The plot thickens this week as Venus enters Pisces (Tuesday January 27th), further highlighting the Neptunian dissolution/illusion and enhancing spiritual, creative and imaginative pursuits enormously. Mars and Venus transiting here offer a great deal of inspiration, a willingness to transcend tangible reality in order to see what isn’t and what could be. The Sun and Mercury in Aquarius indicate a willingness to experiment and innovate in a way that excludes ego attachment towards the results of what we attempt right now. By late February – early March, when Mercury transits Pisces, we will be prepared to articulate the visionary experiences germinating in the present tense. The conjunctions to Neptune (Mars – January 19th; Venus – February 1st) will be the most illustrative of this germination, and visualization, meditation and pure inspiration are very illuminating around these dates, particularly if your personal planets or angles are implicated. (Neptune is currently at 6 Pisces.) From the Stargazer Atlas reading for Venus in Pisces: “A sense of atonement is present in your relationships, and you can shroud your affections in mystique and ambiguity. This propensity lies in a fear of truth, which may reveal undesirable imperfections. Your affectionate nature is sensitive, kind, compassionate and sympathetic. Lofty romanticism is present, and you seek idealized beauty and love relationships. This leads to escapism and evasive tactics: very few if anyone can live up to the fantasy or projection you have built up and in the absence of such a connection, you may subvert your desires through alcohol, drugs and the like. Creativity and aesthetic abilities are greatly enhanced, and in the presence of positive aspects, great artistry can manifest as a result of this placement.” Uranus sits in close conjunction to the South Node, dynamically informing us of which has become ossified in our psyche and thus seeks to be eradicated or reconciled, probably in a not-so-gentle way. This can be evidenced by what seems to be an accident or an unexpected development (end of a relationship, losing a job), the kind of stormy culminations that usually occur around eclipses. These always, (despite how dramatic they seem in the present tense,) tune us into a better outcome by shaking us from the rigid or stagnant patterns we need to remove ourselves from in order to evolve, ready or not! Circumstances may feel contentious, and the best thing to do here is go with it. Do not waste your time fighting for something or someone who clearly wants out. Sayonara, peace out, adios! Just let it go. In a fascinating turn of events, here comes Mercury retrograde… to the rescue? From Aquarius, Mercury at 13 degrees on Wednesday taps into the Uranus – South Node conjunction (by sextile). From this position Mercury is in trine to the North Node in Libra, acting as a conduit of information regarding our future and past simultaneously. Communication may be slowed or hindered under the auspices of retrograde motion, but nonetheless a very revealing insight or conversation occurs that really transforms the dynamics. From Aquarius, this assistance comes from our friends, through our networks, (perhaps even the Social Network,) and associates with whom we share our hopes, aspirations and dreams. Innovation and an ability to keep the ego detached from the outcome is relevant and likely assists in finding a solution. To keep the karmic scales in balance, if you do in fact find that others aid you in some way, stay engaged: if you withdraw into your own affairs (Aries – South Node), you lose out on the valuable opportunity to make a meaningful connection through/to others, which is paramount right now, (Libra – North Node). The resounding message here is that we can accomplish so much more together than we can alone. This gets reinforced on Friday, when Sun – Mercury renew their cycle at 10 Aquarius, augmented by a socially oriented Gemini Moon all trine to North Node Libra. At the mid-way point of the Mercury retrograde cycle, the major indications have been revealed, and we can set the agenda for the upcoming cycle, which extends to April 10th. More information will come to light soon enough, and the extended transit of Mercury sextile Saturn (February 6th – 20th) will allow for a very through appraisal and pragmatic approach towards the realization of long range goals and objectives being revealed through Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a highly auspicious development that enhances commercial and business affairs in particular. GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR HOROSCOPE BY READING FOR BOTH YOUR SUN SIGN and ASCENDANT. GET YOUR CHART FOR FREE @

ARIES: Finances can get a boost if you follow an intuitive hunch at the beginning of the week. Inspiration proves a good guide. Social interaction and activity prove your best bet this week, with sparkling connectivity Wednesday showing you the way through a highly charged if not personal crisis of sorts. You act with real grit and determination towards your professional aims towards the end of the week, perhaps operating strategically behind the scenes… for now. Be more wary of conducting a love relationship in secrecy, as you will soon realize there is much more at stake than you realize. Your home can provide a sanctuary or haven for a meaningful partnership to flourish on Saturday. This is also a positive time to attend to decorating or adjusting the energy of your domestic space to attract love and peace into your life.

TAURUS: Friends and those who share your vision can help guide you through a critical period of self awareness at the onset of the week. Working towards a collective creative goal will prove instrumental in maintaining a sense of positive cohesion where your identity is concerned. The end of the week may prove challenging regardless. Professional matters continue to be illuminated, with significant developments on Friday. News from abroad or in relation to educational or publishing goals galvanize you to take action on your most dearly held aspirations or dreams. Friends come with benefits over the coming weeks, and you’ll enjoy the company of many people in this phase. A propensity towards withdrawal should be avoided this week, though on the other hand, eradicating a crippling habit or behavior (and sometimes this must occur behind closed doors,) should be embraced.

GEMINI: You continue to delve into the nature of your destiny, even though the path to get there has not been illuminated yet. A very important conversation occurs towards the end of the week that allows you to comprehensively appraise the situation and embrace a bit of clarity. A partner (either in business or pleasure) plays a significant role, both now and in the coming weeks. You have the fortitude to relinquish friendships and alliances that no longer serve your true calling in this phase. Self expression is paramount and will divert your attention away from group activities. A break can be both cathartic and liberating. Instincts will guide your financial and career planning next weekend, allow your heart to lead the way to abundance, material or otherwise.

CANCER: It seems as though you require a new strategy or set of tactics in regard to the way in which you pursue professional objectives, perhaps a completely new career path beacons. What ever isn’t working, (and is most likely tied to the been there – done that, method) is ready to be ditched and forgotten. Your most appealing prospects seem to be coming from far off your usual radar, and the broader you cast your net the more likely you are to make an enticing discovery. Collaboration proves highly beneficial on Friday, and you can engage a partner by getting off the beaten track. Next weekend is highly favorable for a pleasure trip or to indulge in a romantic getaway. Monitor health matters carefully in this phase, however, as early warning signs may present themselves as early as Friday.

LEO: While it’s always a good thing to think global, you need to hone the focus on the local and take action in your community before you concern yourself with the great wide yonder. A professional turning point early in the week suggests you prepare for a very personal culmination occurring next week, during the Full Moon in your sign on the 3rd. A partnership has also been contesting for your attention, and feelings of uncertainty are replaced with indications of where the future seeks to lead you towards the end of the week. Your intuition is very strong in this phase, clues on Saturday will be incredibly revealing.

VIRGO: A very romantic ambience prevails in this period, and you’ll likely feel graced by the presence of love in the coming weeks. (Prominent Lunations in March speak volumes to what is beginning to transpire at this time.) One area of concern is finances, particularly those you share or receive through a spouse or partner, and there can be alarming circumstances in relation to this situation. A conversation mid week can avert a crisis. Positive professional indications Thursday and Friday help you get on track, especially where you have been unfocused or uncertain on the job. Settle a domestic issue that crops up swiftly, so you can tune into the powerful romantic vibes on tap Friday into Saturday.

LIBRA: You may begin to feel irksome tension in a close relationship, particularly if it has become stagnant or rigid. There can be a fight or flight element to what transpires this week into next, though finding a solution through play, creativity and leisure activities is possible, otherwise a child may play a role. Look to mid week for a revealing flash of insight into reviving a love connection. You reach a financial turning point at the beginning of the week, this pertains to money you receive from a bank, through settlements or alimony or as dividends from work you did in the past. Very positive conditions on the job offer professional breakthroughs next weekend.

SCORPIO: A significant change regarding your routine, health, productivity or job is due this week. A situation that has become stagnant or overly repetitive may be abandoned, though domestic concerns will weigh on your consciousness midweek and offer a potential breakthrough. Friday reveals a significant insight into the future of your living situation. Feelings about a relationship, and regarding love in general are stimulated in this period. If you have not found someone special, there are ample opportunities ahead. The expression of desire comes easily next weekend.

SAGITTARIUS: Enlisting the help of others can be productive for you this week, communication goes very well Wednesday and Thursday as you can easily convey what you seek for the future in this period. An issue regarding transportation, your daily commute or even an internet problem begins to reconcile towards the end of the week. This is also a good time to clear up a misunderstanding with a neighbor or sibling. The domestic and residential realm continues to be emphasized. With Venus coming to inhabit this sector of your chart, an early Spring cleaning or spruce can be on order. Consider a Feng Shui treatment: shades of green will bring harmony to your surroundings.

CAPRICORN: A pervasive domestic issue comes into sharp focus this week, with the financial picture clearing in the second half to aid you in making a better determination about what the future potentially holds. You make demonstrable progress mid week. Communication and day to day life, as well as social activities are favored in this period. Expressing your feelings to a partner, potential or otherwise, stimulates a remarkable romantic opportunity next weekend. The channels of communication are wide open. You stand to be very persuasive Friday, and can really go after what you want, asserting your power productively. Feelings of self worth can come into conflict nonetheless. Be gentle towards yourself.

AQUARIUS: The pleasure principal is set to high mid week, with uncertainty surrounding your identity and direction coming clear around Friday, you’ll feel ready for some romance and recreation. Since you have to pay to play, you’ll likely enjoy the benefits of Venus transiting the area of income, as you can stimulate revenue from creative enterprises or turn up some valuable purchases at this time. No dice Friday, at which time you’ll be required to curtail unnecessary expenses, you are far better off on focusing your energy on generating income instead. A domestic issue comes to a head early in the week. You’ll be wise to wait on any critical decisions until the beginning of February, at least.

PISCES: Love and pleasure fill the agenda over the coming weeks and treating yourself to something luxurious (as well as engaging the affection of someone dear) will be highly pleasurable. Not so fast on Friday, as a contentious matter in regards to your profession put the kibosh on your plans. Saturday is better for romantic diversions, and after a busy week addressing financial matters, (most likely with an advisor behind the scenes) you’ll be ready for some fun. Domestic matters command your attention mid week. Home will be a sanctuary for rest and regeneration, leaving you ready to take the world by storm on Friday. Go for it!

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