Weekly Scopes 10/22 – 10/28


april2-copy  ARIES March 20 – April 19
Generally people think of partners as individuals who are supportive, nurturing or in some way enable ones’ personal growth and development. While this is mostly true, it is worthwhile over the coming weeks to consider even those who play a more contemptuous or adversarial role to be your true partners. Particularly relationships that feature more combative overtones make you stronger and better, as a dynamic atmosphere is present, through which you are forging your identity through a trial or confrontation of some sort. A turning point in matters of the heart at the end of the week features professional or financial overtones. Does your love relationship have what it takes to move into the future with you?

may2-copy  TAURUS April 20 – May 20
A stunning moment within a partnership (just as easily for business as for love) occurs on Thursday, signaling a once in 12 year opportunity to grow and develop within a one on one encounter. Good fortune is present, though this can indicate spiritual wealth as much as material. Mapping out the future together is particularly rewarding. Influences at work or with a glaring health issue are more pervasive and could provide a distinctive source of frustration at the end of the week. A close partner advocates for a reality check and talks you off the proverbial ledge. Friday signals a professional turning point. Time to realign your goals and objectives within the present tense.

june2-copy  GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Very pleasurable auspices are present and you could be in the throes of a highly romantic escapade. Friday could prove worrisome, though, as you realize your no-strings-attached fling requires you either step up or ship out. A lucrative work assignment can come your way on Thursday, and you can also use the good vibes available to promote yourself with ease. Health and productivity are also emphasized, and you have great insights throughout the week if you listen to your body. It will tell how much of what is enough, and how much is too much if you trust the guidance that is within you.

july2-copy  CANCER June 21 – July 22
Very creative stimulation and self expression are paramount this week, and it’s likely been many moons you felt so at ease with yourself and putting yourself out there. Your vulnerability and passion are suddenly very appealing, even to large audiences, and the more you bare your soul, the more people clamor to your side. Thursday presents a compelling moment of serendipity and self awareness. Carve time out also for someone you genuinely cherish, they need you right now. A vexing issue crops up at home or with a troublesome family member at the end of the week. Put the interest of the children first and all will be well.

aug2-copy  LEO July 23 – August 22
Daily life is full of excitement, and you simply can’t contain your excitement and enthusiasm. A writing project could be a good use of this abundance of mental energy, and unlimited texting is your best friend right now. Personal matters remain emphasized, and you are growing in extraordinary ways through your connection to your base and those closest to you. Imagine all the energy in your body traveling down into the earth beneath you, and returning 10 fold, infusing you with stamina and power. Thursday is extraordinary for such an exercise. You deal best with a turning point in a partnership at the end of the week by expressing your hearts’ desire. Nothing more, nothing less.

sep2-copy  VIRGO August 23 – September 22
Expression and communication are highlighted this week, and this could have an especially potent effect on your primary love relationship. You can express yourself with newfound confidence, making this is a significant week for articulating your desires. Tuesday and Thursday are very favorable to bordering on divine, though Friday is a bit more of a mixed blessing. The passion is there, but a niggling financial matter or difference of opinion regarding values could create discord. Next month into December, a residential matter takes center stage and you will be required to once and for all resolve the ongoing challenges of the last few years all at once. For now, enjoy a respite.

oct2-copy  LIBRA September 23 – October 23
You have a nose for money this week and intuition aids you in finding and securing lucrative streams of revenue. This could merely be a starting phase, but an important one. Agreements and contracts require renegotiation through December, revealing a significant payoff in January. Keep at it. The conversations you have now bear significantly on future gains, so be attentive, especially to hunches. Events on Thursday are quite momentous. A big development can point you exactly where you need to be, stimulating a trend of good fortune that lasts for the coming year. Don’t let a clash with a loved one or family member sink your ship on Friday. A relationship requires extra effort or an adjustment, maybe a bit of TLC. This applies equally to your relationship with yourself.

nov2-copy  SCORPIO October 24 – November 21
Mars has tucked itself away in the most hidden and secretive arena of your zodiac, Scorp, giving you the opportunity between now and December 9th to shake out some of the dead weight of skeletons from your closet. (Though in your case, maybe dead bodies apply…) This leaves you free to genuinely embrace the extraordinary potential for expansion and good fortune Jupiter bestows on you, and through which you receive a huge blessing this coming Thursday. Your personal fortune is more on an upward trajectory from November onwards, with a coup in January if you play your cards right. This is the right time to ante up, just be aware financial turnabouts (among other strategic flaws, which have yet to reveal themselves,) require you to keep your poker face for just a bit longer. Meanwhile, you feel good, maybe even great? so what’s a matter of a few more weeks…

dec2-copy  SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21
The more serious concerns of the last few months fade into the rear view, opening up a vibrant and socially oriented period for you that extends into December. With Mercury preparing a pirouette in your sign (also in December), the good times extend through New Years, and you could potentially be catching up with people you’d lost track of. Meanwhile your dark and murkies still resurface some interesting detritus from the past, Thursday is highlighted for retrieving a lost treasure. Your intuition is also accentuated in this period as insights filter in from your subconscious. A secret or unintended bit of information that comes to light on Friday can have confrontational consequences…

jan2-copy  CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Friendships continue to grow, thrive even, and you realize how much certain people and maybe even a certain someone means to you. A heartfelt rendezvous on Thursday fills you with joy about your union, where you are headed and optimistic about life in general. Tune into the remarkable changes and progress you have made since the beginning of the year and likely feel genuine satisfaction for how far you have come. Friday meanwhile, sees you at a crossroads, and a hard stance you took in early January gives way to something bigger and more meaningful as you reorient yourself to the viewpoints of others/another.

feb2-copy  AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
Professional opportunities are abundant right now, with very fruitful conversations and ideas flowing through the arena of status and reputation. Conflicts behind the scenes can derail some of your efforts on Friday. The Moon in your sign gives you the fortitude to stand up for what you are worth and value. Better social vibes over the weekend restore some harmony and you can connect with likeminded people through study or travel. Keep exploring options and opportunities for working or studying abroad. These could become significant for you next month.

march2-copy  PISCES February 19 – March 20
The atmosphere is complex right now with so much going on beneath the surface as well as above. You may feel beguiled as to whether you should withdraw or throw yourself out onto the stage of life. Maybe a bit of both is advised, as much is gestating internally and such transformative, personal and intimate subject matter is being explored. You may be reaching out to people from a great distance and even thinking about going back to school. Positive news on Friday catalyses a important metamorphosis. This is a great time to meditate and explore your etherial nature. Intuition is also highlighted here, so trust inner guidance.

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