This is a highly dynamic week during which several exciting new beginnings can transpire. Aquarius and Uranus are running the show (or is it more of a circus?) so the unconventional and innovative play an outsize role in what develops now. This is a mirror eclipse to the Lunar Eclipse that occurred last August 7th and serves as a punctuation mark in an ongoing narrative. Circumstances and individuals from which you may have liberated yourself around that time created the space that make you available to new opportunities that appear this week and beyond. Anything that comes into your life now will likely do so in a most unexpected fashion. There is an accelerated quality to all developments and life may not look anything like it does today on the other side.

This may also be a time of reflection on the ongoing changes occurring, July features a very volatile return eclipse to what precipitates now. Uranus plays a major supporting role to all current developments and whatever is going on in the Aries realm of your chart (Uranus is currently at 25 Aries) is going to add a lot of stimulation to the events of the week. There is some urgency to move in new and uncharted territory and where you might feel stuck, to just take up a whole new course completely. Mars spends close to 5 months in Aquarius this year, (due to retrograde motion this Summer) and does not reach the eclipse degree until November 10 – 11. Expect developments around that point that advance or culminate the storylines being set into motion this week. This suggests there is a “work in progress” quality inherent here, so give yourself time to negotiate road ahead, there are some twists and turns in store!

A Sun – Mercury conjunction on Saturday (28’ Aquarius) stimulates a new four month cycle of activity lasting through the beginning of June. Essentially a plan or enterprise that is put into motion today will be the primary source of daily communication and productivity over this period. Unfortunately it is underscored by a Mars – Neptune square, which generates an ambience of confusion. Under this aspect, it’s difficult to determine how, or even why, action should be taken. There is inspiration that lies beneath this, but it’s source can be difficult to uncover. Disappointment and delusions are present where dishonesty is uncovered.

Uranus of course, is a very vitalizing feature, and will likely offer some innovative breakthroughs in thinking making this a good time to come up with new and ingenious solutions. It also signals the midway point between Merc. retrograde phases, with the next three weeks being the most active of the cycle, so get going! Mercury enters Pisces next Saturday, for a very brief transit, spending about 16 days in the sign. From early March, Mercury begins a 10 week transit of Aries, so enjoy the relative quietude of the present moment. Mercury – Pisces stimulates imagination and compassionate exchanges. Enjoy the voyage into the visionary realm.

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april2-copy ARIES March 20 – April 19
This is a very prolific time for you socially, especially if you are involved with a community or group activity. Expect new and interesting people to enter your life over the coming weeks and months. There is also a desire to withdraw and reflect, and this is especially true from next weekend. You have a very busy period on the horizon and should carve out some personal time before everything comes rushing your way.

may2-copy TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Professional changes and developments are exciting and unexpected. Apply your intuition, as unusual and offbeat ideas allow you to make the most of opportunities. This is a year of huge shifts in your life direction, and events this week are setting these into motion. A friend may reveal a secret that takes you by surprise next weekend. Socially, better times are ahead and new alliances can be made.

june2-copy GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Long range goals are coming more into stronger focus and you begin to make plans for the future, or at least a journey of some distance may lie in store. This is a productive time for you to attain at least one professional milestone, though you’ll have to take swift action from next weekend as this window is open rather briefly. Saturday is has rather disturbing undertones to it, obligations to career and partnership require clarification.

july2-copy CANCER June 21 – July 22
A secret source of inner strength propels your professional ambitions. A spouse or business partner could really assist you in attaining a goal. You make enormous discoveries in the coming 6 months about to whom your allegiances truly belong. Set your sights on a distant horizon next weekend. Adventure is in your midst, and from next month career is heavily emphasized so enjoy it while you can.

aug2-copy LEO July 23 – August 22
Relationships are in for all kinds of exciting and unexpected developments. There could be an announcement of marriage and single Leo could meet someone out of the blue. Enjoy the ride for all it’s worth, but take all that happens with a morsel of wait and see. This is an ongoing storyline that does not quite reach it’s destination for a while longer. Savor this moment while remaining amenable to other sudden changes.

sep2-copy VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Relationships continue to flourish, especially from Saturday when you finally can say (or hear) the words that express your hearts desire so fully. Equally hopes can be dashed where illusion has played a bigger role than reality, of alternately your living situation or family could produce an unexpected obstacle to the attainment of your wishes. If you have sought new employment, the next few months could produce an ideal, but expected opportunity.

oct2-copy LIBRA September 23 – October 23
An exciting partnership with someone who helps you take your creative expression to the next level could be in store, restoring your confidence. While these compelling alignments occur in the areas of romance/pleasure and partnership, the nature of the planets suggests relationships are based on friendship and camaraderie. You will likely have opportunities over the coming months to find love, with events this week opening a door.

nov2-copy SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
Your family and personal life are in a period of dramatic rearrangement. This is an ongoing process and one that requires a large amount of self awareness. Barriers and limitations that you experience through your early conditioning are dissolving. This gives way to something more authentic for you, though it could take time to figure out exactly what that looks like. Part of has to do with coming to terms with yourself, and releasing that which is not.

dec2-copy SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
You seem to have urgent to get off your chest, or something that requires your whole self expression. There are vitalizing influences in which you can readily do so, and events all week are compelling for forward movement of a very personal initiative or agenda, especially if related to creativity. There are some tricky dynamics to contend with in regard to your personal life. The channels of communication open up to deal with these Saturday.

jan2-copy CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
A very dynamic influence triggers sudden financial developments, these may be attached to a familial or ancestral matter. The independence you have sought in your living situation is enhanced. If you encountered the end of a source of income last August, you begin to discover shoots and sprouts have emerged in place of these, and require your continued cultivation. An upbeat feeling prevails Thursday, a conversation sets wrongs to rights.

feb2-copy AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
An Eclipse in your sign is never a small matter, but this is an especially potent one, connecting so vitally with your ruler Uranus, poised in a position of assistance. Who you are and what you have to convey now is highlighted, and you can assert yourself very authentically now. The energy is ripe for self discovery, and a new trajectory, especially from Saturday can be set. Money matters can be dealt with over the rest of the month.

march2-copy PISCES February 19 – March 20
Energy foments in your most interior and secret spaces. This is a fantastic time to look within and learn about yourself. Intuition is also remarkably strong right now and can produce a unique money making idea. Events on Saturday could challenge your personal perspectives. At the same time, Mercury enters your sign for a brief visit, which allows you to more easily articulate your position and clear up any misunderstandings.

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