Weekly Horoscopes for January 11 – 17, 2015


Some significant shifts in perspective are due this week as Aquarius and Pisces are becoming emphasized. As the transit of Mars through Pisces begins on Monday, the energy level will become subdued if not withdrawn. Creative inspiration will yield real treasures, particularly as Mars approaches Neptune in conjunction on the 19th. Energy will be placed into the fantasy realm, and daydreaming likely becomes a pastime. A quarter Moon on Tuesday (22′ 52″ Libra) contacts Jupiter in Leo, and we’ll feel positive about taking constructive action to complete the objectives of the last three weeks, and definitely a lot better about our prospects than we did a week ago, around the time of the cantankerous Full Moon in Cancer on the 4th. Exciting and innovative developments in communication and within love relationships culminate mid week as Venus and Mercury connect to Uranus, stimulating a desire to try something new and encouraging spontaneous decisions and activities. A much needed change of a pace towards the lighthearted can be anticipated, and good news comes in. Venus and Mercury also harmonize the Nodal Axis this week, tapping into the evolutionary goals of the North Node in Libra by trine, while reconciling us to past in a positive way through a sextile to South Node in Aries. We benefit at this time from both new associations (North Node) while also enjoying positive and stimulating undercurrents with those connected to our past (South Node).

Caution presides towards the end of the week, when Mars and Saturn square off – indicating our ability to take action will be burdened by obligations or feelings of restriction. This is a period of defining long range goals and seeking the methods by which we’ll reach them. Much easier avenues of expression open up at the end of February, for the time being we’ll be looking at ways to modify the approach. The Moon connects to Saturn early Friday morning, for the first time since Saturn moved into Sagittarius, giving us an emotional awareness and insight into the objectives being stimulated by this transit. By Saturday, the vibe improves enormously, as the Moon joins in a Grand Fire trine with Uranus and Leo, emphasizing enthusiasm and excitement, the perfect day for getting out and into the company of fun people while emphasizing unique self expression.


ARIES: A partnership is highlighted at the beginning of the week. You seek out the company of others, and desire a loved one who can share your hopes and dreams for the future. Your energy may be withdrawn over the coming weeks, or a great deal of action might be taking place behind the scenes. The subconscious is brimming with ideas and inspiration. It’s ok to pull back from some of the demands of a busy schedule, though events Thursday will thrust you into action ready or not. Self expression is highlighted over next weekend and you’ll feel at ease, particularly with friends or through expressive group activities.

TAURUS: Friends and especially creative people will be a major source of inspiration for you over the coming weeks. Professional developments are stimulated, and encouraging prospects come your way in this phase. Networking, communication and a new job assignment will offer very positive opportunities for you. Bear in mind the upcoming Mercury retrograde phase will likely see some reconsideration within professional matters, and that the path to your destiny is going to be a bit convoluted. Take an offer on Tuesday and see where it goes. The later part of the week is appropriate for privacy and reflection. You are becoming aware of dynamic inner transformation and benefit from meditation.

GEMINI: A pleasure trip may be the focus of the early part of the week, and you stand to make good headway on educational goals if you try something new or unexpected. A love relationship can come your way, or is enhanced by expanding your boundaries. Travel and intellectual exchange are highly favored. Professional matters are coming into focus and will drive your activities over the coming weeks. Inspirational activities or creativity will play a large role in your objectives in this phase. Events towards the end of the week can create contentious vibrations between yourself and a partner. You may be considering weather you are getting as much as you give. Are you?

CANCER: Life feels as though it is coming back into balance, as a sense of ease and certainty replaces the confusion of the prior weeks. Unexpected but highly exciting professional developments may be in store, someone behind the scenes helps you get your foot in the door and one step closer to a prestigious position. All will come into focus at the end of February. Between now and then, financial arrangements seem to require attending to. A matter related to your health and productivity also presents a challenge towards the end of the week. You might have to modify your daily activities, diet or otherwise. The details are revealed on Friday.

LEO: A long winters nap is an appealing prospect for you, though you don’t want to miss the enticing romantic developments in the early part of the week, either. You make an unexpected, but brilliant connection through academia or while traveling. Someone from the past features over the coming weeks, and you may get a second chance to rekindle a romantic alliance or may have some loose ends to tie up so you can move on. Contentious vibrations at the end of the week if you take yourself too seriously, though wonderful opportunities for engagement and self expression are possible on Saturday. Don’t let your ego get in the way of a marvelous time with friends or a loved one!

VIRGO: Issues are likely to intensify around a key partnership over the coming weeks, and you’ll do your best not to gloss over an issue or delude yourself as to the real content of a relationship right now. Health and wellness being your forte, you’ll love what transpires around Tuesday and Wednesday. A significant (and positive) financial development tied to your prolific productivity seems to be in the works. A domestic matter comes to a head towards the end of the week. You are beginning to realize the gravity of a matter connected to your living situation and have to come to terms with what you have agreed to. You’ll have a better opportunity to modify arrangements for the better at the end of next month. Allow concerns that arise now to guide your decision making.

LIBRA: Really enticing developments in a (new?) love relationship come out of the blue this week. After weeks of domestic concerns weighing heavily, fun and lighthearted vibrations prevail. Engaging in revelry can lead to an exciting chance encounter. Someone from the past may also come back into frame, clues on Friday will be very revealing of what is in store between now and mid – February. You may wish to take another chance on this relationship, or have unsettled business with this person to attend to. Work will be demanding of your time and energy over the coming weeks, though a creative project can be a very stimulating outlet of your energy. You may find yourself taking things a bit seriously in the later part of the week. A lighter touch on Saturday leads to fun social excursions.

SCORPIO: A feeling of ease and being in touch with yourself presides over the coming weeks and there can be many pleasurable occasions, even a new love relationship in store for you. A domestic influence is still strong, and you benefit from working from home if possible, particularly at the beginning of the week. This is an area which you will be reconsidering through the next month, pay attention to clues on Friday. There may be some financial strain towards the end of the week and you may realize you have over committed your resources. Friday into Saturday are positive for making an assessment of your earnings and expenses and setting up a workable budget for the upcoming weeks/months.

SAGITTARIUS: Social activities and interaction will prove pleasurable this week, and even the most minor discourse of daily affairs will be stimulating and add a fun dimension to your life. A witty word or kind gesture may turn the head of an admirer as well, and love can blossom most unexpectedly at this time. A great deal of energy comes to influence the arena of home this Monday, and you may find your attention diverted to domestic, familial or personal concerns over the coming handful of weeks. There can be some conflicts with flat mates or familiars, though it’s just as likely you’ll be receiving visitors or guests and that the pace in the home will simply be enlivened. If a conflict arises towards the end of the week, you’ll find flexibility your best ally in reaching an amenable solution. Saturday is divine for connecting in a positive way. Out and about.

CAPRICORN: A strong financial emphasis continues to be felt, with good news en route Tuesday and Wednesday, perhaps connected to a business or enterprise associated with your home. An innovative endeavor features largely into your success. Long range professional aspirations tie deeply into events that culminate now, with much more to be revealed towards the end of February and a momentous development in store during the eclipse April 4th. Pay attention, particularly on Friday for clues. The road ahead may look hurly burly, but those twists and turns are going to land you in the right place at the right time – and getting off track may be precisely what reveals the right path. There is a yuk factor Thursday that sees you in a compromising position. Grin and bear it? Your social life is about to get, um, interesting…

AQUARIUS: A certain edge comes off early in the week, opening the door to some really enticing and vibrant social interaction to take place both Tuesday and Wednesday. You feel quite at ease in this phase, but already are becoming aware that something is shifting in your self awareness corresponding to your identity and life goals. This can be the beginning of a period of questioning, or even just feeling ambivalent about where, what or who is next! Clues on Friday can point you in the right direction, with the trajectory in full sight by the middle of next month. For now consider options and dwell on nothing. Contentious financial circumstances may arise towards the end of the week. It’s up to you to decide how much you are willing to pay, and by pay this could include effort and time more so even than money. Your choice! You are beginning to see the positive benefits of narrowing your social circle next weekend: quality far outweighs quantity.

PISCES: Mars in your sign from Monday energizes and enlivens you. It’s a bit of square peg in a round hole this match, but you’ll enjoy the enticements nonetheless. Time to get active! Really astonishing financial prospects in the beginning of the week may see you working far behind the scenes on a top secret project, or a hot tip comes in from a very private source. Intuition is a strong guide in this phase, even more so than usual. Professional obligations weigh heavily towards the end of the week. There is a great deal of work coming your way, are you up for the responsibility? Next weekend is stellar for taking the plunge. Your bank account will thank you.

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