Stargazer Weekly Horoscopes January 18 – 24, 2015


It’s a dense week in astro-land, with a lot of compelling and decisive energy coming at us, tempered with the ambivalence of a Mercury retrograde phase beginning Wednesday and lasting through February 11th. The real pivot point comes via Pluto at 13 Capricorn squaring the Nodal Axis (South Node – Aries / North Node – Libra) exact on Wednesday the 21st. This begins building momentum at the beginning of the week, with the really acute pressure coming off by next Monday (January 26th) only for Uranus to enter the picture moving closer to conjunction with the South Node, exact on February 1st. We’ve been dealing with the push and pull of the Uranus – Pluto square for years, of course, with the final exact square due in March. With the Nodes becoming involved at this crucial point, the issues become very internalized and personal. The struggle for dynamic change (Uranus) and transformation (Pluto) is augmented by the evolutionary goal of North Node in Libra, described in a few keynotes from Celeste Teal (from the phenomenal book “Lunar Nodes – Discover Your Soul’s Karmic Mission) including: “Sharing and cooperation… learn(ing) to be sensitive to the needs of others… learn that you are neither totally self sufficient nor totally dependent as you are establishing a balance between the two…” Balance and diplomacy are key here, and as this applies to all reciprocal relationships, and to the extent we are finding these qualities present (or not) will represent the root and the degree to which we may feel conflicted at this time. If we realize we are not getting back what we are putting in, or paradoxically perceive we are trapped in a situation in which we cannot or do not wish to offer ourselves completely, there can be a crisis at this time and a hard push for realignment towards this evolutionary goal post. Look to the future you seek, visualize it, define it, feel it and internalize it. Now that you know where it is, open yourself to trust the universal flow of your unconscious to reveal the pathway. (All the Pisces energy is good for this, BTW, more on that in a sec.) Pluto from Capricorn is allowing for a complete restructuring and massive house cleaning, as well as the drive and power to transform effectively towards those markers of what must be surrendered in order to move towards a brighter tomorrow.

No sudden moves of course, (though we may not have an option!) with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, which is coincidentally book ended by an Aquarius New Moon (0′ 09″ Aquarius) on the 20th, followed by a second Aquarius New Moon (29′ 60″) on February 18th, a few days after the end of the retrograde cycle. Look to the dates when Mercury “communicates” with Uranus (January 14th, March 1st) and the Nodal Axis (January 16th, February 27th) for the most revealing insights. Personally, my money is on the last few days of February and first week of March for all the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place and a resolution to come into view. The second connection of Mercury to the Nodal Axis will likely be the eureka moment where everything makes sense again or we figure out the “how” to get there part of the equation. Just in time as we reach the incredible Jupiter – Uranus trine in the early days of March, portending a massive development tied to objectives initiated last October. Real good stuff coming, and I’d encourage adopting an experimental approach over the coming weeks as opposed to a wait and see. We simply don’t have the luxury of that right now – particularly with Uranus on the South Node at the beginning of February revealing so many shadow dynamics. It’s going to be a far more productive use of this energy to engage with curiosity towards what is revealed, rather than to try to stifle the emotions that arise. Treat these as separate from yourself, especially in regard to behaviors. “This is what I do, not who I am” is one way we can reflect on what emerges, and if you don’t like what you are doing, stop!

In other news, Mars – Neptune conjunct in Pisces opposite Black Moon Lillith in Virgo on Monday. Venus will be opposite Jupiter at the same time, all together formulating a molotov cocktail opening the Pandora’s Box of sexuality and fantasy hitting us right in the base of libido instincts and Venus – Jupiter encouraging a leap of faith in a relationship. It’s a fascinating line up, and with Mars – Neptune renewing their cycle in Pisces (for only the second time since the 1850’s) a really revealing creative or spiritual awareness can come about. Both planets are essentially in a square to Saturn, (3 degree orb) at the time of the conjunction, so there is an intrinsic feeling that there are limits to how far as we can take our inspiration, a theme that persists throughout the year. The Moon from Pisces on Thursday will highlight these challenges, and bring an emotional dimension to both the illuminating creative and metaphysical potentials available in this phase, but also a reminder that we live in and must return to meatspace, that there is critical work to be done. The New Moon Tuesday and the Sun from Aquarius on Friday, meanwhile, are far more cooperative to assisting the manifestation of our long range goals and will offer innovative and exciting opportunities towards these aims. Mercury will additionally spend close to three weeks in a pretty tight sextile to Saturn in February during it’s station. (The dates of February 6th – 20th experience the strongest vibration.) It would seem objectives coming into focus now (The New Moon will be very specifically revealing of these,) are augmented fortuitously by the retrograde cycle, with a good deal of work and communication taking place over the coming month. If you feel like you are inhabiting two very different realms this week, one connected to your soul, the other to your mind, you are. Give space and time for both dimensions equally, as they both have much to offer. Moon in Aries comes to the rescue Saturday morning, revitalizing our energy for the month and offering perspective and initiative to take action.


ARIES: The part of your life that is working right now is tied to your educational pursuits and particularly the efforts you conduct collaboratively with a group or organization. You are beginning to realize the amount of hard work involved, but take it in stride, because you are also becoming aware of the long term rewards you will see for rather inconsequential sacrifices you might be making in the present tense. The relational dynamics in your one on ones is where the challenge lies, and your own professional objectives (or those of your partner, potentially,) may be in conflict with the needs of a relationship. A very secret love affair, possibly with someone with whom you work, may seem like the antidote, but is equally pernicious. You’ll see why in May, when the truth comes to light and prevents the obtainment of enduring satisfaction.

TAURUS: You question the direction of your life this week, and specifically whether your role at work is satisfying the longer range objectives you hold dear. Friends and colleagues will see you through and provide a touchstone of inspiration for you. Check in with people periodically if you feel a sense of impending chaos or doom. You get some solid professional indications mid week that will augment your sense of commitment to your destiny. While this is likely going to be a rather convoluted path over the next month, you also stand to learn a great deal, and this will affect you in a profound spiritual way, which is good. Next weekend suggests some restorative peace and quiet is in order. Clear your social calendar and leave important meetings for the beginning of next week, when the Moon is in your sign.

GEMINI: Your sense of destiny is profoundly impacted next week, and intuition or visionary experiences may play a role in your determination of a course of action. The upcoming weeks feature a needed change in perspective, and this may occur through travel or education, but in some way a broadening of your horizons is relevant. A partnership features quite largely in this, and it might be you have an engagement with someone abroad, or through your role with a university or through teaching, learning or broadcasting. Revealing interactions over the next month will highlight an evolving commitment. Your ruling planet in retrograde resonates very personally and suggests a significant period of reappraisal of your identity. A love relationship or creative enterprise speaks volumes to this, and will be transformed mutually through the evolution of your self image.

CANCER: You fall in the cross hairs of some of the more challenging alinements this week, particularly if your Sun/Ascendant is within close degree to 13 Cancer. The future of a key partnership, your domestic situation or profession are all impacted equally, and you’ll likely be reflecting on the classic “Should I stay or should I go?” refrain in any or all of these circumstances. What is working is tied to your opportunities for education and travel, as these provide highly revealing insights that can really deeply enhance your soul. Wednesday is remarkable for such a culmination. Much Aquarius energy in the mix will see you transforming at a fundamental level in the coming weeks. Health regiments or a work assignment plays a role and you can really integrate a positive new lifestyle that enhances your wellness and productivity in this phase. The 23rd is optimum for coming to an important decision about this and taking consequential steps.

LEO: The way you feel about a committed relationship is coming into view this week, with a great deal of energy and negotiation likely through February in regard to this partnership. It’s a positive phase overall, and a commitment you have recently made to your creative self expression, in a love relationship or to a role as a parent or step – parent will be a demonstrable indicator of how deeply you care for someone. Taking care of yourself is in fact a way of taking care of another, as it allows you to be available and present to the real needs of the relationship, and not dependent on the spouse for personal satisfaction. This will be most evident Friday. Transformation is occurring in regard to daily affairs and your speech and habits. Are your words and thoughts really representing your inner world or merely fodder to substantiate interaction? Speak with conviction this week, be fearless in your expression. Your thoughts have meaning and value, trust yourself.

VIRGO: The axis of ownership, of what is mine, yours and ours, and especially conflicting values with a partner in regard to those definitions will be of paramount importance over the coming weeks. If you are with a spouse or business partner unable to carry their weight, you will likely see some shifting dynamics unfolding, particularly if you have been absorbing an unfair share of the burden. Stop idealizing this person if they are not contributing to your sense of satisfaction. Are you really in a spiritual union, or utterly deluded? Very revealing indicators on Monday and Thursday should be regarded with concern. A relationship to your creativity, pleasure or children is a part of this and plays a significant role in where you are headed. Also on the agenda this week your work and productivity, and a new era in your daily life or role on the job. You might have a rethink about this one for a while, and in some regard a domestic or residential concern will weigh on your decision. Good news Friday.

LIBRA: You may find yourself asking “Who am I?” this week, and this deeply philosophical and spiritual question resonates deeply throughout your relationship to your outer environment: one on one relationships, residence and sense of personal meaning in the universe. Mars – Neptune stimulates some perplexing dynamics as well, you desire to connect meaningfully with your work and productivity in a spiritual way and a day job or the minutia of daily life can feel quite unsatisfying at this time. You have the power right now to affect change through a creative approach, as your ability to express yourself (and derive pleasure from doing so) is the strongest it will be all year. Mercury may twist the path a bit, but this can equally indicate the resurfacing of a lost treasure, or forgotten source of happiness as indicated by the reemergence of an unresolved love relationship or reconnecting with a creative practice. Do not burden yourself with a need to equate the value of this experience with permanence. It is meant for you here and now, and that is enough.

SCORPIO: A deeply pleasurable love association may be established this week as Mars and Neptune connect in the house of pleasure and True Romance. If nothing else you’ll be thinking about what the perfect love affair would feel like. Taking the plunge may prove irresistible, especially on Thursday. You can tap into brilliant creative vibrations under these auspices as well. The self awareness you have masterfully cultivated since 2012 will make this a far more auspicious period for you than the prior cycle (initiated February 5, 2013), as you are far less gullible to flights of fancy. Domestic and residential matters seek attention in this phase, and there may be a reversal in your thinking about a housing or personal matter between now and the end of February. This transit is fortunately augmented by positive if not surprising developments at work (Uranus) and the solidification of your finances (Saturn). February 6th – 20th is a propitious time to form a strategy in regards to saving to make a residential shift reality.

SAGITTARIUS: The first part of the week relates to your home base, residence and personal life. There is a fascinating and almost magical undercurrent at work in this phase, and if you are in the process of modifying your domestic situation, a remarkable development stimulated Monday and carried out through Thursday is featured. A spiritual quality presides over this period and this may affect your physical environment, or occur very deeply within you. Equally, an internal revelation may trigger an external shift. You are contemplating in this phase the virtue or value of what you can do on your own vs. what you can accomplish with a group or organization. Finances play a role in the equation, and will weigh heavily in the choice you make. Social life takes on exciting new dimensions over the coming weeks and very stimulating exchanges will bring a brisk pace to the day to day.

CAPRICORN: You’ll feel at a personal crossroads this week Cap., with your personal and public realms vying for attention and a significant choice regarding your evolution and destiny unfolding. You hold a great deal of personal power at this time and can effectively change the course of your life right now as you see fit. With power comes responsibility, though, and you must weigh the effects of your choices on those close to you – especially family members. Financials are also in focus, and the coming weeks offer several opportunities, though things may feel a bit squirrly or up in the air with Mercury retrograde from the 21st. You can effectively hone in on a goal this Friday, with the dates of February 6th – 20th ripe with very positive potential to add substantially to your earnings and to create genuine abundance, particularly in relation to your professional aspirations. Remain inquisitive and innovative, intuition is also a strong guide in this phase.

AQUARIUS: You are well suited to trust your intuition and inspiration regarding financial matters in this phase, but equally will do well to wait to make any major commitments until after February 18th, when clarity returns to your sense of personal direction. Very revealing clues are in store now, though even more positive auspices are due when Venus joins the Pisces party after the 28th. A personal reappraisal is triggered this week connected to your identity and self image, and this is a very fruitful period in which to find ways in which to express newly evolving aspects of your persona through dress, manner and style. Commitments to daily communication and your local community against those callings to travel, study, work or publish at a distance will prove somewhat contentious, and there can be a crisis over whether you should stay or go. Your best bet for personal evolution is to pursue that distant, but elusive boundary. Only your deepest self knows the right answer for you personally.
PISCES: Intuition is heightened this week to the nth degree, Pisces. A great deal is going on within you as well as behind the scenes of your subjective reality. Take all matters with great ease and don’t be afraid to acknowledge your intense sensitivity in this phase. Treasures are buried within and you can now retrieve them by embracing your etherial nature. The bedrock of your external consciousness is connected to a desire to advance and achieve in this phase. This is fine and progress is assured with good indications coming in at the end of the week, perhaps in the form of a material reward for what you have managed to accomplish. Your immense creativity is where you will demonstrate your true power at this time, and a sacred connection to divine inspiration early this week (then amplified again on Thursday,) will reveal the depths of your ability in magical ways.

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