ARIES: A long passage of Venus in Leo beginning on the 6th lasts through the beginning of October, suggesting the emergence of a significant love association, possibly seeded in February and coming into real fruition at this time. There is incredible tenderness linked to this association, as someone very special seems to bring out the very best in you. The 22nd is a wonderful time to plan to spend time with this person, as Jupiter and Uranus link up and lend a magical vibration to the cultivation of a world class romance full of adventure and excitement. The 9th and 29th are also very favorable. Domestic or residential matters come into focus at the end of the month, and there could be a dramatic shift in your living arrangements in the near future. Professional concerns will weigh on your decision.

TAURUS: This is a very important financial month for you, with a lot coming home in this phase as the Sun, Mars and after the 12th, Mercury in direct motion all keep you busy finding new methods of earning, saving and budgeting. Augmented by a Full Moon on the 2nd, as well as a New Moon on the 16th impacting your financial houses – you can readily turn up a dynamic and satisfying arrangement that supports your values and earnings substantially. The period from the 5th – 10th as well as the 29th feature a lot of support coming from your domestic base, so you may be earning from a home based business or getting assistance from your family somehow. The 14th is dynamite for putting a new financial plan into motion. The contentious influences of Mercury retrograde now far behind you, you are in a position of considerable strength of make a major move.

GEMINI: Sun and Mars transiting your sign make luminous connections to Jupiter and Uranus. You have so much to gain through associates and friends in this phase, and the 14th and 22nd stand out as two of the best days of the year for you. So much progress is made this month, you won’t even believe it! Mercury returns direct on the 12th, with a brilliant New Moon in your sign to follow on the 16th. Amazing things are in store, you have a rare opportunity this month to set course on any project, enterprise or adventure you see fit for you. Venus begins a very long transit of Leo on the 6th, and a writing or learning project may be in the works. Very pleasurable social opportunities will fill the Summer months. The Sagittarius Full Moon on the 2nd brings a close partnership into the frame. You feel confident, but might push this person away if you come on too strong. Easy does it.

CANCER: A Full Moon on the 2nd augments the progress you have been making at work. Good earnings in relation to your career or from your job can be expected, and the 22nd is dynamite if you have been working towards a prestigious position or a promotion. Venus in Leo from the 6th substantially enhances your earnings potential, a very positive trend that lasts through October 8th. The retrograde phase (July 25 – September 6) will see a slow down, but only so Venus and Mars can activate this area brilliantly when they conjunct on September 1st. The 29th features a marvelous opportunity – take it! The past, and the awareness that things of the present are fading into it, still are being taken into account. You have the opportunity to get your inner world in order on the 14th – 16th. The Sun and Moon collaborate with Mars under the auspices of the New Moon and you have incredible internal power at this time.

LEO: A really pleasurable episode is in store during the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 2nd, though a friend or group of friends seems to be in disagreement about your choice of love interest or opposed to a personal project you are pursuing. A New Moon on the 16th can see shifts in alliances, precipitated by Mercury’s return to direct motion on the 12th. You can take a stand for what you really want and expect from friendships on the 14th. It’s possible the retrograde phase saw fallout with a group or network. Venus in your sign from the 6th (through October 8th!!!) indicates you are in the zone, deriving extraordinary pleasure from a love relationship or simply through your own expressive tendencies. The 6th and 29th are very lovely for deepening a commitment while keeping the spark alive. Travel is favored on the 22nd, an exotic locale holds appeal.

VIRGO: The Sun and Mars still hold sway of your professional sector, and Mercury resumes direct motion on the 12th, clearing the air and allowing you to start working on a trajectory for the future. The Gemini New Moon on the 16th clears the way for a success in your career. The 5th, 8th, 9th, 14(!!!), and 29th are all favorable for lining up a new business endeavor or negotiating for a promotion. It’s rare to see so many harmonies all acting so fortuitously on your behalf. Get busy, have the conversations and seal the deals this month. Vexing vibrations in July will bring a highly contentious atmosphere and you’ll have far less success getting an endeavor into motion at that time.

LIBRA: Your ruling planet moves into glamorous Leo for an extended stay-cation lasting through October 8th. This has special implications for you since Venus is your ruler, of course, and the next few months will likely feel infused with a sense of world class drama, romance and luxury, likely with a few sexy companions in your entourage. Don’t let all the glitz and glamour get to your head: positive professional developments are on queue, but require hard work to make the most of the opportunity being offered. Like any season this one too will pass into memory, but by establishing your professional role and working towards a successful enterprise, you can create something enduring. By the time of the Gemini New Moon on the 16th Mercury will have resumed direct motion, and you’ll be ready to get an endeavor off the ground. Exciting social and romantic prospects on the 9th, 10th, 22nd and 29th are all favorable for meetings, dates and occasions. A publishing or media related venture launched on the 14th will meet with incredible success. This is also a favorable time to promote yourself.

SCORPIO: A Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 2nd brings a financial bounty for the hard work of the last six months. Mars, Jupiter and Uranus all conspire to bring enormous benefits to what transpires at this time. Professionally, you continue to rise to the top. Venus connects to the apex of your chart, bringing incredible favor and really auspicious developments professionally. June is a stand out with so many positive influences for you, next month there will be some challenges on tap, so enjoy the good times while you can! Mercury direct on the 12th allows for a key agreement to be reached. All the details of this arrangement get spelled out during the New Moon phase on the 16th. The Jupiter – Uranus trine comes back into effect on the 22nd. This is the third of three trine aspects made, and worth noting is that this is the only time both are traveling direct. Very positive inertia is accumulating for your success here, the positive result of an endeavor you have worked towards for a pretty substantial amount of time. Mark the 5th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 22nd (!!!) and 29th all for phenomenal developments. Extraordinary!!!

SAGITTARIUS: A Full Moon in your sign on the 2nd connects brilliantly to the Grand Fire trine (Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Aries) conferring enthusiasm and optimism for developments that arise at this time. Mars sits in opposition from Gemini, however, and a disconcerting energy around a relationship might be a source of some frustration. The air clears quickly when Mercury turns direct on the 12th, followed quickly by a Gemini New Moon on the 16th. Venus from Leo on the 6th underscores incredible developments ready to take hold in this period. Exceptional dates on the 5th, 6th, 8th, 19th, 14th, 29th and especially the 22nd (Uranus trine Jupiter!) all feature wonderful energy you can work with to build a relationship and push forward on personal objectives harmoniously. Saturn leaves your sign for a few months on the 16th, and you’ll feel some of the pressure come off. Tying up some loose ends behind the scenes will be required this Summer.

CAPRICORN: You may be seeking some respite from the demands of your work load around the Full Moon on the 2nd. Taking a little time off won’t kill you, in fact it could really elevate your well being and productivity when you get back to work. Venus joins Jupiter in Leo in the area governing intimacy and shared resources, turning this into a hot topic for you through September. Culminations on the 9th, 22nd and 29th feature very positive developments in the personal and residential arena. Matters on the job that have been obfuscated over the prior weeks rectify when Mercury turns direct on the 12th, followed by a Sun – Mars conjunction on the 14th and a New Moon in Gemini on the 16th. All the pieces fall into place, and boom – you’re in. Saturn moves back into Scorpio on the 16th. This adds to your tenacity and focus throughout the Summer, you might need it with a hardworking phase on the way. Mars in Gemini keeps you busy, but can also frazzle you with a dizzying array of changes in circumstances. It’s worthwhile to get some exercise and rest periodically to offset this energy.

AQUARIUS: This will be one of the most favorable periods for you this year with many rewarding experiences for you in matters of love, pleasure and creativity on the way, and a really culminating development in a committed partnership on the horizon. You are off to a phenomenal start with a Sagittarius Full Moon on the 2nd, your hopes wishes and dreams illuminate brilliantly under this auspice, tapping into a grand fire trine that connects your social activities to a partnership tied to your desires for the future. An occasion around this time may bring a significant introduction. The 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th, and 29th are all extraordinary dates to look out for and schedule your most important dates and meetings. Venus in Leo (June 6th) makes very favorable contacts to Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in this period, and incredible connectivity and an abundance of positive energy and opportunities unfold as a result. The four month transit of the zone of relating ensures good prospects for harmonious romanic companionship are available to you. Sun conjunct Mars on the 14th can signify a very auspicious beginning for a love relationship or creative endeavor. You feel really rejuvenated at this time. The New Moon in Gemini two days later signals an opportunity or a new beginning in matters of the heart, the result of some soul searching that transpired while Mercury was retrograde over the prior weeks. The last of 3 Jupiter – Uranus trines on the 22nd brings home an agreement in a committed partnership that has been in flux since last October. You’ll love the news you get. One caveat for June: Saturn retrogrades back into the professional zone on the 16th, suggesting you may have some loose ends to tie up in regard to your profession, a trend that lasts through the Summer.

PISCES: Domestic matters turn around favorably this month, a New Moon on the 16th reveals all the details and you can sign the lease, get the key or seal the deal with a flat mate who doesn’t make you crazy. A Sun – Mars conjunction on the 14th is favorable for a move. Venus joins Jupiter in Leo, amplifying the positive vibrations in your work and productivity sector. An opportunity that emerged in March is coming to fruition beautifully, and you may be working on a project or assignment you began at that time, with events throughout the month adding momentum to those enterprises. Look to the 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 29th for motion and activity associated with work and earning, and set endeavors in motion on the 22nd. If you are still seeking improvements in your lifestyle or a new job, these are all phenomenal dates to attend to such matters. The Sun in Cancer on the 22nd arouses romantic and creative feelings. You seek activities through which you can express yourself. Saturn returns to Scorpio on the 16th to tie up loose ends connected to academic pursuits. You may attend a Summer class or workshop in order to build your knowledge base, a move that will give you a foundation to engage successfully with the very compelling professional developments that unfold from late September into 2017.

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