By Sunday afternoon the Moon joins the Capricorn stellium, becoming the 6th major celestial body to reside in the sign of the Goat. Capricorn is attributed to the mostly misunderstood tarot card The Devil, which represents procreative energy, vitality, humor, sensuality, sexuality, creativity and individuality*. Energy is percolating towards the New Moon on Tuesday, and a major enterprise or initiative associated with the mastery of the physical world occurs during this vitalizing Lunation.

This is enhanced enormously by the Jupiter – Pluto sextile, exact on Monday 11:13p EST. Regeneration is now possible and power struggles endured during the square aspect (finalized during the first week of last August, 2017) now provide new pathways of exploration and growth. It’s a very rewarding culmination for those challenges overcome, and both the spiritual and material realms are positively impacted. It is possible, where determination and hard work prevailed despite uncertainty, to attract abundance on both the material and metaphysical planes.

The New Moon is square to Uranus, which makes for a very volatile atmosphere. From Capricorn there is an intense concentration of focus to carry out a very specific objective, Uranus can be the monkey wrench that throws the whole system out of whack. There may be a concerning issue to contend with unexpectedly, as Uranus destabilizes and serves as a reminder to keep a loose grip. Overall, though, this will be a very powerful time to move forward with an important objective.

From Wednesday, the atmosphere shifts substantially, as Venus and then the Sun (Friday) move into breezy and aloof Aquarius. Energy becomes more externalized and reaches out into more social avenues. What was serious and heavy a moment ago is now light hearted, seeking free outlets for expression and offering new interpretations that are novel or unconventional. Mercury remains in Capricorn for another 2 weeks, conducting the business and tying up any loose ends as it collaborates with Jupiter and Pluto to make the most of opportunities presented over these prior weeks. A change in environment and perspective are nonetheless due, and with some strong plans for the year having been set into motion, and eclipses on the horizon, 2018 is off and running to a pretty great start so far, hopefully for you, too!

*Gerd Ziegler, Tarot: Mirror of the Soul, Handbook for the Aliester Crowley Tarot.

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april2-copy ARIES March 20 – April 19
A huge confluence of energy impacts your professional sphere and a whole new life direction takes root during the New Moon on Tuesday. You may be made a bit uneasy with all the changes taking place, but given some time you will likely feel these were made for the best, at least where your future is concerned. From midweek forward the ambience changes significantly, as the pressurized climate shifts to a more socially oriented phase and you can connect with like minded people.

may2-copy TAURUS April 20 – May 20
The New Moon shines a light on the direction you want to take in life and broadening your horizons. It also shines a more uncomfortable beam on a secret habit you may have been trying to keep under wraps. This could be an indication it’s time to give up the ghost. Partnerships continue to grow in favorable directions, and early in the week is a positive time to make a commitment. From mid week your professional game starts to gain momentum, your reputation can soar over the coming weeks.

june2-copy GEMINI May 21 – June 20
With so many planets clustered in the mystery zone of your chart, you may feel lost out at sea. Let your inner compass guide you back to shore. Learning to trust your instincts, as well as perhaps another, is paramount to your evolution right now. Intimate bonds may be forged at this time, but is looks as though your social group does not approve of this union. Things improve immensely from midweek as Venus then the Sun enter Aquarius, sending you much improved mojo and luck in love.

july2-copy CANCER June 21 – July 22
There are incredibly dominant individuals in your midst, and the Capricorn Stellium, coupled with a New Moon on Tuesday, indicate relationships are reaching critical mass. Whether the tipping point tuns in your favor or not remains to be seen, but there will be unexpected developments no matter the outcome. From midweek the influences are a little less dynamic as the interpersonal matters ebb towards more financial considerations. Professional matters are also in frame, but can be disruptive.

aug2-copy LEO July 23 – August 22
Your work load keeps getting heavier and the New Moon Tuesday requires you draw some new lines in regard to your productivity, health and how much you can take on. Working from home will nonetheless prove especially rewarding at the beginning of the week. From Wednesday, your key partnership is emphasized and you can reconnect with those you love and rekindle the spark that brought you together in the first place. New contacts can be formed for those seeking union.

sep2-copy VIRGO August 23 – September 22
If there had been any uncertainty about jumping into a romantic relationship or creative project, the New Moon on Tuesday should provide a tipping point – time to unleash yourself with reckless abandonment. Is the world ready to see you for the hedonist you truly are? A palpable shift from mid week sees you back in work mode, scrutinizing the details and utilizing those critical and logical faculties again. There is a pleasant ambience among coworkers, maybe a flirtation.

oct2-copy LIBRA September 23 – October 23
The strong accent on your personal life grows stronger and you continue to derive a source of strength from the place where you stand. You also continue to develop the skills critical to nurturing yourself, which in turn enables the healing of childhood wounds. Great financial news could be on the radar early in the week. Pleasurable mojo for love and self expression shifts the tone from Wednesday, though a partnership may still prove disruptive, it’s easier to share love over the coming weeks.

nov2-copy SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
The words you choose and how you use them have the power to move mountains right now, so choose them carefully. You could just as equally blow to bits a project or agenda you have been working towards for quite some time, so keep the temper in check! Very harmonious energy in the beginning of the week sets the right tone. An agreement or contract is solid gold. From mid week you shift inwards, more personal matters take precedence and you’ll be up for some hibernation. Bear time!

dec2-copy SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21
Financial prospects are in the frame in a big way and the New Moon Tuesday could represent a whole new way of life for you. Be conscientious throughout any negotiations or interviews, as wild card Uranus throws a curve ball that could derail the whole proceeding. More social prospects return from mid week, and you will find pleasurable people and experiences all around you as you journey through your day to day. Expression of feelings will come easily.

jan2-copy CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
The sky view is a bit Capricorn heavy right now, suggesting you wield substantial power. The New Moon triggers a whole new way of life based on this model of the current snapshot of the universe and you can make tremendous strides in your personal endeavors. You stand to alienate helpful people in this period if you come across to full of yourself, so do exercise a moderation of restraint where possible. From midweek, financial matters gain importance, as good money mojo is stimulated.

feb2-copy AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Powerful professional developments are afoot at the beginning of the week, though a lot of the action continues to take place behind the scenes. The New Moon on Tuesday suggests it’s time to cultivate new rituals for relaxation and creating peaceful conditions for yourself. Reflection and release dominate this part of the cycle, you may make psychological discoveries, or simply enjoy quiet time or even solitude. From mid week, Venus graces your sign, the Sun follows on Friday, and you reenter the light.

march2-copy PISCES February 19 – March 20
Very dynamic influences continue to prevail in your social life and you could be in the company of some real heavy hitters this week. The New Moon suggests a new gold standard emerges in your social network and that you might be joining a club or organization. This hits you hard in the pocketbook, however, and dues or fees could be problematic. Quieter tendencies emerge from mid week and you seek to cultivate more privacy and introspection. Deep relaxation is possible over the next month.

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