Empathic Idealism and Awakening to Passion

The malaise and uncertainty of this prior retrograde phase begins to dissipate, as Mercury steadily resumes it’s pace in Aquarius. There are clear indications that conditions are improving as soon as Tuesday. A third and final contact to Saturn on Thursday allows for a significant decision or conversation to occur, and with the gears of life returning to motion we can begin to move forward on crucial agendas. There is a back to basics approach here, and a realistic appraisal of what is available to us in order to satisfy our long range objectives that is very useful. A contact to the North Node in another weeks’ time will allow for very important information to surface, as well as the social connections and ability to articulate our goals that move us towards the future.

The New Moon in Aquarius Wednesday 6:47p EST occurs in the final minute of the sign, literally seconds before the Moon and Sun move into Pisces. At 29′ 60″ Aquarius, we receive the Sabian Symbol “The field of Ardath in bloom” a symbol associated with The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a masterpiece of antiquity and the result of Aquarian ingenuity and skill for engineering that allowed for manipulation of water that enabled the construction of such marvel. The keywords associated are revival, energy, life, optimism, friendship, fortune, healthy situation, and happiness. This is very much a birthing New Moon – as it occurs on the cusp of two signs, we barely have time to manifest at 29′ Aquarius before we pass into the deluge of empathic emotion and visionary inspiration that presides as the Sun transits through Pisces.

The New Moon makes one significant aspect: a square to Saturn in Sagittarius. During the New Moon phase, as well as into early next week, we get indications of the significance of the square forming between Saturn and Neptune via this contact. We are contending with this challenge all year, though the experience becomes most acutely felt in the weeks leading up to the exact aspect on November 26th. This represents a critical turning point, and is ultimately a highly useful aspect, as it will point out where we may be indulging fruitlessly in idealism. Through a conscientious, though potentially difficult appraisal, we can learn to effectively manage inspirational urges in order to manifest them in tangible way. This New Moon offers very effective guidelines for navigating these themes: where we all have our personal Garden of Babylon we wish to incarnate, we also must confront substantial obstacles in order to do so. Awareness of the obstacles which are illuminated at this time will be very instructive of the work required of us over the next 8 months. Mercury in cahoots with Saturn on Thursday is also very fortuitously timed. Perception is guided by pragmatic concerns, and we can swiftly resolve towards an enterprise with a vision to the future.

The call to action is deeply enhanced by the transits of Venus and Mars into Aries at the end of the week. Passion and vitality are aroused, and on Friday especially, (as the Moon transits Aries) we quickly acclimate to a completely invigorating and enthralling new consciousness. Sensation and arousal define this dual transit, and the vision or fantasy that has been gestating behind the scenes in the imaginative realm of Pisces will seek release as we’ll feel an immediate intensification of desire. Saturn weighs in on this alliance as well, harmonizing positively from Sagittarius. Relationships we are forging in this period have a more enduring and mature quality or are business minded in nature. We also seek to enter alliances that will promote our long range objectives, making this a very productive and positive association. On it’s own, Venus and Mars (conjunct on Sunday Feb. 22nd) stimulates incredibly erotic energy. In this particular configuration, however, we are a bit more grounded. The presence of the marriage asteroid Juno, currently sitting retrograde at 4 Leo, effectively forms a Grand Fire Trine, which will be discussed in greater detail in next weeks forecast. Till then, plenty of food for thought! Enjoy!

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ARIES: Passion and aspiration is ignited this week, you likely feel more enthusiastic and alive than you have in at least two years. You are willing in this phase to give and receive equally, and will be ardently stimulated to pursuits of pleasure and personal enterprise to remarkable success. Friday is SPECTACULAR, commencing a brilliant new phase for you. With the very tenuous conditions surrounding your partnerships over the prior years finally eroding, this sense of personal empowerment comes as a very welcome change in the atmosphere. Also connected is a sense of responsibility and maturity in your approach. It would appear the years (and their challenges) have brought new found wisdom and you are less likely to jump into the first thing that hooks your fancy. This is a good choice. There is still business and endings transpiring in your subconscious, imaginative and etherial dimension. You are still tuning into a visionary quest, and maintaining a degree of solitude or privacy is still crucial to the balance of your psyche. There will be exciting developments and demands over the coming period, several of which you will likely place upon yourself, but you serve your best interest to reconcile loose ends and say your goodbyes as well. A truly brand new life awaits between now and April 18th. Between now and then expect nothing short of a personal revolution!

TAURUS: All the mixed signals you were on the receiving end of over the prior month in regard to your professional direction finally dissolve midweek, much to your pleasure if not amazement. An opportunity you embark on now has a few strings attached – possibly in the form of heightened responsibility or a shift in the balance of power (and money) between yourself and another. You may choose to stay open to other options through the first week of next month, not a terrible idea (March 4th can reveal a very enticing opportunity!) if you don’t feel in harmony with what’s on offer right now. Next: Your ruling planet, luscious Venus, moves into fiery and passionate Aries on Friday, signaling a palpable shift in orientation and your personal self expression. You may feel a bit more, um, lusty, and a great deal more likely to go after what you want. Mars joins up, adding passionate dimension to the sensual undertones, and stimulating intense desire for erotic connection, possibly even a steamy secret liaison for Taurus. Friday is pretty enticing, as the Moon joins the Aries love fest. Fortunately by the time Venus and Mars actually do hook up on Sunday the Moon is in your sign, and your head is back where it belongs (on your shoulders!) adding depth and emotional resonance to connections you may be making at this time, intimate or otherwise.

GEMINI: The misdirection of the prior weeks, particularly as it reflects on your academic, publishing or travel plans continue to give way to clarity. Tuesday and Wednesday in particular are phenomenal for setting course or making a discovery. From there the emphasis comes focus on your professional aspirations, and the creative surge of energy you felt since the beginning of the year in this area begins to give way to a concrete plan or agenda you seek to put into motion. A collective project, or affiliation with a group or organization may help you realize your ambitions: a meeting over the weekend signals a significant turn in the tides. Enthusiasm quickly replaces any doubt you may have felt, and a partnership may play a role here as well, offering the security or support you need to move forward with an enterprise or aspiration. You can articulate the goals and terms of this affiliation and set fourth an agreement on Thursday. This is also a very advantageous day on which to ignite a visionary pursuit. While this project will go through several permutations throughout the year, the creative impetus is strong now and you do well to seize inspiration. All work, no play? Forget about it. Romance blossoms with someone who you share hopes and dreams with and friends or a social event can offer a magnificent introduction. The next three weeks spell everything out for you.

CANCER: A close partner is emphasized at the beginning of the week, and hopefully you have managed to get away for a long romantic weekend. The channels of communication are wide open on Monday and you can easily reveal your hearts desire to the one you love. Career prospects culminate brilliantly in the coming weeks, and you begin to get intonations of what is in store Friday. Creativity and passion ignite the way at this time, with much more in store between now and the end of April. Look to Friday for a vital development. Events and intuition at this time activate a two month window representing your best opportunity for 2015 to achieve your professional goals. With Saturn and Jupiter conspiring positively, you get substantial assistance in this phase. Your ability to be practical and work methodically (Saturn) coupled with your generous handling of resources (Jupiter), augments your personal goals, and offers a very positive climate for both success and prosperity. Matters of shared resources, investment, alimony, loans or other means of outside income that have been contentious or uncertain are coming together mid week. The New Moon Wednesday illuminates the details and you can get it in writing or put a plan into motion Thursday as all the pieces fall into place beautifully.

LEO: A partnership matter that has been in flux reconciles as the New Moon Wednesday signifies a new chapter in regard to your relationships with others, and offers closure to an issue that has predominated significantly over the last several weeks. You can lock down a business agreement Thursday, as all the details can effectively be handled now and decisions made. It’s also possible you meet someone entirely new in this period, a reflection that the soul searching you recently went through has culminated in a whole new perspective. This relationship augments your maturing outlook and may come with some attendant responsibilities: a role as a step parent or mentor may feature, or there might be a notable age difference between yourself and your partner. The choices you make now bear considerably on the future, as Saturn is about enduring commitments. Look into your heart, as only you know if you are ready for this or not. By Friday you sense a palpable and incredible shift in consciousness and energy. Movement in fellow fire sign Aries stimulates a vitalizing and invigorating atmosphere and you are ready to shake the doldrums and dreariness of these Winter months, moving boldly into an exciting new season of discovery. A love relationship can feature with someone at a distance, or through travel and academia. The next 8 weeks bring incredible developments to a project associated with publishing or broadcasting, offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for monumental growth through the expansion of your perspective and philosophy. Get out there.

VIRGO: A new job, assignment or even the altogether approach to your wellness or lifestyle could be on offer this week. Significant developments and conversations that occur Tuesday into Wednesday will reveal the details and you can nail down all the particulars Thursday. With issues pertaining to endemic uncertainty in regard to work out of the way, you are free to enjoy the enticing intimate or financial gains that will be on tap from Friday. The upcoming two months feature brilliant alinements to this area, and while your fundamental evolutionary emphasis (North Node) remains on your personal values and earnings, there is really positive growth stemming from a partnership or revenue you receive through loans, inheritance or even a well made investment. A strong connection to your residence is featured implying developments may come through the family, or otherwise enable you to make a home purchase or upgrade as a result of outside assistance, such as a loan. This equally implies a sense of closeness and commitment you feel with a partner, whether in business or pleasure. With the Sun coming to accentuate this area from Wednesday, a great deal of attention is on the significant one on one relationships in your life – for better or for worse, after all Virgo.

LIBRA: Following weeks of trepidation and uncertainty, you are finally prepared to take a bold step within a creative enterprise. Piece by piece, brick by brick, you have been laying the foundation for this since New Years. Equally implied is obtaining a work assignment that allows for the expression of your artistic and visionary aptitude. Venus and Mars stimulated this, and over the next six weeks you have the potential to align with an opportunity for a job offer, even if only temporary, that will allow you to demonstrate your imaginative abilities. This could be a hard working phase, as productivity and health are emphasized. True Romance can also be sparked around the New Moon, though you may feel reserved about jumping in. Your thinking is becoming more serious in it’s outlook, and your associations reflect this. This aids you in deflecting unsuitable individuals from your midst. Indulging in flirtation without consequence could prove a nice diversion. From Friday, you begin to get intonations of what the real deal partnership looks and feels like. Passions are aroused, and over the next 8 weeks you may see several dynamic developments in the key relationship. Knowledge of your desires and expectations are coming ever clearer, and play a major role in finding the right person. Consider the ways in which the self respect and awareness you have been cultivating since the beginning of last year have transformed you. The true partnership and balance you seek is derived from caring about yourself enough to settle for nothing less than someone who not only loves you, but whom you can fully love in return.

SCORPIO: Resolution on the domestic front is likely now, as the New Moon Wednesday speaks volumes to that which is to come. There is a strong financial underpinning to your resolutions, and Thursday especially is a good time in which to strategize a budget to make your residential dreams a reality. A plum work assignment that taps into your innate abilities and passion can assist this enormously, and indications on Friday begin to reveal the details that will effectively guide your course over the next two months. An AMAZING professional opportunity is in store, weigh your options and commitments carefully! Your productivity is remarkable over the coming weeks, though it also does you well to be mindful of your health. You can balance a busy work schedule with a weekly sauna or massage, as such therapies will enhance your effectiveness and peace of mind considerably. There is also room for creativity, pleasure and romance as the Sun from Pisces on Wednesday amplifies your desire for self expression. The recent transits of Venus and Mars stimulated these yearnings, the Sun here will allow for their vital and enthusiastic expression. You continue to tap the source of inspiration, and others are ready to follow your lead.

SAGITTARIUS: After months of dormancy you spring back to life this week, Sag. Many exciting developments begin to transpire for you beginning Friday and the coming two months will likely be among the most exciting you’ve had in a great while. Your innate intuition and imagination are enhanced remarkably, and you can tap into the sweet spot of creativity, meeting your Muse and possibly kindling a true love connection in this phase. Saturn is still a strong influence, continuing to suggest your outlook is becoming more mature and indicating a degree of reticence. This actually serves you well, as enticing offers will begin to culminate in the coming weeks, you will be selective in determining the ones that truly suit your’ evolving self awareness and sophistication. From Wednesday, the Pisces Sun comes to bring focus to personal and domestic matters. Intonations of what an idealized home life would be like have influenced you since New Years. With this area now energized, you may begin to take a course of action towards realizing that vision. The colors yellow, gold and green activate positive Feng Shui. Proximity to a body of water can also provide a soothing harmonic adjustment.

CAPRICORN: You seem prepared to make a momentous residential shift at this time, and doing so speaks to the very essence of who you are becoming. This is far more significant than who you are now, and certainly more so than what you may be leaving behind. Transformations are taking place auspiciously within the most private layers of your psyche, these all come to influence the substantial developments and opportunities that occur for you professionally between now and early April. The ability to communicate is enhanced from Wednesday as the Sun transits Pisces. Your innate empathy for those around you will ease the transition enormously. You readily articulate your view, and maintain sensitivity for those whom changes affect most deeply. A very exciting financial development mid week signals a dynamic shift or opportunity for your earnings potential. This has essentially been a work in progress since New Years, and taps into your ingenuity, creativity and ability towards innovation. You can nail down particulars Thursday and move forward with assurance. You may have to compromise a degree of the solitude to which you have become accustomed to maximize the potential of what is on offer, though in the long run, this will prove to be a small price to pay.

AQUARIUS: A 2nd New Moon in your sign Wednesday effectively begins your personal New Year, and where there may have been any uncertainty as to which way you should go you feel a genuine sense of renewal that allows you to put your personal endeavors into motion. turning points over the coming days shift energy and attention from security issues and financial matters to more light hearted exchanges and exciting social developments. The pace of life becomes brisk with many calls, meetings and correspondence occurring in the day to day life. This is also a favorable period for study or a writing project. A night class could yield an enticing romantic meeting, so if you’ve wanted to cultivate a new skill, learn how to dance or cook or even study a new language, this is a great time to sign on for continuing ed. Also in focus as the Sun transits Pisces will be how to turn recent inspirations into money making ventures. The creative impulse has been strong since the beginning of the year, now would be a good time to capitalize on the visionary ideas that have been percolating in your imagination. Maybe that night class you take can augment the process as well, if you need to hone a creative talent or learn how to run a business. Brainstorm this weekend for your best insights.

PISCES: Happy Birthday Pisces! From Wednesday the Sun comes to transit your sign, offering a stunning new beginning for you as you embark on your personal New Year. A late Aquarius New Moon precipitates this, and there seem to be a few details to take attend to behind the scenes, as well as professionally before you move forward. You’ve had dynamic duo Venus and Mars transiting your sign for weeks, instigating all kinds of romantic and erotic episodes, while pushing your buttons. This comes to a conclusion by the end of the week, and the emphasis comes to shine on security, earnings and your professional ambitions. For the next two months you have an incredible opportunity to tap a creative source of income. This will tie right into your aspirations and will be the direct result of work you have done in this prior phase. With your productivity at an all time high, you can make substantial gains, this will really begin to manifest in April, but you get strong indications and can gain ground as early as this coming weekend. Follow your intuition, it’s your best guide right now. A spoonful of innovation goes a long way too, so look into tech options for making and distributing what ever it is you seek an audience for. One note with Venus and Mars – there is enormous potential for monetary gain, but equally the impulse to spend. They say you have to spend money to make money, and certainly this is true, be wary though of impulse spending or the “I’ve gotta have it!” luxury purchase. Sometimes the best way to make money is to keep your money, as well!

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