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ARIES: You reach a professional milestone around the Full Moon on the 9th, but testing influences with a family member or in regard to your residence can provide a less than advantageous atmosphere in which to ascend to your true calling. The 2nd, 10th, 17th and 20th can also be tempestuous. Work this out so you can enjoy the pleasurable social vibrations present from the 6th to the end of the month. The 18th is especially grand and you may meet someone really incredible in even the most routine of your daily affairs. Creative and romantic doors of opportunity open after the 23rd with even more to come next month. The 26th is dynamite for a new love relationship or a project connected to your self expression


TAURUS: There are dynamic influences unfolding and you may be preparing for a big adventure this month. The Full Moon on the 9th signals a new life direction for you, or that you get news from afar that allows you to travel or publish. You may be finalizing a course of study or wrapping up paperwork that will allow you to move forward with an educational pursuit. Finances are in a positive state this month with very good opportunities on the 7th and 18th to show what you got to the people who matter. A conversation you begin on the 6th regarding your residence will lead to bigger opportunities next month, a full scale home improvement or move across country could feature for you. Look at the 24th for clues.


GEMINI: Financials remain in tight focus, with a lot of energy applied to cultivating your resources and building up your bank account. You can have an important insight about security on the 5th. Be cautious not to over extend, it will be easy to imagine you have more than what is actually available. Venus in your sign from the 5th bestows loverly vibrations. You are at ease and ready to accept pleasure. The 18th and 30th are your best for important dates and developing a love connection. A more contentious flavor lies in store on the 24th and you may need to modify a commitment (or your own relationship to that commitment) in order to move forward in a partnership. A great deal of energy in your social life this month suggests a very exciting pace. You’ll love this one!


CANCER: Watch out for tricky and confrontational scenarios that may arise on the 2nd, 10th, 17th and 20th as rather contentious vibes can be present on these rather volatile dates. The Full Moon on the 9th signals a major commitment is culminating, and this union is underscored with passionate and romantic energy, making this a potent time for marriage or engagement. Venus remains tucked away behind the scenes for most of the month, suggesting there is a hidden facet to your love life right now, or that you might be caring for a distressed or ill partner. Finances are also a big topic this month into next and you can get key conversations and negotiations rolling on the 7th. The 19th is a great day for signing a contract or reaching an agreement. Mars activates energy from the 21st and you will be motivated to earnings (and spending in equal regard,) through early September. The New Moon on the 23rd signals changes.


LEO: Socially this will be a very exciting time for you with a great deal of communication and events. The 18th is wonderful for a party or get together. Mars from your sign on the 21st encourages energy and passion towards the attainment of your personal goals. The Leo New Moon on the 23rd reveals (or begins to,) the major developments coming up. (Next month has a real WOW factor to it, eclipses are en route!) This is a highly stimulating period in which to take action. Events behind the scenes demand attention in the first part of the month. Confront a challenging person at your job or achieve your personal best during the New Moon on the 9th. You can effectively release the past and bad habits in this period, clearing the way for potent developments that will be on offer shortly.


VIRGO: Career indications are still bright, the 18th is phenomenal to see financial gains through your chosen profession. There are early suggestions that your solar year is winding down as an element of closure comes to foreground. From the 6th you’ll notice a desire to withdraw so that thoughts may turn to what needs to end and be released as you prepare for a new cycle of growth and activity. By the 21st it will be time to nestle in for your own version of a long winters nap. A retreat or psychotherapy can be very useful in this period if you feel you need to address any leftover residue from the last 2 years Mars cycle that began in your sign back in late September of 2015. As this cycle was so deeply influenced by the Lunar Node transit, this may be helpful for clearing away the past and making room for the positive new beginnings coming in September.


LIBRA: Domestic matters heat up this month, as a highly potent Full Moon on the 9th illuminates the changes that are occurring on the home front. You can take a stand for what you desire in this dynamic period. Neptune is helpful, so a compassionate attitude can soften the edges and bring about a positive outcome. The 17th can prove pivotal for the future of a professional association. Business partners can really test your patience and a foggy aspect to Venus at this time can soften your resolve. Listen and wait, if you can. A degree of urgency seems present here. The 18th offers a much better ambience and you might get good news from afar that sends you soaring. (Maybe literally! You could be going on a distant voyage this month.) The New Moon on the 23rd clarifies the direction and intent of a group project. This could also be a creative endeavor linked to technology and to potentially connect many people together in some kind of network.


SCORPIO: Very powerful overtones are present this month and there can be some very dynamic transitions. The 2nd, 10th, 17th and 20th all have a rather volatile quality to them. Turning points are indicated and the outcome has a lot to do with your headspace. Maintaining to hard a line can prevent you from valuable opportunities, so attempt to keep an open mindset. There can be financial rewards, either though a spouse, bank, investment, or some other form of outside income. Agreements and negotiations made during the Full Moon on the 9th will be highly favorable. The 18th and 30th feature additional details. A really incredible professional opportunity is on queue during the last week of July. You star is rising swiftly from this month into next. Prepare for action on the 26th. Big changes are brewing.


SAGITTARIUS: There can be intense events in your finances this month as the Full Moon on the 9th opens the door to a powerful new source of income. It’s possible you have been vetted by a bank or investor and negotiations conclude around this time. This would equally apply to your salary or income in any regard. A sweet Venus influence presides over your partnerships and the 18th and 30th are both exquisite for connecting with someone new or enhancing your ongoing partnership. A social event or lecture you attend can provide you with a wonderful opportunity for making a love connection. The Leo New Moon on the 23rd sees your wanderlust on the rise. You may be preparing to travel or study, with more news next month!


CAPRICORN: Partnerships continue to be highlighted, but be wary of contentious vibes early in the month. Something has to change, and that something might need to be you or your attitude. Is it really so scary to let someone in just a little? Work and productivity are enhanced by the presence of Venus this month and you may be in the midst of an exciting creative collaboration or artistically stimulating project or assignment. This work is paving the way to the really awesome opportunities you’ll get professionally this Fall, especially around the 18th. A Full Moon in your sign on the 9th signals transformation and self awareness will be especially potent themes for you this month. You can choose to exert your power productively by remaining alert to your intuition and choosing your words carefully. There can be some conflict energy with rivals this month and taking the high road should be your priority.


AQUARIUS: he month is sprinkled with a few land mines, tensions are rising in your private life and can put you at odds with your burgeoning productivity. Venus from Gemini on the 6th will stimulate a loving ambience and make this an ideal period for romance and other pleasure pursuits. The 18th and 30th are really spectacular for reaching out into new territory. Tending the balance between work and personal life will be the hardest work you do, and confrontations on the 2nd and 10th will attest to private matters that require resolution. Attention turns to relationships on the 7th, and Mars from the 21st coupled with a New Moon on the 23rd generate incredible potential for meetings and exciting developments, with even more set to come your way during a dynamic phase next month. The 7th, 14th, 19th and 24th are all favorable for dates and social activities with someone you would seek to connect more deeply with. You may even meet someone unexpectedly in the course of your daily activities, so get out there!


PISCES: Romantic energy is still strong this month, as is an urgent desire to self expression or creative undertakings. There could be some challenging moments on the 2nd, 10th and especially the 17th, a friend or group you are associated with could have other ideas and stifle your freedom in some way. Good news can come in regarding a job or assignment. Look to the 19th, 24th and 26th for developments, and to schedule important meetings. You make a good impression and can work your way up the ladder of success in a chosen professional field. From the 6th, very pleasant and harmonious vibrations accent your domestic realm. Your nesting instinct and desire to create a safe and comfortable environment for yourself is strong. Decorating projects go well now and you may find lovely objects to make your house more beautiful. The 18th and 30th are ideal.



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