We still seem to be riding high on the wave of the Venus – Neptune conjunction that occurred on the 1st of the month. The consuming True Love vibration extending from that contact is highly pervasive and enticing, though in it’s lower vibration intoxicating if not delusional. Can any human relationship live up to the idealism of that extraordinary vision, or are we merely nursing an untenable fantasy? Only time will tell, of course, and Venus has a bit of a journey ahead of her in the coming weeks, currently connecting with the dark side via Pluto (Sunday Feb. 8), suggesting depth and intensity preside in our love relationships, then conjunct Chiron at 15′ 38″ Pisces (overnight Sunday Feb. 8 – Monday Feb. 9), and finally inconjunct Jupiter (Tuesday Feb. 10). Passionate feelings and the transformation of or through a relationship is possible now, while issues connected to feelings of self worth are effectively resolved through reconciliation or an emerging love relationship. It’s equally possible, particularly through the Chiron contact, that feelings of desire and affection rekindle awareness of a hurtful episode, making for a rather prickly altercation! There can be a tendency to give-give-give to a lover or partner and forget to be mindful of one’s own needs here. This can point to deficiencies in self esteem and as such is useful for illuminating an integral developmental issue. Venus continues to derive pleasure through giving, dissolving the boundaries and keeping the focus a little opaque so as to see things in a pleasing light, even if slightly unrealistic. Creativity and imagination are still highlighted, offering a soft cushion as Mercury stations this week.

Mercury resumes direct motion Wednesday morning, indicating the entanglements and indecision of the prior few weeks will soon resolve. A 4th quarter moon the same day allows for appraisal and resolution to outstanding issues. By the time of the second Aquarius New Moon next week (February 18th,) we will be ready to make concrete plans and enter into binding agreements. Those with planets or angles at early degrees of Fixed Signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus) may feel pressure rather acutely, as Mercury will station at 1 degree Aquarius for several days. A great deal of dialogue, thinking and correspondence yields a breakthrough, though it’s not unlikely to find ourselves thinking in circles at this time. Relief comes early next week, and you can look to the 19th for the tipping point, particularly in business matters, when we will finally begin to be able to articulate (and then implement) that which we are currently chiseling away at, hopefully honing the masterpiece of our future.

Friday is spectacular as the Sagittarius Moon taps into the Jupiter (Leo) – Uranus (Aries) trine, forming a Grand Triangle in the Fire trinity, stimulating the spirit and enlivening interaction. We begin to get intonations of the incredible events culminating in the coming weeks as Venus, Mars and Sun move into Aries. If the Leo Full Moon (February 3rd) failed to deliver all that we had wished for, remember Jupiter is retrograde for 7 more weeks, and that a great deal is in store from the 19th moving forward, hang in there!

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ARIES: You continue to regenerate your power through privacy and introspection: merely a week and a handful of days separate you from the joyous return of Venus and Mars to your sign. Between now and then, you may be reconsidering your alliances, who will you take into this bold new phase of existence with you? Events over the weekend highlight your profession and role behind the scenes. A romantic association that has transpired in secrecy is also highlighted, and can provide a healing release for you. Alternately, there can be a disappointing episode if someone you have idealized does not live up to your very high expectations. If this is the case, it’s time to reevaluate your grip on reality, which in all fairness is probably quite vague at this time. There may be a significant culmination for your aspirations in your career, though this will be taking place far from the public eye. Shared resources and finance require observation mid week. It’s time to determine the fine lines between mine, yours and ours with a spouse or business partner. Friday is exceptional, and you are beginning to get a taste of what is in store. One more week… one more week… one more week…

TAURUS: You come to a critical point over the next two weeks through which you will be able to clarify your professional direction, which has more than likely been on a pretty convoluted path over the last month. Matters of identity and the reflection of yourself you see in a committed partnership come into sharp focus mid week and play a significant part of the determination you make about your career. The pieces of the puzzle will all fall into place next week during the Aquarius New Moon (Feb. 18th). You will also be evaluating a group project in relation to your hopes wishes and dreams. The question of balance (and the future of your involvement) may hang upon the realization you may be doing this all for someone else, perhaps trying to impress someone to gain their affection. Is your heart really in this? A person from a distance, or with whom you are connected to through academia is of great assistance to you in this period and helps you clarify your goals. Developments associated with your residence may get blown out of proportion on Tuesday. This is a good time to reign in spending related to your home and come to terms with what you really value.

GEMINI: It’s a funky, foggy week for Gemini, as your ruler Mercury slows to the pace of treacle as it returns to direct motion Wednesday. Avoid scheduling important events or meetings, particularly where clarity may be required of you during this period, as it simply won’t be easy at this time to fully articulate, if even fully know your thoughts. This profoundly affects your academic career, or plans for travel and your life direction in general, though clarity soon returns. You get intimations about your profession in this phase as well, as Sunday into Monday provide insights into career matters, even a boost in income could be a feature this week. A development on the job mid week can escalate the time table on a significant issue connected to this considerably. You may wish to take a significant gamble here, wait another week to seal the deal. Partnerships and committed relationships feature largely at the end of the week, and overcoming an obstacle opens the doors to extremely exciting developments on Friday. The social scene buzzes with opportunities for meeting someone new or cultivating an existing relationship as genuinely delightful experiences are possible moving into the weekend.

CANCER: This is an ideal weekend for a romantic getaway as the lure of a distant horizon presents an opportunity to cultivate a deep bond with your partner or spouse. A cathartic moment allows you to reveal your heart’s true desire, this is somehow easier to express if you are not on familiar turf. You may come to a decision about having a child mid – week, this ties into goals associated with educational pursuits and the level of commitment you feel in a close relationship at this time. Much food for thought, Cancer. Issues surrounding shared income, alimony or a grant, loan or mortgage begin to clarify this week, with all the particulars falling into place around the 18th. A joyous celebration towards the end of the week is in store, as a promotion is likely announced and you find yourself at the receiving end of a fantastic professional upswing. Valentines is all about the one you love with very passionate exchanges possible over next weekend. Make it a three day weekend if you possibly can. Monday the 16th is VERY enticing.

LEO: You are continuing to become more aware of your desire for intimate connection, the beginning of the week speaks volumes to this. The memory of a hurtful episode can resurface at this time, causing second thoughts about cultivating close bonds. While you don’t want to be hurt again, it is only through embracing love that you can truly heal. The Full Moon last week brought a great deal of energy into this consideration, and an electrifying new alliance may culminate as soon as the 18th. A romantic encounter with a colleague might also be on the cards, though very powerful forces are at work here, and discretion if not secrecy may surround this union as a matter of necessity. Misunderstandings and disagreements in relationships begin to subside this week, following a very convoluted if not challenging reorientation about the goals or direction of a partnership. You know where you stand with another, and can clear the air in both professional and romantic relationships as you move into the coming weeks. Modification of the living arrangements plays a significant role Wednesday. Friday is perfect for personal enjoyment and pleasure pursuits.

VIRGO: Productivity has been a major issue over the prior phase, though a significant breakthrough is en route as soon as next week, hang in there! Matters affecting daily life and a critical issue at work subside shortly. What’s on tap for this week speaks directly to your heart and soul, and a culminating moment in a close relationship over this weekend can bring you closer to a loved one than you had ever imagined. Really passionate engagement through acknowledgement of hurtful experiences, especially those experienced within your current relationship, offers an opportunity for reconciliation and healing. You may continue to communicate these realizations through mid week, and arrive at a point of clarity. Your most personal matters will come into focus towards the end of the week, with a wonderful opportunity in the domestic realm to share a meaningful episode with friends and those closest to your heart. You’ll feel a core of satisfaction within your private realm and through a love relationship or with your children.

LIBRA: You tune into the life – work balance this week, and with a great deal of assignments heading your way, potentially connected to creative or visionary work, you’ll do well to sort out the house hold over the weekend. Game changing events next week signal a shift of energy away from your personal sphere of influence, and into the context of relationships as well as a loving spoonful of social interaction. Stay to task now and sort out your life, and finances especially. Mid week is an especially good time for attending to outstanding matters associated with your income. You get a second chance (maybe a third?) on a romance in the coming weeks, with the air clearing and the pieces falling into place next week. The New Moon on the 18th brings an enticing development. Wait and watch. A fantastic social upsurge at the end of the week stimulates you to get out and among the people. Friday is oh so divine for an outing or excursion. Valentines is probably best spent close to home, and if you don’t have a sweetheart, (just you wait Libra!) snuggling up with a bottle of wine and your favorite TV crush will do in a pinch.

SCORPIO: Substantial gains are possible this week, mainly linked to your burgeoning creative efforts, though just as likely playing out in the amphitheater of True Romance. Over this weekend you come to understand a significant truth about your desires in this area, so if you haven’t connected yet with that almost perfect person, you can at least clarify what that looks and feels like, placing you one firm step closer to the reality. A surprising professional opportunity comes in on Tuesday, so keep your wits about you, this one will require a quick maneuver if you intend to make the most of what is on offer. The tone is up close and personal mid week, a 4th quarter Moon falls in your sign, indicating the quarter year mark from the eclipse in your sign late last October and the momentous developments that culminated in November. How far have you come in three months? You’ll probably be pretty pleased with all that has transpired since then. Domestic issues are still elusive, but this is a situation that soon sees reprieve, with a very potent development during the New Moon next week.

SAGITTARIUS: The atmosphere at home is interesting this week, there are some loving encounters, amplified by a financial boost that allows for a touch of redecorating or some time off to enjoy your surroundings, though an event over this weekend can potentially expose the grievances of family members or living mates you did not realize were percolating beneath the surface. These revelations may include your own awareness that something isn’t quite right or cause you to make a maverick move (on your own terms) to rectify a situation that has come off the hinges. A great deal seems to be going on behind the scenes, and it’s not unlikely mid week signals a shift in your private life. By the end of the week, you come into your own, as the Lunar transit of your sign first reminds you of the significance and longevity implied within the commitments you are making now, followed by an extraordinarily joyous day Friday, one of your best in ages. Bask in life at this time, a financial emphasis comes into focus over the weekend.

CAPRICORN: The financial bits start to come around, with income beginning to flow a bit more freely, though the really significant developments are set to occur next week during the New Moon in Aquarius on the 18th. A highly enticing romantic episode can be in store this weekend, as Venus and Pluto link up, generating passion and a desire for meaningful exchange. Expressing your heartfelt desires comes easily, though actions and affection will speak much louder than words in this phase. You may also strike up a meeting in the most casual of settings, or while in the course of your most routine daily activities. Generating rapport will be a cinch, and sparks will fly. You can find the right words to set the record straight with a loved one as well, as intuition is very strong in this phase and you can easily remedy an endemic situation with a caring sentiment. Expressing awareness of your own flaws or shortcomings opens the door to a candid conversation. You reach a point of clarity regarding your closest allies mid week. This opens the door to deep engagement within your most personal realm right in to the weekend. A degree of reflection works wonders on your psyche at this time.

AQUARIUS: Financial news arrives over the weekend, as someone behind the scenes or a highly secret and strategic plan of action seems to have worked out in your favor. You may uncover a sore spot in your economic condition, and a partner or expense may point it out to you. Clarification surrounding the self-image and your personal direction begins to come through at this time as well, with the real breakthrough on tap next week during the New Moon in your sign on the 18th. For the time being, you may feel as though time has virtually stopped, and feel incredibly drained emotionally or intellectually, unsure as to where to run for cover. Easy does it, almost there! A professional matter commands your attention Wednesday, and earnings will be proportional to your ability to use your imaginative or creative abilities. A highly exciting social agenda sets the pace at the end of the week, and you may find yourself on the receiving end of some really enticing developments with a spouse or partner Friday. Valentines is better kept to private quarters, and it’s worthwhile to honor traditions within a long standing partnership.

PISCES: Your gentle and creative nature assists you enormously this week, particularly into Monday as a contact to Chiron stimulates a meaningful encounter with the part of your identity you would rather keep concealed. You might find a renegade playmate or through your burgeoning creativity find a way to reveal this aspect of yourself that allows you to come to terms with an issue associated with self esteem. This is a momentous leap forward – as you accept and integrate this part of yourself, you emancipate yourself from feelings of self doubt that have hindered your confidence and effectiveness. You also likely feel a passionate connection to your dreams and aspirations, and will take action towards their achievement early in the week. Be ready to make a quick and decisive move on Tuesday, when a work opportunity opens up for you. Mercury direct from mid – week allows for closure and endings. You will be able to focus on the elements of your life that you are ready to say goodbye to, in order to make room the exceptional new developments that will occur around the time of your upcoming birthday. Privacy is still called for, and you benefit from reflection, though you can still use the energy of Venus and Mars in your sign (through the end of next week) to make a meaningful personal statement in your environment. Friday reveals exciting professional opportunities. Dive in and don’t look back.

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