Happy Winter Solstice Stargazers! It’s a busy and bustling time of year, but we have reached the ingress of Saturn into Capricorn, heading this way late Tuesday night (EST). Winter Solstice (Sun ingress into Capricorn) follows a few days later, with Sun conjoining Saturn on Thursday, basically crystallizing the goals of the next three years right off the bat. As a Cap myself, I decided it was the appropriate evolutionary manifestation of this transit to get my Goat game on and apply to business school. (I’m starting a production company, an unrelated venture to my work here on Stargazer.) So I applied to a 12 week online program at Harvard Business School and was accepted! ūüėĀ¬†Amazing. I’m starting in January and have been working, literally, every day to save up so I can work as little as necessary while I do my course work. So no time for an essay this week, but you can read my previous essay about the Saturn – Capricorn transit using the link. Subscribers on Patreon can also access the extended forecast, which features the daily aspects with the time + an interpretation. Mercury is direct at 13′ Sagittarius from Friday night, EST! Have a great week! xoxo Stargazer

STARSCOPES 12/17 – 12/23

april2-copy  ARIES March 20 РApril 19
Professional matters become paramount over the coming month (and years), and you will likely see yourself narrowing your focus down to one or two really crucial prospects and honing your skills and resume to make a bigger impact in your industry. From Friday, the path is clearing and the future seems brighter than ever. It will be hard work that pays off in the long run, so choose that path carefully, it’s going to be with you for a while. Flirtation mid week could be a nice respite from an otherwise busy and hard working season.

MAY2 copy  TAURUS April 20 РMay 20
Prickly financial matters finally desist, you can make headway by the end of the week as the emphasis shifts from how you share resources with others and the expectations and levels of trust engendered in those associations. Longer range and more personal goals gain in significance, and setting dates in the diary for an expedition or adventure, possibly returning to school could factor over the next few years as you desire to dedicate yourself to expanding your circle of awareness and eventually influence.

june2-copy  GEMINI May 21 РJune 20
A period of meaningful consideration of what, and who, is appropriate for you to establish and maintain a meaningful relationship subsides. From the ‚Äúget real‚ÄĚ New Moon Monday and even more so from Friday (when Mercury directs motion), all the consideration and mixed messages of the prior months or even years clears the way, and you feel more certainty regarding a decision to stay or to split or to reconsider the rules of engagement. A flirtation mid week could set the stage, revealing what you want in the balance of freedom and intimate exchange.

july2-copy  CANCER June 21 РJuly 22
Partnership is a big topic and you could find over the coming days, months and even years that you are in a period of major reassessment of your goals and expectations where relationships are concerned. For this reason, your one on ones could either get more serious or break up, if it can grow with you and the awareness you encounter about your own desires, wants and needs, then it will last, but those that can’t won’t likely survive this period. Thursday is pivotal and sets the tone for the next three years.

aug2-copy  LEO July 23 РAugust 22
There is pleasure to be had for Leo this week, Wednesday in particular is good for socializing and holiday parties or get togethers. From Friday the air clears in regard to a romantic alliance and your self expression in general. From this decluttered space you will find significant emphasis turning to work, health and productivity and how they all collaborate to create a lifestyle you can, well, live with. Disciple could be required in this period to learn techniques that make you harder better faster stronger. Look to Thursday for a revealing indication of where this is heading.

sep2-copy  VIRGO August 23 РSeptember 22
Tough Love or True Love, that is the question. Having sorted out your more personal and private dynamics, you stand to gain enormously through devotion to your creative output, maybe even sealing the deal in a love relationship is on the horizon? It will take time and effort, but slow and steady wins this race. Thursday is highly revealing of what to expect, and a defining moment in which your desires become more defined. This unfolds over the coming weeks, months and years, with an incredible culmination in about a years time.

oct2-copy  LIBRA September 23 РOctober 23
Your moving into the base of yourself, there where and how you take care of yourself via your emotional and personal space. This could involve a move or purchase of property, but regardless of the shape it takes, it’s about building a foundation you can stand on. Pluto has brought disruption and even destruction to this area, and it’s time to get real about taking responsibility for restructuring this element of life and putting some girders in place so you have some much needed footing. Define a goal on Thursday and move forward.

nov2-copy  SCORPIO October 24 РNovember 21
As the financial intensity of the last few years finally washes away you can finally start to reap some of the rewards of Jupiter being in your sign. The New Moon Monday sets a serious tone, though you are best to wait until Friday to make a move. From there the ambience is less complicated and through the first weeks of January a very auspicious ambience conspires to provide you with pleasure and abundance. Your daily activities become more limited, and you may find yourself more withdrawn from social contacts. An idea requires structuring in order to be accomplished.

dec2-copy   SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 РDec 21
You will feel an utterly palpable shift in ambience from late Tuesday/early Wednesday as Saturn shifts out of your sign. Directly following a New Moon in Sagittarius (Monday) energy patterns swiftly change gear, putting you back in the drivers seat of your life. Turn it out Wednesday, as your new found confidence proves to be quite charming to a romantic prospect. The next area of concern will be financial and resource management. By the end of the week you are on track to a whole new life. What you have learned over the last few years got you here, even if it seemed difficult at the time.

jan2-copy  CAPRICORN December 22 РJanuary 19
Close to midnight Tuesday (Eastern Time) Saturn, your ruling planet, re-enters your sign for the first time in 29 years. Being Cap, yours is one of the few signs that really benefits from the placement, which amplifies your ability to express your inherent ambition and perseverance. You’ll have several opportunities to reach your goals and redefine your image. Certainly the transit of Pluto (later Caps have still yet to experience this transit,) left you a bit adrift, Saturn will help you bring it all back together and consolidate in order to realize your passions. From Thursday, it’s go time.

feb2-copy  AQUARIUS January 20 РFebruary 18
There is a retiring feeling in your forecast, a sense that you want to withdraw from the hurly-burly and have quieter moments, maybe even in solitude. You will be spending the next few days, weeks and even years exploring the terrain of your innermost consciousness, so far beneath the surface you are hardly aware of it in your waking life. Down in there you will discover latent talents, fears and even hidden patterns of behavior that may be undermining your effectiveness. Once revealed, these can be eradicated, so be fearless! There is treasure in there too.

march2-copy  PISCES February 19 РMarch 20
You have undergone one of the most challenging professional periods you could have potentially endured, and likely accomplished something pretty amazing, even if was merely to survive the intense scrutiny of your peers! From here goals get more easy to accomplish, though you will likely experience some limitations socially while you steadily to achieve your dreams. A slimmer list of friends and alliances doesn’t mean you are unlikeable, either, just that you are choosing to cultivate relationships that foster your greatest expectations about life. A new path opens this week, and from Friday it gets much easier to clarify those desires.

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