a misunderstanding on the 23rd could provide a bit of a challenge, especially within a new relationship. If you hit a snag, consider where your own need to be in control of a situation might be pushing someone away. Clarify your goals, personal or otherwise during the Full Moon in your sign on the 2nd, the only one this year and your best time to establish a course for the future.

oct2-copy LIBRA September 23 – October 23
Health and the benefits it has on your productivity are highlighted this month, making this an auspicious time for self care and engaging new regiments or diet. The New Moon on the 17th is ideal for putting these into practice, though there is no hold off, as by this point in the month your attention will likely be diverted to partnerships. Things here get tricky, as Mercury retrograde from the 23rd will slow the pace considerably and make negotiations or getting any kind of commitment difficult through next month. Venus here eases the way, and you’ll be willing to turn the other cheek if you have to, biding your time. An exciting breakthrough on the 28th could bring an unexpected alliance into the mix. With Mercury retrograde there is always the potential for someone from the past to reenter the picture unexpectedly. The Full Moon in your sign on the 31st will help you keep your personal priorities in order. Watch finances over the next four months with Jupiter retrograde from the 9th. There could be a lack of resources. Mars in Capricorn puts a lot of emphasis on your home life, and this could feature a partner, it’s possible you move in together (or will over the coming months) and this activates a lot of energy within the residence.

nov2-copy SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
A love relationship remains in frame, but there will also be a great deal of energy directed towards your work and finances this month. The 11th and 28th stand out for the most exciting developments, especially where you have been seeking more freedom or even self employment. Mercury slows here meanwhile, and a promotion or new title could prove to be out of reach for a while longer, after the middle of next month the atmosphere is more advantageous for such changes. Socially this can be a dynamic and exciting period, especially after the 18th. The New Moon on the 17th can bring a deeply healing romantic love relationship into your life, or in the case of an existing one, to the next level. Enthusiasm may wane while Jupiter retrogrades in your sign from the 9th, you’ll be asked to make the most of how far you’ve come since last October and reflect on where to go next.

dec2-copy SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
Residential developments continue, as a New Moon in Pisces on the 17th signals a significant change to your home life, which possibly began precipitating as early as January. You continue to ride lightning with Mars in your sign. The 11th is spectacular for your personal enterprises and creative output. Electrifying excitement is all around you. A very enticing development in your love life is possible on the 28th. From the 6th, Mercury and Venus tag team in Aries, generating a favorable ambience for self expression and passionate love relationships. The 20th is beautiful for expressing your heartfelt feelings or a creative project. You may take in an art exhibit or performance that germinates inspiration for something you want to work on. Mercury back tracks from the 23rd and you could have second thoughts, or if you recently began dating someone could feel them pull back or have less time available. Mars in Capricorn on the 18th indicates you’ll be driven and preoccupied over the next month and a half to secure your earnings, and working hard to do so.

jan2-copy CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Your most personal life continues to develop, and the home life is the setting for many pleasurable experiences this month. The 20th and 28th are particularly auspicious for entertaining or making improvements in your domestic environment. Adding a decorative element in a bright red shade activates positive Feng Shui and breaks up stagnant energy fields. A Full Moon at the end of the month, coupled with Mars in your sign from the 18th, (though mid May, then again in late August/early September,) urges you back into the spotlight, and you could especially be capitalizing on a venture you began last Fall. Saturn and Mars from your own sign form a very obstinate and challenging angle to this Full Moon, you have to maintain perspective to ensure your success. If you don’t get exactly what you want or expected acting like a poor sport is not going to benefit you. Clearly, there will be value in examining your feelings and expectations around this time. It seems there could be a disappointment of some description, you do well to use the strength of your conviction to turn a situation around.

feb2-copy AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Daily life and your social relationships are very exciting right now and you will be enjoying the company of your friends and acquaintances. Mercury slows, turning retrograde on the 22nd, and there will be some reassessment at this point where some personal goals and potentially relationships, are concerned. In slowing the pace, the cycle will give you a chance to catch up on projects or assignments that have been delegated to the back burner because of an otherwise busy schedule. Watch out for rash financial decisions around the 17th. The 11th and 28th are very positive for making stimulating connections and articulating your ideals and objectives. The New Moon can stimulate a new opportunity to earn income, but Mars in tense aspect adds too much urgency. Mars in Capricorn from the 18th signals a turn inward and that a reflexive phase during which you transform and make endings is likely now.

march2-copy PISCES February 19 – March 20
Relational triggers get set off with lunations occurring on your me – you axis, and you may have some very romantic experiences and even make a lasting commitment over the early days of the month. Exciting prospects with career and finances continue to crop up all month, stunning alinements on the 11th and 28th are particularly potent, and could offer unexpected, but exciting developments. The more you experiment here, the further you can go now, especially where you have sought for more financial autonomy and freedom. Mercury pulls into a retrograde phase from the 23rd, and you may see some delays, especially if you have been waiting for a check or to hear about a job or promotion. Nonetheless an enterprise or early negotiations you begin on the 20th has an assured staying quality to it. You could begin tinkering with a creative project that culminates down the road a bit. The New Moon on the 17th falls in your sign and is quite powerful. Jupiter, Pluto and Chiron are all supportive here, lending a progressive and transformative vibe. Chiron will be very close to the Sun, and a sensitive matter could rise to the surface quickly. You can use this energy to get to the bottom of a self esteem issue. As a whole, this will be a very powerful period. Some quiet reflection and taking time to appreciate how far you have come is a great manifestation of this energy.


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