2015 Astrology Overview

Stargazer 2015 Overview

In many ways, 2015 is a breath of fresh air. Very contentious circumstances in 2014 gave way to many changes, ultimately for the better, but very challenging to withstand nonetheless. A powerful fire emphasis this year rekindles our spirit and offers an opportunity to awaken to passion, vitality and enthusiasm. This Fall will see a strong Virgo energy come into frame, and hard, meticulous work will be required to manifest the bounty of treasures we retrieve from the spirit realm of our imagination and through our creative and expressive undertakings. From Virgo we will seek to make these things tangible and will rely on skills, both new and old, to bring them to fruition. Incredible power comes from this manifestation, as Jupiter links to Pluto from October 11th – June 26th, 2016, and a substantial transformation occurs.

The North Node continues to transit Libra through October 11th, and the evolutionary emphasis is still directing us to relate as equals and combine our energies equitably and productively within relationships. The Venus – Mars cycle which predominates over the love-sex balance renews not once, but three times in 2015, as Venus will retrograde in Leo this Summer, and the cosmic lovers are very close to one another throughout the year. These are potent alliances that suggest several opportunities to make a fresh start, either within an existing relationship that needs a spruce of rejuvenation or with someone entirely new. The same retrograde will also put Venus in contact with Jupiter (conjunct) three times, so there are very positive vibrations available here as well. For those seeking to establish a bond grounded mutually in love and affection as well offering a channel for healthy stimulation and sexual expression this is wonderful news. Vexing aspects in 2014 (Venus opposite Mars, Venus square Mars) forced some pretty dramatic confrontation and reorientation of priorities regarding the matters of the heart. Many situations cracked under the pressure and burst into smithereens, particularly under the harsh auspices of the eclipse cycle (April/October), though bonds tested and broken simply were not meant to persist into our future. The evolutionary cycle indicated by the North Node in Libra made this apparent. One caveat will be that during the Venus – Leo transit, Saturn will have moved back into Scorpio, forming a contentious square – seems that circumstances may prohibit a relationship from taking root, at least until early November, at the time of the final Venus – Mars conjunction.

January 19th sees a provocative alinement as Mars and Neptune combine in Pisces – stimulating all manner of hidden fantasy and desire to come simmering up to the surface. The Mars – Neptune conjunction opposes Black Moon Lillith in Virgo, adding a super sultry undertone and unmitigated enticement connected to an erotic fantasy that will be next to irresistible. The temptation will be enormous to open a psycho-sexual Pandora’s Box. We’ll have to monitor the Neptune relationship very carefully this year, as Saturn comes into a square later this year. Situations that have become pervasively opaque or slippery, (and this is rarely a conscious choice, but rather a condition that is allowed to continue because it’s easier to accept a half truth than confront the issue honestly and deal with the other half that we don’t like,) will become palpable as Saturn forces a hefty reality check when it squares in November, and the deeper the issue has been buried or allowed to snowball the harsher the reckoning will be. This will be equally true whether we have misled ourselves or another. The avoidance and denial that Neptune can perpetuate, as well as the inclination towards addictive behavior, really conflicts with the goals of Saturn in Sagittarius, which is seeking to integrate all that is is forthright, open and transparently honest. You can see the conflict here, right?

As an Aries stellium builds towards the end of February, signaling a genuine and pervasive sense of newness, awakening to desire and urgency towards freedom rushing in. The Venus – Mars conjunction on February 22nd offers an intensely romantic – erotic opportunity. We are after all rebalancing the yin and yang of our relationships, and beginning to see the delectable possibilities in store. Meanwhile, be careful of what emerges March 2nd and 7th as well as April 1st and 5th. Planets in Aries conjunct the South Node indicates revisiting conditions, as well as people, better left behind. At the beginning of February the South Node forms a conjunction to Uranus. At these times, the importance of cooperation is being emphasized, and trying to do things in a way that excludes the involvement of others will ultimately prove highly detrimental. Aries is also the God of War, and feelings of aggression, hostility or even provocations of violence may emerge. This can be valuable to learn from if you can examine what triggers these feelings in an effort to reconcile negative patterns of behavior. Uranus has way better things in store for us in March, when it conjuncts Venus and Mars in trine to Jupiter, allowing for really innovative and liberated avenues of action to be taken. The South Node is like a perpetually skipping record, playing that same bar of music over and over and over in a loop. Take the needle off the record and move forward.

The April eclipse ties into all this and is likely the final nail in the coffin on a bad romance, business endeavor that is ready to be abandoned, or some other major aspect of life that has been an issue of consequence over the last year or two. The Sun will conjunct wild card Uranus in Aries at the time, as Pluto sits in Capricorn on the apex of a very challenging t-square during the eclipse, there doesn’t seem to be much room for drastic maneuvers. Global economic collapse, forces beyond our control, and general upheaval being pervasive issues of concern weigh profoundly on our choices and more so on our ability to take action. Yikes. These circumstances have been in the mix since last year with revealing episodes in April and October preparing us to deal with what has to be sifted through in this phase to make room for what lies ahead. This smacks with volatility, but might be exactly the kind of keg fire we need to put the final resounding finale on a situation that has simply persisted for too long.

Uranus and Pluto are almost done, with their final square due in March, preceding the tense Libra Lunar Eclipse on April 4th. From the Atlas: “Pluto is psychological and behavioral, while Uranus is scientific and objective, so it’s not unlikely this tug-o-war is playing out explicitly between our detached, rational attitudes and internal forces so deeply conditioned it is nearly impossible to distinguish ourselves from them. What this point represents for us personally is a thorough investigation of subjective attitudes and tendencies through a shocking confrontation, in order to eradicate ingrained behaviors that no longer serve us. The relationships, circumstances and specifically self protective instincts that inhibit our growth and development must be abandoned in order to make room for new experiences and evolution. Particularly for those of us born in the mid – late 1970’s, who are currently or recently experienced the Pluto/Pluto square and Uranus/Pluto opposition on our natal charts, this has been a real eye opener! Letting go of possessive attitudes has been as shocking as it has been illuminating.”

((For more on the specifics of the Uranus – Pluto square I highly recommend this article from The Mountain Astrologer magazine, which outlines the global and trans-personal implications of this transit pretty clearly: http://mountainastrologer.com/tma/2014-and-beyond ))

This Fall another interesting aspect pattern will emerge when Jupiter moves into Virgo, opposing Neptune, suggesting a move away from the obtuse and abstract towards the nitty gritty details and really putting something together in a grounded way. A great deal of idealism will be present at this time, the challenge lies within separating fact (that which is real), fiction (that which could potentially be real) and fantasy (that which can never be real). Overall, this one will feel good, if we can get the balancing act down. Events that occur during the mutable cross activity this fall ties back to germinations that occurred in mid 2013, when Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune made a Grand Trine among the water signs. What manifested or began to come into view in that time frame is coming up to an initial state of challenge and appraisal, but also bearing fruit for us now if choices were sound and actions implemented appropriately. The Saturn – Neptune square will be highly revealing, and show us where the weaknesses lie in our strategies, and again ties back to the aforementioned deception or delusion we might have been subject to.

2015 stands to be a year of extraordinary growth, good luck and Happy New Year!

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