Weekly Horoscopes for 11/18 – 11/25

The New Moon Saturday the 18th November falls in Scorpio, a sign from which it is particularly potent. The symbolism expressed is that of death of one order to allow for the rebirth of a new one. The recent migration of Jupiter in Scorpio has already revealed how far people are willing to go for change. Not just transition, but complete cathartic regeneration. The next 10 months will no doubt contain soul shedding moments during which much is stripped away in order for this renewal to take place. Spiritual gestation is required. Scorpio is the area that contains our most intimate and usually shared experiences.

Traditionally, Scorpio is associated with envy, destruction, vengeance and antipathy. These qualities, however, are really just a reaction to the loss of innocence that occurs through the awareness of mortally, or some other tragic event. What occurs symbolically through Scorpio is this loss of innocence, and it’s recovery to be renewed with greater wisdom of life in the sign of Sagittarius. This can be a very spiritual period, as Scorpio’s great virtue is to become aware that things only die in form, and that everything is reborn on a new and higher level of reality, or even within the nonphysical plane altogether. Every individual will venture through their own personal Hades, in order to undergo the process of a loss of innocence, then may respond negatively, or instead heal through awareness and gain wisdom, coming back to the surface with renewed understanding for what is possible.

This has been a long journey, going back to October 2012. This is when Saturn first brings the issue of the matter to attention, usually by generating strife or anemic conditions around a topic that requires dramatic restructuring. (This had occurred where Scorpio lies in your chart.) This is followed by a long retrograde period of Mars in the middle of 2016, which cauterizes the wound one would have thought healed. The searing quality of that period required a complete reconsideration of the strategies and methods being used to resolve the problem. By early August of last year, these are implemented, and a new path is ready to be taken. Now good fortune shines and offers healing potential, as Jupiter transits this area. Innocence was lost and now is ready to be replaced with hope as well as wisdom.

A New Moon is a germination, and holds all the promise and potential of the symbolism of its placement. At the time of the Full Moon, on the opposite side of the cycle, the promise is revealed. During a New Moon phase, the guarded emotional self – the anima, comes into precision with the expressive self – the animus, as they merge into one. There is great strength in that precision, as a complete renewal occurs between the two most significant dynamics of personal expression. This particular lunation (fancy word for the phases of the Sun – Moon cycle) offers an especially stunning opportunity to plant intentions the future. Aspected by the healing asteroid Chiron, an especially favorable omen, use this time wisely to find where and how you can best grow spiritually.

***6 of Cups Tarot card by Norbert Losche***Astrology Glyphs by Alex XIII***


april2-copy   ARIES March 20 – April 19
It’s time to open yourself to the possibilities of the future. The Sagittarius Sun shifts a light to the potentials you seek to cultivate, suggesting a brighter outcome than you may have imagined. Even the limitations or restrictions you have endured over the last few years begin to pull back with the tide, revealing that the maturity you have gained as a result of overcoming some intense obstacles was worthwhile. Keep at the journey and your ship will come in next year. The New Moon points to what you share with another and your expectation of what they will share with you. It takes place through a connection that requires profound trust. This could be a huge punctuation mark if you need to assert yourself more clearly and express your inner needs. Intuitively you’ll know what to do. Partnership dynamics require a lot of TLC during a period of significant restructuring over the weekend.

may2-copy   TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Who and how you love (prob. dark and stormy) is highlighted during the New Moon and either a new chapter can begin in an ongoing relationship or fresh opportunities to connect on the horizon. (You may reread the essay above and apply it specifically to your partnerships.) The connection with Chiron suggests this is a special friendship for you as well and that your wishes and hopes can come true through this person. You’ll notice a shift in ambience midweek that starts to stimulate those desires. Passion is aroused on Tuesday and you can level up a relationship or meet someone with incredible potential. The erotic energy will be potent. An emphatic shift of attention to the expectations you have in your most trusting relationships is due over the next month. Evaluating who brings what to the table and how it gets cut up and divided is a huge topic for the rest of the year, with some beguiling twists and turns ahead.

june2-copy  GEMINI May 21 – June 20
It’s likely a new job or promotion comes your way over the New Moon that allows you to resolve a challenge related to your feelings of self worth. A career vision is coming back into view and you begin to reveal your plans over the coming months. Between now and mid June you have the best opportunity available to lay the groundwork for a major undertaking or career shift that will take place in about a year. Work or an assignment you are offered now has a huge hand in that outcome, kind of like moving chess pieces, so remain strategic about what you agree to. From Tuesday, and over the following month, a key partnership is emphasized and whatever develops over the coming weeks will provide you with assurance that you have learned and grown a great deal over the past few years through relationships and conscientiously defining and redefining your expectations. A transformative moment in a love relationship on Sunday can be draining. Choose to disengage from belligerence.

july2-copy   CANCER June 21 – July 22
A Scorpio New Moon has wish fulfillment written all over it for you, especially where something very close to your heart and that can offer you pure pleasure plays a leading role. If you’ve been hankering to get busy with a creative pursuit this is the time. Equally, inspiration can hit hard and trigger your mojo. Work, the job, the gym (or any form of physical exercise,) and your ultimate productivity as a result is the topic that requires your utmost through New Years. A very hard working phase is coming to an end. You may get intonations as early as this week, it will be in December things really culminate. One way of life comes to an end, another begins. Watch out for dicey partnership dynamics on Sunday, as this is a winner take all situation. It doesn’t have to be one if you sidestep around a showdown. Tuesday is another story altogether. You can kiss and make up, but better yet there is nothing to make up for.

aug2-copy   LEO July 23 – August 22
New Moon in Scorpio highlights your inner world and offers a moment to reflect on how you could best cultivate a rich and spiritually rewarding life. This may involve your residence, but equally if not more important the relationship you have with the people you share it with, if any. It may be about the relationship you have with your family or feelings connected to the past. It’s also a good time to simply withdraw and take some time out. This will rejuvenate you immensely. From Tuesday a more outgoing vibe comes in, as Sun in Sagittarius activates your desire to play, love and express yourself. You have developed a great deal of discipline and while this has been worthwhile, this phase is concluding, and you’ll find it’s easier to let go from here on out. This doesn’t mean you need to forget what you have learned over the past few years, rather let those skills enhance your game.

sep2-copy   VIRGO August 23 – September 22
You are beginning to feel more connected to others and your social life is vitalizing and quite exciting right now. A hard worker by nature, and withdrawn at times, you do well to use the prevailing energies to try some new things and forge some new alliances. Mid week, Neptune resumes direct motion, and a relationship may resurface from out of the deep blue. The enticing fantasy nature of this connection is equally beautiful to you as it is beguiling. If things have gotten out of control and you are drowning in confusion, it’s time to set some clearer boundaries. Although you’ve likely reflected on the ideal scenario you would seek to be in with this elusive individual, but what is required of the situation is to let go of the illusion that you can have control and be immersed in the realm of emotion this person provides you. Just have a few boundaries in place before you dive in! Tuesday is ideal for getting together and experiencing the richness of the passionate flow that exists between you.

oct2-copy   LIBRA September 23 – October 23
It’s a great period in which to focus on resources and how you both earn and retain them. With a decadent shopping and spending season ahead, it’s time to start storing those acorns up for winter. New flows of income are opening up for you, and immeasurable abundance is possible. It requires some effort on your behalf to keep focused now on your earnings and doing what you have to do to earn that royalty, paycheck or commission. Tuesday is excellent for putting a plan into action that will elevate your potential for success. A very important phase begins next month and you’ll be working very aggressively towards the goals you set now. A very contentious issue may arise for you this weekend, and it’s time to assert your boundaries or make a very personal change. This can happen very privately and in silence or it can be push comes to shove. After Sunday, things are different, one way or the other.

nov2-copy   SCORPIO October 24 – November 21

Obviously Scorpio is front and center right now, the annual New Moon in your sign is a time of renewal and renaissance. Your vitality is enhanced by following your instincts now, even if they seem irrational. In a love relationship that may have seen many ups and downs, the allure is returning. Tuesday morning is especially potent for expressing romantic and erotic desires to the one you favor. Love mojo is strong and you could turn up an intriguing match while on the way to work or running errands. Financial concerns become a hot topic over the coming month and there will be opportunities to find a solution to shortcomings, bringing a longstanding issue to a conclusion.

dec2-copy   SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21
With the Sun set to enter your sign Tuesday you are getting closer and closer to achieving a long range objective. Just four more weeks of Saturn in your sign, and it’s time to take stock of what you have learned and how you have changed over the past few years. You may not instinctively be the most reflexive by nature, but events recently are reveling depths of your psyche that are quite intriguing. Amplified by the New Moon this Saturday, you may tend to be a bit more withdrawn, and this is an excellent period in which to develop a meditation ritual, journal or even start therapy if you are discovering there are some things you need to let go of. Domestic matters that have been hazy or confusing may begin to be addressed from mid week. You have undergone significant internal changes, and these may rush up in a tidal wave of vision, dream or even through an ESP experience Wednesday AM. Tune into what your subconscious is telling you. There are some real gemstones awaiting you at the bottom of that ocean.

jan2-copy   CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
You continue to feel more robust as you tune into the long range objectives. As Sun moves into Sagittarius on Tuesday, a reflexive period begins. This one is particularly special as it corresponds precisely with the timing of the last month of Saturns’ transit in the same sign. In a month, within nearly 24 hours of one another, Saturn then the Sun enter Capricorn, generating an incredible atmosphere in which you can thrive through your unrelenting determination and grit. This last month is a gift, a journey into the very personal and interior transformations you have made over these previous years and making peace with your past. What happens next is extraordinary, but will be incredibly demanding and will require levels of discipline that even for stable Cap will require several lifestyle modifications. Right now it is appropriate to rest and prepare for one of the most valuable and hopefully successful periods of your life. Sneaking in a little romance on Tuesday will do you well.

feb2-copy   AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Your star rises under the auspices of the New Moon this weekend. You are likely considering new avenues, wondering where you would like to go next professionally and thinking about the mark you want to leave on the world. You benefit now from incredible opportunities to make substantial changes or expand upon your current operations. Money flows (or blockages) can also be addressed from mid week, and a confusing situation about the how and where settled between now and next June. From Thursday into the weekend the Moon transits your sign, making you feel magnanimous and fulfilled. If you are in the U.S. and celebrating Thanksgiving, you will be an incredible host! Sun in Sagittarius from Tuesday brings a festive social/holiday season to boot and shines on the incredible friendships you have developed over the past few years. The list of people close to you may not be long, but the significance and depth of those relationships is very meaningful, as you are coming to realize.

march2-copy   PISCES February 19 – March 20
The New Moon reverberates for you in a most loving and beautiful way. You see vistas opening up before your eyes and even the parts of your soul you may have thought were dead or encrusted are breaking open and reaching out for air and into life. Trust this feeling. It is a beautiful time to be alive, and it will continue to get better. Neptune direct in your sign from Wednesday morning restores the flow. Anticipate a huge tidal wave of emotion and psychic energy to arise, all the dreams of the last several months come back up and what you thought you were but had forgotten is restored. Float for a moment on these, process them, embrace all the energy around you. Listen again to what is inside you. Trust it. Sun in Sagittarius places an emphasis on where you are headed. Over the coming month you’ll reflect on how far you’ve come and make a few decisions about what comes next. Events on Tuesday conspire to bring a little sexy to the love life. Enjoy!

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